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There were other Baker roots in Old Frederick County. John Nicholas Baker, a
German, settled in the part of Old Frederick County that is now Shenandoah
County, VA. A book was published on these Bakers, I believe by the Rev.
Frank Baker (my memory might not be totally accurate as it has been over a
decade since I researched that branch of Bakers). They were very early
settlers and some of the family crossed the mountain into what is now Hardy
County. We have not been able to ascertain whether or not Jacob Baker
(founder of Baker, Hardy County, WV) is a descendant of John Nicholas Baker.
He could be, although some of my genealogy friends think not. It is
interesting that Cornelius Baker (1793-1865) named one of his sons Jacob
Nicholas Baker, who was born Sept. 18, 1826.

John Nicholas Baker was born 1-19-1701 in Germany and died 12-27-1763 near
Strasburg, Shenandoah County (but was then Frederick County). He married
Marie Schawnee and remarried after her death to Marie Bayer on 10-25-1735,
three children from first marriage and five from second wife. Bible record
gives names and exact dates for all children.

Too much information to type, but here is a sketch:

1. Philip Peter Baker b. 12-23-1723 and died 3-1-1802. Married Barbara
Schaube on 11-19-1751. Had 6 children, lived at Strasburg, Shenandoah

2. Heronymus Baker b. 10-16-1726. He is found in Old Hampshire County

3. Anthony Baker was b. 9-3-1736. Also found in Old Hampshire County land

4. Abelleny Baker was born 1-21-1740.

5. Margaret Baker was b. 6-1-1741

6. Catherine Baker was b. 7-21-1743

7. Melcher Baker was b. 11-6-1748

8. John Nicholas Baker was b. 4-1-1748

9. Phillipus Baker was b. 9-7-1751

10. (daughter) born 5-19-1755

Numerous of the above or their children or grandchildren owned land in what
is now Hampshire and Hardy County. I cannot do any more research or typing
on this family, but just wanted to put this on the table for those
researching Bakers. A copy of the Baker book is in several libraries in the
Shenandoah Valley, including the Handley Regional Library in Winchester.

Caroline, in your case, I will check the Jacob Baker papers to se if your
Eli is there. Beyond that I am not able to do individual research.

Wilmer L. Kerns

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Been seeing many BAKER given names recently on list.. and read every
But haven't seen the one BAKER in my line.. Caroline BAKER b July 21,
1840 d 1910
d/o Eli W. BAKER and Frances unk.

Caroline married my direct line William Clarke 1832-1882 d. Grant co.
b. Hampshire Co to
Betsy Ann (Elizabeth) STEINBECK & Aaron W. (Welton?) Clarke...

The information on the Bakers came from LDS records ..
Do any of the above names sound familiar?

There were 3 dau. born to Caroline Baker Clarke ..
Elizabeth, Frances and Mary Beatrix.
They m. surnames Marshall, Stump and McNemar.

wish I could find some distant cousins ..to share my Steinbeck

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