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From: "Julia A. (Heaton)Krutilla" <>
Subject: [WVHANCOC-L] Railroad Maps 1828-1900 & Marriage in this Ohio Valley
Date: Sun, 17 Jan 1999 19:26:37 -0500


Accidentally, found an interesting Map Collection hosted by the Library
of Congress - Railroad Maps 1828-1900 at:


At the above site you can search by Keyword, and Geographic Location as
well as other searches. But more importantly, these maps load as
thumbnails, permitting you to zoom in and out, and enlarging the detail.

The thumbnail permits you to decide whether the selected map provides
the location you are seeking rather than waiting minutes for a complete

Might help some researchers working with their RR ancestors, too.

I just remember my grandmother telling me the stories of shopping in the
1890s - 1910 for her little girls fancy dresses. She would casually
catch a train in Mingo Jct., OH and travel down to Wheeling, WV. for an
afternoon shopping and return home before evening. (Sounds almost like
today traveling to the shopping malls.)

This very same Railroad system has given me headaches looking for birth,
marriage and death records. Found many young couples who lived in
Jefferson County, OH and surrounding area, eloping and traveling up and
down this valley scattering their vital records.

Which brings up another story. My 16 year old Aunt in 1936 eloped with
her intended. They both lived in Mingo Jct., OH, traveled by train to
New Cumberland, Hancock Co., WV (where she giving the age of 21) were
married that morning. Caught another train to Pittsburgh, Allegheny
Co., PA where they intend to honeymoon.

In the meantime, my grandmother encouraged the police to put out an "all
points" bulletin regarding her missing youngster. The Pittsburgh Police
found them, and as the story goes, when Grandmother found out they were
married, she told the police to let them go. My Aunt's jealous
sister-in-law always told the story of a Pittsburgh paper's front page
picture showing the new wife "behind bars".

It took us over 3 years to find this marriage record at the Hancock Co.,
WV Courthouse (as we never thought they would have married there) - and
quite by accident while checking all family surnames.

Lo and behold, a clerk back in 1936 had cut out the Pittsburgh Star's
photo which stated,"Mrs. ______, 17, until yesterday Miss _______, of
Mingo Jct., O. spent her first night of married life in the matron's
department, Central Police Station, while her young husband paced a cell
two floors below. The girl was held as a runaway for the arrival of her

This was a beautiful picture, head-to-toe, of a well-dressed young girl
sitting cross-legged on the Judge's massively carved desk!

Oh, how I would love to thank the Hancock County, WV clerk who took the
time to cut out that photo and paper clip it to the marriage book where
I found it only - 60 years later.

Choo, chooing,


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