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This sketch taken from "Pioneers of Jackson County", by John House, it
appears in the section
"Tug Fork".

Westfall Family

Zachariah Westfall was another of the pupils in the first Buckhannon school,
along with Thomas Carney and David Casto.

He came from Hacker's Creek to Mill Creek in 1827, and settled on Buffalo
Lick Run of Tug Fork. (Perhaps he was a son of James Westfall, of Beverly.)

He had several sons, among them Andrew, Owen, Clark, John, and George.

Andrew Westfall came with his father, and made the first improvement at
the Skidmore farm, at the mouth of Buffalo Lick. He later moved to Tug

He married Mary Hyre, a sister of Jacob Hyre, Sr. Their children were:

John H. Westfall, married Marinda Green, and lived on the head of Elk Fork.

Noah Westfall, married a daughter of Old Davy Litton, and lived on Wolf
Camp, later he married Martha Chancey, and built the first cabin where
the late A. S. Chancey lived, near Reedy.

Abraham Westfall, married Mollie Harper. He lived on the lower flat fork
of Poca. James and Andy Westfall are said to be his sons.

Susanna Westfall was born on the Buckhannon River, in 1815. She died in
1846, married Stephen, son of John Carpenter, of Lewis County. Their daughter,
Lucretia J., married Samuel B. Hinzman.

Rachel Westfall, moved west.

Katy Westfall, married John G. Casto, oldest son of George Casto, by his
last marriage.

Mary Westfall, married George, son of Uriah Gandee.

Betty Westfall, married Calvary Chancey, on Reedy. They had two sons, Andrew
and William, both in the Union Army, the latter was killed at a tobacco
house raising at the place now owned by D. Wetter on "Dutch Ridge".

Debby Westfall, married Henderson Harper.

Lizbeth Westfall, married Isaac Rollins, whose second wife was a daughter
of Captain Billy Parsons.

Barbara Westfall was born August 26th, 1826, married Andrew Stewart, and
lived at the Three forks of Reedy.

Virginia Westfall, married Fielding Parsons, a son of George Parsons, of
Trace Fork.

In 1772, James Westfall settled at the present site of Beverly. His son,
George, married Roxhanna Cutright, and raised a family in Randolph County,
probably a brother of Zachariah above.

Andrew Westfall was a man of a good deal of local influence in his community,
and like Nimod, was famous for killing the wild beasts of the forest.

His wife died when Mrs. Stewart was but five or six years old, and later
he moved his family onto a hill on the flatwoods of Elk. After remaining
there a few years, he bought a farm on Elk Fork, one half mile above Tolley's

Clark Westfall, brother of Andrew, lived on Frozen Camp, about a mile from
the mouth. He owned the Elias and Sam Parsons farm.

He is described as a "school teacher and a good one, too". He taught in
different little cabin schoolhouses, or vacant dwellings, during the 30's
and 40's.

Clark Westfall sold his farm to Charles Parsons in 1846, and moved "to
the west".

Granville Westfall, who married Captain W. W. Parsons' widow, was his son.

Steven and Jacob Westfall, who settled on lower tug Fork, were sons of
a brother of Zachariah. Jacob died unmarried.

Steven moved to Elk before 1833.

George Casto's wife was his sister.

Watt Rollins claims Stephen Westfall was a son of John Westfall.

One of his sons, Isaac N. Westfall, born in 1841 and died in 1879, from
the effects of a wound received at Cloyd's Mountain. He married Catharine
Tibble, daughter of James and Margaret Calbraith Tibble, of Athens County,

John B. Westfall, of Elk Fork, another son, was a carpenter and a noted

Henry Knopp, of Mill Creek, relates that when he was a boy, Westfall built
a new hewed log house for his father, George Knopp. This was considered
at that time quite a fine residence, since, it has been weather boarded,
ceiled, and painted, and is the same house in which Mr. Knopp now lives.

When Westfall finished nailing on the roof, he threw his hatchet to the
ground, and sticking his feet up into the air, walked along the comb of
the building on his hands to the other end, where he could climb down.

There was a Job Westfall, one of the first settlers of Sherman District,
Calhoun County.

Peggy Westfall married Abe Litton.

Jemima Westfall married first Richard Hite, and second Ches Tenney, who
was killed in the Confederate Army.

Ellen Westfall married William Green.

John Westfall, of Lewis County, married Elizabeth Allman, and their daughter,
Barbara Westfall, born 1829, married Isaac Montgomery, of Roane County,

Manuel Westfall was killed by the Union soldiers with Andy Cottrill, on
Spring Creek, above Spencer.

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