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Subject: Re: [WVMONONG] Andrew Friend and Keziah
Date: Sat, 13 Oct 2007 23:10:13 -0500
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b: ca. 1741 in Monocacy Hundred, Prince George (now Frederick) County,
d: ca. 1825 in Raccoon Creek, Perry Township, Gallia County, Ohio
m(1): Keziah UNKNOWN; ca. 1762 in Hampshire County, (West) Viriginia
m(2): Elizabeth PERAGEN; ca. 1796 in Point Pleasant, Kanawha (now Mason)
County, (W) Virginia
NOTE: I am guessing that Andrew & Keziah (possible HYATT but trying to find
proof) were married in that same area where Andrew lived since ca. 1745
w/ftather; as for Andrew & Elizabeth, I am going by what OLD researchers had
on this couple, so I am working on documentations on these marriages.

---> MOVED w/Father ca. 1745-1749 (George Washington surveyed the Cacapon
River from 1749 to 1750; FRIEND COX - a part of the FRIEND family by
marriage - had his land recorded on 25 April 1750; however it is possible
Neal's Run (NICHOLAS FRIEND) was surveyed at that time with others, but
unable to verified records. George Washington's Journal fail to mention
this lot or there must of been a lost page. Nicholas (aka Neils) reported
on 4 Aug 1752 - Frederick Co. Court Virginia - Ordered to marked & laid off
roads from Neal's Run (Nicholas Friend's land where is the survey) & mouth
of South Branch). (VCC 4:226, 228 & 405)

---> FRENCH & INDIAN WAR (1754-1763) but the following land records
exsisted: 1755 (252-acres) Long Bottom of Potomac River - Henry
Frakes/Friggs (Frakes' Plantation) (Joyner, 4:24) but ANDREW FRIEND
purchased this from Henry Frakes/Friggs in 1763 (Gray, 2:150); 1761
(142-acres) Potomac River two (2) miles below the mouth of Little Cacapehon
River - Patented to Nicholas FRIEND (Gray, 2:128); 1763 (150-acres) Potomac
River three (3) miles below the mouth of Little Cacaphon - Granted for
Nicholas & John FRIEND (Joyner, 4:24); 1763 (194-acres) on the Potomac River
for John FRIEND (Gray, 2:150).
NOTE: I also have many adjacented deeds that mentioned John, Andrew, and
Nicholas FRIEND. But I am sure John FRIEND remain in the area but I know
that ANDREW moved on to more western parts of Virginia then to the Northwest

---> PONTIAC'S UPRISING (1763-1765) 1766 (110-acres) on the Potomac River -
Patented to John FRIEND (Gray, 2:169).

---> LAND SALE: 1765 (194-acres) - John and Carenhapeck FRIEND sold to
Dennis Pursley (Shuck, 34); 1768 (142-acres) - Nicholas FRIEND sold to
Lawrence Hass (Deed BK); 1793 (252-acres) - ANDREW FRIEND & Keziah sold to
John Hartley (FHL Microfilm 0588704).
NOTE: I know that Nicholas FRIEND had to sale the remainder of his land
before going back to Maryland or if he didn't sold it then who is this
Nicholas FRIEND --> Adjacent Deed: 5 December 1809. Hampshire County;
Warrant to William Alderton; Assignee of David Alderton for 13.5-acres;
Surveyed: 30 June 1813, on Potomac River; Adjoining: Fryback Greenwall,
Nicholas Friend (B2:261) (Gray, 4:76).

---> MORE LAND PURCHASES: 1768 (150-acres) Granted to Nicholas & John FRIEND
(Gray, 2:154)

---> TAXES: Dunkard Bottom Virginia - Monongalia County Tax - 1798 - ANDREW
FRIEND (201-acres) "now in N.W. Territory" & Augustine FRIEND paid their
delingquent taxes (Zinn, 1:275-76). NOTE: If Andrew has to paid a
delinquent tax on 201-acres in Dunkard Bottom would there not be any land
records to match?

During and After 1798 ANDREW FRIEND was in the Northwest Territory with his
small family with Elizabeth. So how is it that a man named Andrew FRIEND be
around in a certain area and NOT be mentioned in these communities history
book! I have ALL the FRIEND family genealogy I need. What I am trying to
do is clean it up and verified my direct line from ANDREW (Elizabeth
Peragen) FRIEND to NICHOLAS (Unknown) FRIEND to JOHN (Anna Coleman) FRIEND
to NILS (Anna Anders) LARRSON FRIEND. I have exhausted the Friend Family
Association America for most of their records are from other FRIEND
researcher without verifications and documentations. I am using the mention
counties because of my sources have mentions those sources. So I am looking
for many answers and I am hoping to gain collective minds and resources to
find more answers to this part of my FRIEND family.

Matt Friend


Gray, Gertrude E. 1993. "Virginia Northern Neck Land Grants, Complied by
Gertrude E. Gray." 4 Vols. (Baltimore, Maryland: Genealogical Publishing
Company, Inc. 1987-1993).

Joyner, Peggy S. 1987. "Abstracts of Virginia's Northern Neck Warrants &
Surveys, Complied by Peggy S. Joyner." 5 Vols. (Portsmouth, Virginia: P.S.
Joyner, 1985-1987).

Shuck, Larry G. 1996. "Hampshire & Hardy Counties, (West) Virginia,
Abstracts: Hampshire County, Wills: 1780-1794, Deeds: 1757-1786; Hardy
County, Wills: 1786-1824, Deeds: 1786-1800 " (Apollo, Pennsylvania: Closson
Press, 1996).

Zinn, Melba P. 1990. "Monongalia County, (West) Virginia: Records of the
District, Superior and County Courts, Complied by Melba F. Zinn." Vol. 1,
1778-1799, p. 211. (Bowie Maryland: Heritage Books, 1990).

Virginia. County Court (Frederick County). 1952. "Order books (Frederick
County, Virginia), 1743-1806, 1841-1856, 1866-1904." (Microform: FHL US/CAN
"Order Books, Vol. 3-4, 1748-1753" Film 31417 & "Order Books, Vol. 5-6,
1753-1756" Film 31418) (Salt Lake City, Utah: Filmed by the Genealogical
Society of Utah, 1952).

On 10/13/07, Matthew D. Friend <> wrote:
> Hi
> I am looking for any historical information about my FRIEND family that
> were a part of this county for nearly 50 years. The three names that were
> talked about in my family are Nicholas (aka Neils), Andrew, and John.
> Nicholas was married but we have been able to figure out to whom. Andrew
> was married to a Keziah but can't seems to find their marriage date. John
> was married Karenhappuck but don't have any date as well. They had land
> along the South Branch of the Potomac River and Little Cacapon River.
> Andrew Friend and his brother Augustine Friend came back to this county to
> paid for a deliquint taxes but doesn't that mean he owned land there too?
> If you have any information about these three men, please email and fill
> me in.
> Thanks
> Matt Friend
> --
> Matt & Rhapsody
> Russellville, AR

Matt & Rhapsody
Russellville, AR

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