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Capt. Peter Hull (d.1818) was the eldest son of Peter Thomas Hull, who
settled in Crabbottom (now Bluegrass, Highland Co.) The latest research by
Phyllis J. Hughes suggests that his mother was Susannah Dieffenbach rather
than Peter's unknown first wife. Although their six daughters are more or
less accounted for, the research strongly suggests that Peter Thomas Hull
and Susanna Dieffenbach had only three other sons: Adam, George, and Jacob.
They had no David, John, William, Franz Philip, etc. Those individuals
belong to unrelated Hull lines. (Capt. Peter's oldest son was named Henry,

Unfortunately even Phyllis hasn't been able to come up with any new evidence
which would definitely identify the maiden name of Capt. Peter Hull's wife

Now with regard to Captain Peter Hull, you may recall that on p.194 of Oren
F. Morton's "History of Highland County," there is a muster roll, as
recorded by Nicholas Seybert, for Captain Hull's company, second battalion,
Augusta Co. militia, 1779. However, there seem to be some inconsistencies.
For example, according to Chalkley's Chronicles, Peter replaced John McCoy
as captain in 1781. So how could Peter be the captain of this same company
in 1779? Could he have been the "acting" captain in 1779? (I'm groping at
straws here.)
Second, a few of the soldiers in the list lived long enough to apply for
Revolutionary War pensions. I've looked at the ones for Adam Arbogast, Jacob
Hoover, Michael Hoover, and Henry Whiteman. None of them ever mentioned
serving with or under Peter Hull. Henry Whiteman wrote that he did not even
move to Augusta County from Pennsylvania until the fall of 1780.
The simplest answer I can think of is that the date of 1779 must be wrong.
Maybe it was a postwar muster roll instead. At least that would explain why
Peter Hull is omitted from the pension declarations. Since a number of
individuals have used this muster roll as evidence of their ancestors'
active participation during the war, I thought it might be worth discussing.
Any comments?

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> Who was the father of Capt Peter Hull of the Revolutionary War fame who
> married Barbara Peninger (not Barbara Keith)?
> Nedra

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