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Subject: [WVPRESTO] amusement park in BRETZ FOR REAL!!!!!!!
Date: Thu, 3 Apr 2008 09:27:29 EDT


Oak Park 1 mile from Masontown was established in 1907-08 by the Baltimore
and Ohio Railroad. There were slides, ball park, swings, roller coasters,
and games of every kind and every thing that can be found in any park.
Thousands of people came from all around. As many as five or six excursions a day
coming there bringing people from all over Pa, and WV. A Mr Bishoff and Mr
Ringer were caretakers. The Reedsville Band was contracted to play each
Sunday. They also had an orchestra which played for dances.
Oak Park was spread over 100 acres and owned by the B& O and also the Elkins
Coal and Coke Co.
At the peak of its popularity it was considered to be one of the finest
amusements parks in existence
The Oak Park Hotel, while not pretentious, provided adequate facilities for
dining and lodging May families visited the park for day trips only, but
bed and board was available for those wishing a longer stay. Changing
transportation, a cutback in the coal economy and the Great Depression forced Oak
Park to close in 1930

Taken from "Images of America Preston County" Charles A thomas
and "History of Masontown," Martha Dixon

Hope this helps you out. My mom remembers going to Oak Park as a very
young child, and said the last time she was there, the only thing left was the
platform for the roller coaster.
Be Well and God Bless

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