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Virginia Gore (born 4/18/1838; died 4/4/1923, in Princeton, WVA) married
on 7/20/1854 in Mercer Co, VA to Robert Calvin Lilly (born 2/27/1830 AT
jUMPING bRANCH, va; DIED 3/15/1905 at Spanishburg, WV) who was the son of
Robert Lilly and Mary Cadle. He was previously married to Casandra
Ellison (1833-11/22/1853) who was the daughter of Andrew Ellison and
Milly Keaton and with whom he had one daughter Mary Elizabeth Lilly
(10/3/1853-11/3/1853). Known as Miller Bob," he was a farmer, merchant
and miller. They live in what is now Summers County until 1883 at which
time they moved to near Flat Top in Raleigh County. They had eleven
children, all of who were born at Jumping Brach, VA/WVA.

David Green Lilly (born 5/20/1855; died 3/7/1916 in Bluefield, WVA)
married 1st on 12/15/1881 in Mercer County, WVA to Margaret Estiline
Thompson (born 5/1855 in Mercer Co, VA; died 1911 in MercerCo, WV) who
was the daughter of Philip and Mary J. Thompson; married 2nd to Nellie
McGinnie. He served two terms as superintendant of schools for Summers
County. Later they moved to Bluefield where he became a successful
businessman and financier. He and his first wife had eight children, all
of whom were born in WV:
Nannie Grace Lilly (born 8/1882) married Wesley Wilkes. She was
a graduate of Marshall University and was one of their beauty
queens and a talented planist. He owned and operated the
Wilkesdistributing Company and the Wilkes Insurance Agency. They
had seven children, all born in Beckley, WV:
Philip Wilkes
Wesley Wilkes
Grace Wilkes
Lewyn Wilkes
James Wilkes
Joan Wilkes
Betty Wilkes
Elsie Lilly (born 3/1884)
Philip Thompson Lilly Sr. (born 2/1886 on Little Bluestone)
married Ruby Sergeant (born in Roane Co, WV; died 2/20/1869 in
Bluefield, WV) who was the daughter of James Albert Sergeant and
Sarah Vandal. They had one son:
Philip Thompson Lilly Sr. (born 6/22/1920 in Bluefield,
WV) married 3/22/1940 in Marion, VA to _______(born
3/4/1920 in Bluedfield, WV). they had one son:
Cecil Lilly married _______Scraggs.
Cecil Roy Lilly (born 4/1888)
Cyrus (T.) Lilly (born 5/1890)
David Green Lilly, Jr. (born 5/1892).
Louis Elaine Lilly (born 2/4/1896 in Bluefield, WV) married
5/101921 in Hinton, WV to Harley M. Kilgore (born 1/11/1893 at
Brown, WV; died 2/28/1956 in Washington DC) who was the son of
Quimby H. Kilgore and Laura Jo Martin. He was a U>S> Senator for
West Virginia. They had two sons:
Robert Martin Kilgore (born 1/3/1924 in Beckley< WVA)
married on 8/31/1947 to _______________.
Elinor Kilgore (born 1/30/1926 in Beckley, WV) married
9/1945 to Albert T. Young, Jr.
Jane or June Lilly (born 7/1898)
John Alfred Lilly (born 11/2/1856; died 1/7/1926) married Arminta
Isabelle Lilly (born 11/7/1857) who was the daughter of James Edmison
Lilly and Elizabeth Thompson. They lived in Raleigh and Summers Counties.
They had fourteen children, aol born in WVA
Amanda Jane Lilly (born 1879; died 1956) married William (M. B.)
Moyers. They had seven childre, order of birth is unknown:
Blanch Moyes
Theodore Moyes
Annie Moyes married Frank Hall. Lived at Beaver, WVA
Edward Moyes married _____Elliott. Lived at Blue Jay, WV
Ray Moyes married _______ Smith. Lived at Stanaford, WV
Goldie Moyes married _________Matherly. Lived in
Frances Moyes. Lived in Columbus, Ohio
Mary Lilly (born 1880; died 1944) married Beecher Meadows. They
had fourteen children (order of Birth unknown):
_________ Meadows (died in infancy).
_________ Meadows (died in infancy).
_________Meadows (died in infancy)
Darrah Meadows married _____Foley. They lived in
Muriel Meadows married Dolphus Cox. They lived in Rand,
Macie Meadows married 1st to Sam Dillon; married 2nd to
Beane. they lived in Florida.
Maude Meadows married Clarence Frye. Lived in North
Mamie Meadows married E. W. Lilly. Lived in Glen Morgan
Opel Meadows married Robert Bennett. Lived in Oberlin,
Pauline Meadows married Forest Ballard. Lived in Glen
Morgan, WVA
Mattie Meadows married _______ Meadows. Lived in
Lewisburg, WVA
David Meadows married Sarah Daniels. Lived in
Charleston, WVA
Beecher Meadows, Jr. married Irma Crotty. They lived on
the Little Bluestone River in WV
Donald Meadows married Teresa Young. Lived in
Charleston, WVA
Arthur D. Lilly born 4/1883; died 1966) married 1st to Monnie
Cooper with whom he had two children; married 2nd to Annie Lowe
with whom he had six children:
John Earl Lilly, Sr. married Mary Meadows. They had two
John Earl Lilly, Jr.
Barbara Lilly
Goldie Lilly married Ira Briers. They lived in Beckley.
Orville Lilly (died at age 14)
Wilbur Lilly. He lived in Arlington, Texas
Garnet Lilly married Charles Pollock. They had two sons:
Charles Pollock. He is a Baptist ministger.
David Pollock. He is also a Baptist minister.
Fern Lilly
Alvin Lilly. He lived in Michigan.
Vernon Lilly. He lived in Michigan.
Lottie C. Lilly (born 6/1887; died 1966) married Adney Meadows.
James G. Lilly (born 1/1889; died 1917) married ______Farley.
Beacher Lilly
Nellie Vaughn Lilly (bvorn 1/1893;died 1975) married Eva Crews.
The lived at West Palm Beach, Florida and they had three
Margaret Lilly married Charles Cornelius. They lived
Charleston, WV
Josephine Lilly. She lived in Charleston, WV
Ray Lilly. He Lived in West Palm Beach, Florida
Isaac H. Lilly (born 3/1894)
Lucy M. Lilly (born 6/1895; died 1973) married Dan Griffith. The
had four children
Gladys Griffith married Hudson Wills. Lived at Shady
Springs, WVA
David Griffith married Ruby Lilly who was the daughter of
Isaac Lilly. They lived at Spanishburg. WV.
Eileen Griffith married George Kettlewell. They lived
Fayetteville, WVA
Louise Griffith married ________Windle. They lived in
Kenova, WV
Annie L. Lilly (born 6/1897; died 1973) married Fred T. Lilly
(born 1898, who was the son of Alva Lilly. They had six
John E. Lilly, Sr. (born 1921) married Gerline Fink who
was the daughter of Leffie Fink. The lived in Hinton,
WV. They had two children:
Elizabeth Ann Lilly married John A. Miller. The
lived in Canton, Ohio. They have five
Mathew Miller
James Miller
Lisa Miller
Lori Miller
Lynn Miller
John E. Lilly, Jr. married Linda Isun. They
lived in Charleston, WV. They had three
Cynthia Lilly
Lorraine Lilly
John E. Lilly III
Robert P. Lilly Sr. (born 1924) married Betty Walker who
was the daughter of Alfreda and Redden Walker. they
lived in Beckley, WV. They had two children:
Robert P. Lilly, Jr. married Judy Taylor. They
live in Beckley. They had one son.
Ryan Paul Lilly
Renee Lilly. She was a dietician at WVU
Thomas E. Lilly, Sr. (born 1926) married Robinette Farmer
who was the daughter ofClaudia Farmer. They lived in
Canton, Ohio and had five chidren:
Thomas E. Lilly, Jr. married AnnSholmutch. They
had three children
Beth Ann Lilly. She lived in Shreve,
Tammy Lilly
Ryan Thomas Lilly. He lived in Shreve,
Joseph Lilly, Sr. married Joan Taylor. They
lived in Tampa, Florida and had one son;
Joseph Lilly, Jr.
Elvira Lilly married Ralph Hass. They lived in
Canton, Ohio
William Lilly married Debra Hanchett. They lived
inTampa, Florida and had one daughter;
Melisa Lilly
James R. Lilly. He lives in Canton, Ohio
Charles C. Lilly (born 1928) married Barbara Garton.
They lived at Tamp, Florida and had two daughter
Paula Lilly
Rita Lilly
James T. Lilly (born 1929) married Shirley Lightfoot. He
was killed in an auto accident on the west
Virginia Turnpike. She lived at Waynesboro, They had two
Steve Lilly. Lived with mother in Waynesboro,
Debra Lilly married ______Hardesty. Lived at
Canton, Ohio
Alvie J. Lilly married _______Barber. They lived with
his father at Canton, Ohio
Belle Lilly (born 1900; died 1971) married Homer Lilly who ws the
son of Alva. They had three daughters:
Mary Lilly married BennyMaddy. They lived in Hinkton,
Virginia Lilly married Andy Dicucie. They lived in
Mildred Lilly married Sanford Homer. They lived at High
Point, NC.
_______Lilly (died in infancy)
_______Lilly (died in infancy)
_______Lilly (died in infancy)
_______Lilly (died in infancy)

Next will start with Ida B. Lilly

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