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History of Tyler County WV to 1984

A project of: Tyler Co Heritage and Historical Society

page 44-45



With the passing of 1978, the city of Path City quietly observed its 75th
anniversary. The land of Padens Valley was part of a land grant of 685 acres
granted by the Commonwealth Virginia to Robert Woods on June 19, 1796. On
October 10, 1796, Robert Woods sold Obadiah Paden 400 acres of land for the
sum of $1,330. (This included the island known Padens Island.) The area was
then known Paden's Land or Paden's Bottom. After post office was established
on August 20, 1877 the name was changed to Paden's Valley, then again on
February 28, 1895, the name was changed to Padensvalley (one word).

After the land was bought by Pittsburgh interests for the beginning of a
town, the Paden Valley Land Co. was formed and on July 14, 1903, the name
was again changed-this time to Paden City. The first lot sale was held on
September 30, 1903. This was the actual beginning of the "City of Paden


The land on which Paden City is located was first settled by Obadiah
Paden in the year 1796. After his death in 1822, his will made provision for
his land to be divided into three tracts. One tract to his son James Paden,
one tract to his son Joseph Paden and one tract to his last two sons, Jesse
and Samuel Paden. This land remained in the Paden family until it was sold
to a group of Pittsburgh businessmen who formed the "Paden Valley Land Co.''
in 1903.

While the land was being laid out in streets and lots, construction was
started on the Ohio Valley Foundry Company, (on the site of the present city
park) and the Empire Glass Company, (now the Paul Wissmach Glass Company).
The first lot sale was held on September 30, 1903 and was a huge success. An
electric railway line was built between Sistersville and New Martinsville to
provide transportation between the three towns. This was known as the
Wetzel-Tyler Railway Co. and later the Union Traction Co. This line operated
until September, 1925, when it was sold to the State of West Virginia and is
now part of State Route 2.

A bank was organized as the Paden City Bank and began operation in
September, 1903 and closed its doors in December, 1904. At this time, the
Paden Valley Land Co. went into receivership and after many months of court
proceedings, a new company was organized as the Paden City Land Co. Walter
B. Keifer was appointed as agent for the new land company and from that time
on the town began to grow. The Dequesne Bottle Co. began the construction of
their plant in 1905 and began operation in 1906.

In 1911, new industries came to Paden City, namely: Paden City Pottery
Co.; Euclid Manufacturing Co. (Tub Factory); Button Factory, (makers of
buttons from mussel shells from the river); Slider Brothers Cement Block
Co.; and in 1912, The Brown Lumber Company opened for business The Paden
City Glass Co. began operation in November, 1916; and the Lawrence Novelty
Glass Co. (Marble Factory) began operation in the old button factory
sometime in 1929.

Paden City was incorporated in 1916 and the first city election was
January 30, 1917, with Dr. Bruce Keifer being elected as the first Mayor.

The first post office was established ir Paden City, (then Padens
Valley) in 1877 and John O. Paden, son of James Paden appointed as the first

Of all the original industries in Paden City, The Paul Wissmach Glass
Company is the only one still in operation. The Pottery is now the Corning
Glass Works and the Paden City Glass Plant is now the Marble King, Inc.

Many changes have been made through the years with the coming of new
industry an there is much more history of Paden City wit dates and detail.

Researching: Higgins, Braman, Littleton, O'Neal
Jarrett/Garard, Buchanan,
Enoch, Barnhouse,
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