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Subject: Re: Josiah Lee
Date: 8 Sep 2003 11:38:03 -0600

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Surnames: Lee, Whaley, Darnell, Davis, McFoy, Richards
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Hi Leon, just want you to know you have been emailing with Sandy Quinn, not Katheryne. You can also see photo's of Peter and Josiah on my Athens County, website under antique photo's. http://www.rootsweb.com/~ohathens

Hope I don't overwhelm you but here is stuff from over the years from my research files. Lots of us have been working on this together.

These are the Lee's mentioned in the 1820 census:

1820 Wood County Census for WV Wood
David Lee 187 A
Jessie Lee 187 A
Richard Lee 187 A
Thomas Lee 187 A

Jessie Lee would be our Jessie Lee and Hannah Darnell.

As far as documented proof of Richard and Tabitha Lee I have not seen enough evidence yet to add them to my tree as Jesse's parents.

Descendants of Jesse Lee

Generation No. 1

1. JESSE2 LEE (RICHARD1) was born Bef. 1774 in Wirt County? lived in Ravenswood, and died June 1823 in Lee Creek, VA left a will is in the Wood county court house. He married HANNAH DARNELL Abt. 1790 in Newark, VA ?. She was born Bef. 1780 in lived in Ravenswood, and died November 20, 1844 in Lee Creek, VA left a will in the Wood county court house.

Children of JESSE LEE and HANNAH DARNELL are:
i.ANNE (NANCY)3 LEE, m. DAVID SUTTON COZAD, November 13, 1825.
ii.CYNTHIA LEE, m. (1) ALEXANDER CHANEY; m. (2) GEORGE LEWIS, May 30, 1828.
iv.SARAH (SALLY) LEE, d. names in deed in 2-11-1837, in Meigs Co. at time; m. (1) SAMUEL CULLINS; d. moved back to Wirt County after 1837; m. (2) WILLIAM NOLAND, July 05, 1821, Wirt County, WVA.
v.JOSIAH JONAS LEE, b. 1811, Jackson County, WVA then Wirt WVA; d. March 22, 1877, WVA WV; m. ANNA REBECCA WHALEY, August 24, 1832, Jackson County, Virginia (WVA); b. 1813, Jackson County, WVA then Wirt WVA; d. August 11, 1899, WVA.
vi.JOSHUA LEE, b. September 27, 1803, Jackson County, Ravenswood VA; d. March 24, 1900, Spring Creek, Elizabeth, Wirt Co. WVA Hill Grove Cemetery; m. NANCY DAVIS, April 29, 1826, Wood County, WVA; b. February 22, 1809, Occaquan Creek, Fairfax Co. VA; d. September 02, 1899, Spring Creek,Elizabeth, Wirt Co. WVA Hill Grovel Cemetery.
vii.ISAIAH LEE, b. 1805; m. ELIZABETH STEPHENS, June 14, 1835, Wood Co. , VA; b. 1808.
viii.PETER MARTIN LEE, b. August 03, 1810, Lee Creek, Wood County, WV; d. 1906, Athens County , Ohio near Nelsonville buried in Carbon Hill Cemetery; m. LYDIA CHANEY, June 13, 1835, Meigs County, Ohio Vol 1 page 156; b. August 03, 1815, PA; d. January 24, 1902, Gravestone in Petroleum, WVA.
ix.JESSE LEE, JR., b. 1819, Newark, WVA; d. March 18, 1910; m. SARAH DEEM, October 31, 1847, Wood Co., WVA; b. 1827.

I descend from Josiah and Anne Rebecca Whaley Lee. Josiah is the brother of your Joshua. I have actually attended the reunion at Burning Springs of Joshua and Nancy Davis Lee's reunion in the last several years.

Josiah served in the Union army in the Civil War according to great granddaughter Kathryn Rubart.
ID: I05185
Sex: M
Birth: 1811 in Wood Co., (W.) Va.
Death: 22 MAR 1887 in prob. Ritchie Co., W. Va.
Occupation: Farmer, Miller, & Teamster
Census: 1840 Athens Co., Ohio/ Carthage Twp.
Census: 1850 Wirt Co., (W.) Va./ Burning Springs area #451-451
Census: 1860 Wirt Co., (W.) Va. # 577-577
Census: 1870 Ritchie Co., W. Va./ Grant Dist. # 112-111
Census: 1880 Wood county, W. Va/Walker township
Event: Land 1830 's; Bought property in Athens Co., Ohio
Event: Residence1 Jackson or Wood Co., (W.) Va./ early 1830's
Event: Residence2 Meigs Co., Ohio/ late 1830's
Event: Residence3 Athens Co., Ohio/ 1837 - c1845
Event: Residence4 Wirt Co., (W.) Va.
Event: Residence5 Ritchie Co., W. Va./ Grant Dist.
Reference Number: 955
Medical Information: Age: 75 yrs
Josiah Lee (age 40, B-Va., Farmer, $700) is listed on the 1850 Wirt County, (W.) Va., census with his
wife, Ann R. (age 38, B-Va.), and kids: Artemisia-16, William-14, David-8, Noble G.-5, Almira E.-7/12
(all kids B-Va. except David B-Ohio); and Thomas Stanton (age 2, B-Va.) # 451-451

Josiah Lee (age 49, B-Va., Miller) is listed on the 1860 Wirt County, (W.) Va., census with his wife, Ann R.
(age 47, B-Va.), and kids: William-26, Noble G.-15, Almira E.-10, Lucretia-8, Winfield-4, America-4/12
(all kids B-Va.) # 577-577

Josiah Lee (age 58, B-Va., Teamster) is listed on the 1870 Ritchie County (Grant Dist.), W. Va., census with his wife, Ann R. (age 58, B-Va., Hskpr), and family: Lucretia-18, C. N. (m)-13, Adda A.-9 (all kids B-Va.); and Charles Logne (age 9, B-Va.) # 112-111

Father: JESSE LEE I b: BET 1784 AND 1787 in Pennsylvania
Mother: HANNAH (DARNELL) b: ABT 1780 in territory of then Virginia

Marriage 1 ANNA REBECCA (WHALEY) b: ABT 1812 in territory of then Virginia
Married: 24 AUG 1832 in Jackson Co., (W.) Va. 1
ARTEMISIA (LEE) b: ABT 1834 in territory of then Virginia
WILLIAM J. LEE b: ABT 1836 in Va. or Ohio
DAVID LEE b: ABT 1842 in Athens Co., Ohio
NOBLE G. LEE b: ABT 1845 in Wirt Co., (W.) Va.
ALMIRA E. LEE b: 1850 in Wirt Co., (W.) Va.
LUCRETIA (LEE) b: ABT 1852 in Wirt Co., (W.) Va.
WINDFIELD CHARLES M. LEE b: ABT 1856 in Wirt Co., (W.) Va.
ADDA AMERICA (LEE) b: 1860 in Wirt Co., (W.) Va.

Title: Jackson Co., W. Va., marriage record
Page: 8/24/1832
Text: Josiah Lee
Anna Rebecca Whaley

About Joshua:
Joshua was admitted to the Bar, and practised law in Elizabeth, then Burning Springs a mile from his home. In that early day there were two ways by which one could become a lawyer, read law in a lawyer's office until he became "well grounded in the law" and 2. attain the same proficiency by home study. In either case the applicant had to appear before a judge with a lawyer friend who would have to vouch for his character and period of study, and move for his admission to the bar. Few applicants were rejected. This practise was continued until the early 1900's. (From the book by H. B. Lee, Burning Springs and other Tales of the Little Kanawha River.)

The Elizabeth Messenger, edited by Harry H. Holmes and published at Elizabeth on April 6, 1900, carried the following obituary of Joshua Lee:

Joshua Lee, probably the oldest citizen of Wirt County, died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Sidney White, on Spring Creek, March 29, 1900. He was born in Wood County September 29, 1805. He was the father of 10 children, 9 of whom are now living. His descendants number 59 grandchildren, 139 great grandchildren, and 17 great-great grandchildren- a total of 225 descendants in all.

Descendants of Joshua Lee

Generation No. 1

1. JOSHUA3 LEE (JESSE2, RICHARD1) was born September 27, 1803 in Jackson County, Ravenswood VA, and died March 24, 1900 in Spring Creek, Elizabeth, Wirt Co. WVA Hill Grove Cemetery. He married NANCY DAVIS April 29, 1826 in Wood County, WVA, daughter of JESSE DAVIS and MARY CARTER. She was born February 22, 1809 in Occaquan Creek, Fairfax Co. VA, and died September 02, 1899 in Spring Creek,Elizabeth, Wirt Co. WVA Hill Grovel Cemetery.

Children of JOSHUA LEE and NANCY DAVIS are:
i.JESSE4 LEE, b. June 03, 1827; d. June 20, 1903, Grove Hill Cemetery; m. (1) MARY MCCANN; m. (2) HESTER/ESTHER WHITE, October 21, 1857, Divorced 1890; m. (3) KATHERINE KATE HUNTER, 1891; m. (4) ROSALIE WEILL, October 16, 1902.
ii.SIDNEY LEE, b. December 08, 1828; d. August 11, 1911, Hill Grove Cemetery; m. (1) WILLIAM ENOCH, November 04, 1847, Wood Co. , VA; d. Bef. 1860; m. (2) JAMES WHITE, November 04, 1860.
iii.PARDON LEE, b. January 09, 1831; d. July 1903, buried in a St. Louis Cemetery; m. (1) CAROLINE CHAPMAN; m. (2) A ST. LOUIS WOMAN.
iv.ELIZABETH LEE, b. April 15, 1833; d. February 1870, moved away in 1865, burial place unknown; m. KINGSBURY DULIN.
2.v.SAMUEL LEE, b. March 08, 1836, Wood County, West Virginia; d. June 06, 1923, Hill Grove Cemetery.
vi.WILLIAM LEE, b. June 27, 1838; d. 1909; m. EVELYN SCOTT.
vii.NANCY LEE, b. October 30, 1840; d. 1904; m. AMBROSE LEECH.
3.viii.JAMES MADISON LEE, b. February 18, 1843; d. February 01, 1938, Hill Grove Cemetery.
ix.ROBERT E. LEE, b. April 25, 1845; d. March 01, 1923, Mount Solon, Cemetery; m. (1) MARY C. FLESCHER; m. (2) MARY ELIZABETH AYRES, January 10, 1876.
4.x.STEPHEN SULLIVAN LEE, b. November 21, 1848; d. 1937, Hill Grove Cemetery.

Generation No. 2

2. SAMUEL4 LEE (JOSHUA3, JESSE2, RICHARD1) was born March 08, 1836 in Wood County, West Virginia, and died June 06, 1923 in Hill Grove Cemetery. He married (1) NANCY ANN WHITE October 07, 1858 in Wirt County, WVA, daughter of JOHN WHITE and ELIZABETH UNKNOWN. She was born June 02, 1835 in Beaver Falls, Beaver Co., PA, and died August 05, 1899 in Sanoma, Wirt County, WV. He married (2) HANNAH THORNTON May 07, 1900. He married (3) SARAH MONROE August 03, 1900.

Children of SAMUEL LEE and NANCY WHITE are:
i.JOSHUA5 LEE, b. July 14, 1860.
ii.ELIAS ANDERSON LEE, b. June 26, 1862; m. ELLA.
5.iii.NANCY I. LEE, b. March 11, 1863, Evelyn, Wirt Co., WV; d. January 09, 1939, Gifford, Champaign Co., Illinois (Maplewood Cem.).
iv.SAMUEL LEE, b. March 08, 1867; m. ANNA WHITE.
v.ELIZABETH LEE, b. November 08, 1867; m. UNKNOWN LESTER.
vi.CARRIE B. LEE, b. October 04, 1871; m. GEORGE W. RIGHTER.
vii.MINNIE LEE, b. February 18, 1874; m. UNKNOWN DAVIS.
viii.OLLIE M. LEE, b. September 06, 1876; m. WILLIAM D. DAVIS.

3. JAMES MADISON4 LEE (JOSHUA3, JESSE2, RICHARD1) was born February 18, 1843, and died February 01, 1938 in Hill Grove Cemetery. He married LOUISE VIRGINIA RADER MOUNT October 26, 1865 in Roane County, WV, daughter of HUMPHREY MOUNT and CATHARINE RADER. She was born November 26, 1844 in Wirt Co., WV, and died in Hill Grove Cemetery.

Children of JAMES LEE and LOUISE MOUNT are:
6.i.ROBERT EDWARD5 LEE, b. October 24, 1860; d. November 10, 1959, Buried in Elizabeth, WV.
ii.AMBROSE LEE, b. August 23, 1871; d. January 14, 1944; m. ADELA C. HALL, October 01, 1891.
iii.ALLIE ALICE FLORENCE LEE, b. June 15, 1876; d. June 1915; m. GILBERT T. HALL, May 24, 1895.
iv.BESSIE LOUISE LEE, b. April 08, 1888; d. October 1919, flue epidemic of 1918; m. FRANK ROWAND, October 1918.

4. STEPHEN SULLIVAN4 LEE (JOSHUA3, JESSE2, RICHARD1) was born November 21, 1848, and died 1937 in Hill Grove Cemetery. He married VIRGINIA QUICK December 17, 1876.

i.HOWARD BURTON5 LEE, b. 1880.

Generation No. 3

5. NANCY I.5 LEE (SAMUEL4, JOSHUA3, JESSE2, RICHARD1) was born March 11, 1863 in Evelyn, Wirt Co., WV, and died January 09, 1939 in Gifford, Champaign Co., Illinois (Maplewood Cem.). She married WILLIAM ISAAC WISE December 18, 1884 in Wirt County, WVA, son of ISAAC WISE and ELIZABETH MCCULLOUGH. He was born May 17, 1863 in Jackson Co., VA, and died July 19, 1929 in Gifford, Champaign Co., Illinois (Maplewood Cem.).

Children of NANCY LEE and WILLIAM WISE are:
i.ORMA BELL6 WISE, b. January 25, 1886; m. RALPH E. DAVIS.
ii.GLENARAY MAMIE WISE, b. September 30, 1887; m. (1) THAD LETTER; m. (2) FRED MELINE.
iii.HENRY LLOYD WISE, b. January 06, 1890; m. ROSELLA JEAN CLARK.
iv.IDA ETHEL WISE, b. December 20, 1891, Evelyn, Wirt Co., WV; d. August 14, 1974, Akron, Summit County, OH Woodlawn Cem. WV; m. HOWARD LINDSEY SATTERFIELD, December 02, 1909, Marion County, WV; b. July 05, 1888, Powell, Marion Co., WV; d. September 08, 1965, Westin, Lewis Co., WV (Woodlawn Cem., WV).
vi.CARL LEE WISE, b. February 09, 1898; m. HAZEL OTIS.
vii.HOLLY GORDON WISE, b. November 02, 1901; m. LELA RODGERS.

6. ROBERT EDWARD5 LEE (JAMES MADISON4, JOSHUA3, JESSE2, RICHARD1) was born October 24, 1860, and died November 10, 1959 in Buried in Elizabeth, WV. He married NANNIE NANCY VIRGINIA MONROE March 17, 1889. She was born 1870, and died August 18, 1948 in Buried in Elizabeth, WV.

Children of ROBERT LEE and NANNIE MONROE are:
i.RAYMOND ARCHER6 LEE, b. December 28, 1889; d. March 1982, buried in Arlington National Cemetery; m. MONAD ATKINSON BISHOP, October 03, 1914.
ii.HARLEY HOLLAND LEE, b. November 11, 1893; m. BLANCHE.
iii.BABY BOY LEE, b. 1896.
iv.FLOYD EARL LEE, b. April 29, 1898, Used alias Clyde Floyd Lee, in Army; m. ? HATFIELD.
v.BERT WINTON LEE, b. July 05, 1905; m. HAILAH.

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