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From: Allen Richmond <>
Subject: [WYATT-L] WYATT Backlog
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 1998 10:48:01 +0000

Howdy Cousins:

I hope you'll pardon me for the delay in getting back to some of
you. I've been wrestling with an upper respiratory infection the
last week-10 days, and it's only now starting to show signs of
succumbing to medication. If there's anything worse than being at
a brick wall, it's being at a brick wall and SICK! :-(

Vonnie Galusha <> wrote (in part):

> 1-- Thomas T. WYATT-5601 (1730-1772)
> sp-Margaret HANKS-5893 (1730-1846)
> 2-- John WYATT Rev.-5599 (1748-1802)
> sp-Alice-5600 (1752)
> 3-- Solomon WYATT-5639 (1773-1830)
> sp-Hannah REESE-5645 (1775-1838)
> 4-- Cynthia Dow WYATT-5653 (1802)
> 4-- Sinai WYATT-5698 (1802-1872)
> sp-Mordekiah KEITH-5840
> 4-- Lorenzo Dow WYATT-5695 (1808)
> sp-Edith SWAGGERTY-5819 (-1876)

I also have another Lorenzo Dow WYATT entry (possible connection?):

Lorenzo Dow Wyatt, b. 14 Sep 1829, d. 20 Jun 1892 at Warren County IN

Father: John [Unconnected] Wyatt, b. at Virginia,
d. bef 1870 at Iowa
Mother: Mary Redding, d. 11 Sep 1870

Spouse: Mary Elizabeth Gray, b. 5 Apr 1836, d. 14 Sep 1912

Spouse: ____ Ellis

The name "Lorenzo Dow" doesn't seem to be a "common" WYATT name,
which makes me wonder about a possible connection, either through
an uncle or grandfather (?) relationship. (This may be a reach, but
the name is unique to me.)

I also find the following, which has had me puzzled for a while.
Do you happen to find this information re the WYATT/PACK family
in your fourth generation:

> 1-- Thomas T. WYATT-5601 (1730-1772)
> sp-Margaret HANKS-5893 (1730-1846)
> 2-- Thomas WYATT Jr.-5897 (1754-1823)
> sp-Rachel BURNSIDE-5906 (-1827)
> 3-- Sarah WYATT-5908
> sp-Samuel PACK-5911

Samuel Pack, b. 22 Aug 1779 at New River, Monroe County VA,
d. 1850 at Coopers Creek, Raleigh County VA
Father: Samuel Pack, b. 1755, d. 1833
Mother: Mary Farley, b. ca 1757, d. ca 1826

Spouse: Sarah Wyatt, b. ca 1782
Father: Thomas [Unconnected] Wyatt, b. ca 1762

Married 19 Apr 1802 at Monroe County VA.

Known Children:

1 William Pack, b. ca 1803, m. Elizabeth Paoage
2 Andrew Pack, b. ca 1804, m. Eliza Jarrell
3 Augustus Pack, b. ca 1806, m. Margaret McDonald
4 Rachel Pack, b. ca 1807, m. Henry Honaker

I think we may be looking at a winner with this entry. If so, this
would solve one of the "Unknown" Thomas W*s I have. The bca for
father Thomas WYATT _could_ be incorrect re the PACK side, from
which this info came based on a query I zapped out sometime last


Jody Sizemore < > wrote in part:

> Samuel Wyatt of Laurel County was
> the son of James Wyatt who was born in Virginia. Samuel went first to
> Missouri before coming to what is now Laurel County, Kentucky.

Would this be the same James WYATT (b VA) who m. Phoebe Young JOHNSON?
And if so, is there a connection to be found between Edward Kayman
WYATT, b. 18 Aug 1814 at Bluntville, Sullivan County TN, d. 28 Aug
1886 at Laurel County KY (m 2x Laurel Co KY) and Samuel?

[Hmmm...proofpass: as I'm going through the backlog, I see that Carol
has already touched on this one. Any luck, Carol or Vonnie?]

> I doubt that Wyatts of Laurel Co., Kentucky and those of Montgomery Co.,
> Kentucky were connected. However, Macajah (I think that is the spelling)
> who lived in a county joining Montgomery might have been a different
> story. Generally, Montgomery Co., being on the edge of the bluegrass
> area, attracted people with more financial means than did early Laurel
> County.

Either one of these Macajah WYATTs look familiar with that above?

Macajah Wyatt, b. 1731 at Stafford County VA, d. 1774
Father: William Edward Wyatt (1707-1774)
Mother: Lettice Nichols

Macajah Nichols Wyatt, b. 7 Mar 1770
Father: William Edward Wyatt (1742-1815; s/o WYATT/NICHOLS above)
Mother: Frances Newton

[Proofpass again: I comment on this below as prob. not the same
individual(s), but I left it in as it may be helpful to someone.]

> I think with the information you provided about Francis of Montgomery
> Co. that I might be able to attach that line to the Anthony-Nicholas
> line. An article in the a Virginia Journel stated that these individuals
> were definately out of this line...well the choice of given names
> certainly seems to indicate that.

Is this the same Nicholas WYATT line? I know you've mentioned you've
been searching in MD records (have to dig back through the "email
buildup" to get the specs)...perhaps this is helpful:

Nicholas Wyatt, b. 1620-22 at Virginia, d. ca 22 Jun 1673 at
Anne Arundel County MD

[Founders of Anne Arundel and Howard Counties, MD. p 48, 57;
Maryland Calendar of Wills Vol I-79 cites son Samuel and daughter

Spouse: Demaris ____, b. 1626 at Anne Arundel County MD; m (also)
Thomas Bland

Married 1653 at Anne Arundel County MD.

Known Children:

1 Samuel Wyatt, b. 1654 at Anne Arundel County MD, d. 1673

2 Sarah Wyatt, b. 1657 at Middle Neck Hundred, Anne Arundel
County MD, m. Edward Dorsey, 1675 at Anne Arundel County
MD, d. ca 1696 at Middle Neck Hundred, Anne Arundel County MD

But I think you already have this info.

> Marge Turner and I connected long ago because we were researching Wyatts
> who lived
> in the same area of Kentucky...We just couldn't believe that there were
> all these Wyatts without some family connection. We never found one even
> though they all came to this area at an early date when there were few
> settlers. Jordon Wyatt of Estill Co., Kentucky was likely from North
> Carolina originally; Marge Turner's John was from NC at about the time
> of the Revolution; and my ancestor Margaret Wyatt Kincaid was from Bath
> County, Virginia.

Ah, yes, I'm a little familiar with Marge's WYATTs, but much closer
to the present. I did a search for an obit for her (I believe)
grandfather, William WYATT, who died in Kansas City MO c1906 (pulling
from memory here...that was 2 yrs + ago). Marge and I also have
similar huntings in the WHALEY family, from where I know her.

Checking the database: Jordon WYATT comes up naught; John WYATT gives
me upwards of 100 entries (whew), but Margaret WYATT gives me a
link! Knowing Bath Co VA helps, especially as I'm reviewing migratory

Margaret Wyatt, b. 1774, d. 1831

Father: Edward Wyatt, b. 1747, d. 1786
Mother: Ann Robinson

Spouse: James Kincaid, b. 1767, d. 1828

Married. [assumed bef 1798]

Known Children:

1 John W Kincaid, m. Emily Durbin
2 Samuel Kincaid, m. Mary McGuire
3 William Kincaid, m. Pauline Harris
4 Edward W Kincaid, b. 1798, m. Marian Plummer, d. 1857
5 George Kincaid, b. 1815, m. Margaret McGuire
6 Anna Wyatt Kincaid, b. 1816, m. Jacob Miller

> I come
> through Thomas of Loudoun's son, Edward Wyatt, who married Ann Robinson.
> My Edward was killed by Indians. They had gone to what is now WVA to
> clear ground on property he owned there.

Hmmm...I think we may have another string tied here:

Edward [Unconnected] Wyatt, b. 1770

[of Greenbrier/Kanawha Co VA]

Spouse: Ann Robinson

Married. [assumed bef c1795]

Known Children:

1 Edward Wyatt, m. Mary Tackett, 1813 at Kanawha County VA

...and cross-referencing that with:

Edward Wyatt, b. 1747, d. 1786
Father: Thomas T [Unconnected] Wyatt, b. at Virginia, d. 1772
at Loudoun County VA

Spouse: Ann Robinson (2)

Married. [assumed bef 1774]

Known Children:

1 Ann Wyatt (2), m. Robert Elliott
2 Martha Wyatt (8), m. Thomas Kincaid
3 Sarah Wyatt (22), m. John Wiley
4 Margaret Wyatt (7), b. 1774, m. James Kincaid, d. 1831
5 John Wyatt (24), b. 1783
6 Thomas Wyatt (17), b. 1783, m. Sarah Clark (2)
7 Edward Wyatt (6), b. 1787, m. Mary Tackett (2), d. 1862

...and I think I have a merge about to happen. ;-)

> I also want to share the following information with other researchers.
> Prior to 1911, Kentucky collected vital stats during the 1850s and the
> 1870s. Some of the information includes information about the location
> of birth and the name of the parents. However, please be aware in using
> it that anyone in the community could submit this information.
> Consequently, as you might imagine, with non-family members giving
> information there are sometimes errors.
> 6. Amanda Wyatt, age 33, died Montgomery Co. 10/11/1856 parents:
> James and Elizabeth
> Coons

Hayden Wyatt, b. 1793 at Kentucky
Father: Francis Wyatt, b. 1755 at North Carolina, d. 1824 at
Montgomery County KY
Mother: Nancy Ann Haden, b. at Goochland County NC, d. 1820 at
Montgomery County KY

Spouse: Polly Kirk
Married 21 Nov 1822 at Montgomery County KY.

Spouse: Amanda Coons
Married 1 Nov 1855 at Montgomery County KY.

Spouse: Julia Triplett
Married 29 Oct 1857 at Montgomery County KY.

> 11. Micajah Wyatt; age 63; died 9/9/1857 in Fleming Co. where he was
> also born

Ok, that rules out those Micajah W*s above.

> 13. Polly Wyatt; age 45; died Montgomery Co. 8/22/1852 Parents:
> Matthew and Hannah
> Kirk

See Hayden WYATT above.


>From an email a cousin sent to me from a list to which he subscribes:
(See, Gene: word is getting out about Henry WYATT! <grin>)

> To:
> I'm going nuts, please help me! I know a Henry WYATT of Prince
> George Co. married Mary WYNNE, daughter of Peter WYNNE, ca. 1725. I
> know they had a daughter Mary, b.ca. 1726, who married John Hawkins
> ca.1740 in Granville Co., NC. I know Henry WYATT died ca. 1732, and
> his widow, Mary Wynne Wyatt, married Thomas TWITTY formerly of Prince
> George Co. She is mentioned as Thomas' wife, and as administrix for
> Henry Wyatt's estate in 1737 there, prior to the Twitty family's
> removal to Granville Co. They named their first born son Peter Wynne
> TWITTY, a young half-brother to Mary WYATT who m. John Hawkins. I
> am trying to find out WHICH HENRY WYATT was it that Mary WYNNE
> married? There is another Henry Wyatt of New Kent Co.who married
> Elizabeth DANDRIDGE, I believe he is first cousin to mine.
> Which father goes with which Henry, Henry Wyatt Sr. 1647/1705 and
> Alice, Richard WYATT, or Anthony WYATT who m. Elizabeth Wheeler?
> Help, I need something definitive, not a WFT or he says/she says
> answer. Gene in FL


Linda Kralman < > wrote:

> I have the type of request for all of you that I hate to
> get....little or no information. This is my last shot in the dark
> for this lady.

It could be worse...you could be looking for William WYATT in the
mid-1700s. ;-)

> Do any of you have an Elizabeth WYATT about 1750 in either Virginia
> or Kentucky? I am very embarassed to say that this is all the
> information I have on her.

Do you have any collateral information which might pin her to a
family group? Spouse? Children? Possible location in VA or KY?

[Checking the backlogs, I see another email. Will check on what was
posted there and see if I find anything helpful.]


Charles Dibble < > wrote:

> Descendants of Richard Wyatt
> 1 Richard Wyatt 1650 -
> .. +Sallie Peyton 1665 -
> ......... 2 Richard Wyatt 1686 -
> ......... 2 Peyton Wyatt 1688 -
> ......... 2 Henry Wyatt 1690 -
> ............. +Elizabeth Dandridge 1703 -
> .................... 3 Mary Wyatt 1726 -
> .................... 3 Joseph Wyatt 1728 -
> ........................ +Dorothy Peyton
> ............................... 4 Joseph Wyatt 1766 - 1843
> ........................................... 5 Joseph Wyatt
> ............................... 4 Sallie S. Wyatt
> ................................... +William Bibb
> .................... 3 Elizabeth Wyatt 1730 -
> .................... 3 Sally Wyatt 1735 -

I'm at odds here. Do I have an incorrect link?

Henry Wyatt, b. 1670 at Virginia, d. 1706 at Virginia

Father: Henry Wyatt, b. 1647 at Williamsburg, James City
County VA, d. 1705 at Gloucester County VA
Father: George Wyatt, b. 1619 at England, d. bef 15 Jan 1672 at
York County VA
Father: Reverend Haute Wyatt, b. 4 Jun 1594 at Boxley Manor,
Kent ENG, d. 31 Jul 1638 at Boxley Manor, Kent ENG
Mother: Barbara Mitford, b. ca 1598 at England,
d. 31 Oct 1626
Mother: Susanna R Baynhan
Mother: Alice ____

Spouse: Elizabeth Dandridge

Married. [assumed bef 1726]

Known Children :

1 Mary Wyatt, b. 1726 at Virginia
2 Joseph Wyatt, b. 1728 at Virginia, m. Dorthy Peyton at
Virginia; 4 children
3 John Wyatt, b. 1742 at Virginia

> Query: is this the Elizabeth who married Cornielius Collier (1710-1790) on
> 4/18/1753? The dates fit. See post by
> Some of info on Elizabeth from Otto Burgett email 2/7/98

Either this is the d/o Henry WYATT/Elizabeth DANDRIDGE or the d/o
Richard WYATT/Sarah OVERSTREET, according to what info I have to

Cornelius Collier, b. 16 Nov 1720 at King and Queen County VA, d.
1810 at Abbeville County SC

Spouse: Elizabeth Wyatt, b. 15 Sep 1730 at Gloucester County VA,
d. aft 1766

Married 18 Mar 1752-1753 at Gloucester County VA.

Children and grandchildren:

1 John Collier, b. 10 Feb 1754 at Lunenburg County VA, d. at
Columbus, Muscogee County GA, m. Peggy Tyler, aft 1770,
m. Lucinda Glover, aft 1780 at Georgia
2 Cornelius Collier, b. 6 May 1756 at Lunenburg County VA,
d. 1 Aug 1756 at Lunenburg County VA
3 James Collier, b. 13 Oct 1757 at Lunenburg County VA, m.
Elizabeth Bouldin, 3 Jul 1788 at Virginia, m. Elizabeth
Bouldon, aft 1807, d. 20 Aug 1832 at Madison County AL
4 Wyatt Collier, b. 3 Jul 1759 at Lunenburg County VA, d. 8 Sep
1781 at Charleston, Charleston County SC
5 William Collier, b. 12 Feb 1760 at Lunenburg County VA, m.
Sallie Blackwell, aft 1775
6 Edward Collier, b. 12 Jan 1763 at Lunenburg County VA, d. at
Augusta, Richmond County GA, m. ____ Turner (2), aft 1780,
m. Mary Campbell, aft 1781
7 Nancy Eppes Collier, b. 3 Jan 1765 at Lunenburg County VA, m.
Joshua Hill, d. aft 1780
8 Elizabeth Collier, b. 9 Oct 1766 at Lunenburg County VA

And another knot tied:

> Descendants of John Wyatt
> 1 John Wyatt 1684 - 1750
> .. +Jane Pamplin
> ......... 2 William Wyatt 1713 -
> ............. +Elizabeth Eggleston

William Wyatt, b. ca. 1713 at Virginia

Spouse: Elizabeth Eggleston, b. 22 Feb 1723 at James City County
VA, d. 13 Jun 1787 at Halifax County VA
Father: Joseph Eggleston, b. 1702
Mother: Anne Overton Pettus, b. 1702

Married 1733 at Caroline County VA.

And possibly one more?

> 1 John Wyatt 1684 - 1750
> .. +Jane Pamplin
> ......... 2 Richard Wyatt 1720 - 1803
> ......... *2nd Wife of Richard Wyatt:
> ............. +Amy Chiles 1733 - 1794
> .................... 3 William Streshley Wyatt 1775 - 1839
> .................... *2nd Wife of William Streshley Wyatt:
> ........................ +Susan Minnor

William Wyatt, b. 29 Aug 1775 at Caroline County VA

Spouse: Susan B Minor, b. 31 Oct 1786
Father: Vivian Minor, b. 4 Nov 1750 at Springfield, Caroline
County VA, d. 15 Oct 1798
Mother: Elizabeth Dick

Married 11 Nov 1813.

Known Children:

1 Mary Elizabeth Wyatt, b. 11 Sep 1814, m. John George Coleman,
30 Nov 1849
2 John Vivian Wyatt, b. 24 Sep 1816, m. Emuella B Doggett


My Mrs. is threatening to "cut the cord" if I don't get off here
and take more (ick) meds, and seeing as how this is getting pretty
long anyway, this might be a good time to cut it here and pick up

Have a Tuesday, Family! :-)

Cousin Allen

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