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Subject: [WYATT-L] Wyatt-Furth marriage.
Date: Sat, 9 May 1998 17:57:46 EDT

The information was provided by
Mary Ligon Solomon Eppes member
of the Magna Charta Dames. Our
Family Heritage by Minie Speer
Boone. And the Magna Charta Vol-
umes by John S. Wurts.
Henry de Bohun Earl of Hereford
and fifth in descent from Malcolm
III King of Scotland. Died on
pilgrimage to the HOLY LAND m: Maud
FitzGeoffrey de Mandeville descend-
ant of Roger and Hugh Bigod and
Geoffrey de Saye.
Humphrey de Bohun second Earl of
Hereford and Third Earl of Essex.
Ralph de Toni of Castle Maud M:
Alice Bohun.
Guy de Beauchamp Earl of Warwick
Geoffrey de Saye Second Baron Saye
m: Maud Beauchamp daughter of the Earl
Sir William Fiennes Sheriff of Su
rry and Sussex m: Elizabeth Batti-
James Fiennes 1st Lord Treasurer of
England m: Emmaline Cromer of Willi
William Cromer m: Katherine Cantelope
William Finch m: Elizabeth Cromer.
Sir Thomas Finch m: Catherine Moyle
George Wyatt/Wiatt m: Jane Finch
Reverend Haute Wyatt/Wiatt m: Lady
Jane Furth.
John Wyatt/Wiatt m: Jane Guilford
John Wyatt/Wiatt m: Mary
William Wyatt/Wiatt m: Rebekah Eivans
John Wyatt/Wiatt m: Rachel Callaway
Joseph Oates m:Elizabeth Wyatt/Wiatt
James Oates m: Sarah Clayton
James Oates m: Mary Ann Wyatt/Wiatt
Stephen Oates m:Elizabeth Ann Shipp
she came to Alabama with her remain
ing children John Charles,Ann M.
Henderson,Emeline, Ephriam, Elizabeth,
Eliza Jane and Fannie
Ephriam Oates m: Mary Ann Ward
Melinda Oates m: Thomas Carey
Ligon Thomas Solomon m: Daisy
Mary Ligon Solomon m: Jullian
Walker Eppes
Here is where our family connects
Dr. Wyatt Stephen Oates m: Martha
Alice Reynolds
Walter Bragg Oates m: Mayme Eliz-
abeth Solomon
Walter Neil Oates m: Anna Mabel
Miriam G. Oates m: Jacob L.Bate-
man Jr.
Charles M. Bateman 1m:Katherine Sears Weisinger
2m: Rebecca Ann Powell 3m: Margaret Hand Pickett
Michael, Stephen and Matthew's mother is Beckey
Jacob Michael Bateman m: Margarita
Elana Alvarado
Megan Elana Bateman
Stephen John Bateman
Samuel Matthew Mckinley Bateman
Jacob L. Bateman III
Miriam Alice Bateman m: John S.
Alice Neil Oates m: Howard William
Howard William Wells Jr. m:Karen Muller
Elizabeth Ann Wells, Katie Wells,
Laura Wells, Hannah Wells,
Douglas Stephen Wells 1m: Cindy
Covington one child Jennifer Marie
Wells m. Theodore Person 2m: Cathy Crisp
children Emily Regan Wells, and
William Douglas Wells
Neil Sterling Wells m: Lynn Childs
Brian Sterling Wells 2m: Cindy
Melanie Ann Wells m: Steve Coffey
Jessica Elise Wells
Jonathon David Wells m; Pam Fisher
Avary Wells
Amy Elizabeth Wells m:David Leonard
Conner Ross Wells
James Edward Oates m: Alice D. Harper
John Harper Oates(1882-1966) m:
Lillie Mae Stokes
Mary Oates(1885-1961)m Howard Ray Hodges
John Charles Oates(Serptember1857-October1857)
Mr. Ramsey's line connects.
Ephriam Oates m: Mary Ann Ward
Mary Jane Margaret Oates m:Edgar Lindsey
Alice Olive Lindsey m: Alpheus Walter
Hilda Pearl Hawkins m:Joel Wardlaw Ramsey
Joel Wardlaw Ramsey m:Sharman Burson

Plantagenet Descendency of the Alabama
Oates/Wyatt Family.
Plantagenet Ancestry of Seventeenth Cent-
ury Colonists. The descent from the later
Plantagenet Kings of England Henry III,
Edward I,Edward II, Edward III of Emigrants
from England and Wales to the North American
Colonies before 1701 by David Faris first ed.
Edward I King of England m: Alianor of Castile.
Elizabeth of England m: Humphfrey de Bohun
Earl of Hereford and Essex
Hugh de Courtney m: Margaret de Bohun
John de Cobham m: Margaret de Courtney
(John de Cobham summoned to Parliament
One of the Lord Appellents who impeached
de la Pole, and de Veer, and Others. The
King's favorite was impeached at Shrew
sbury and condemned to be hanged, but was
pardoned). John de la Pole m: Joan Cobham
Reynold Braybrooke m:Joan de la Pole
Thomas Brooke m: Joan Braybrooke
Edward Brooke m:Elizabeth Tuchet(also of
Magna Charta surety and descendent of
John Brooke m:Margaret Neville(also a
descendent of Edward I)
Thomas Brooke m: Dorothy Heydon
Thomas Wyatt/Wiatt m: Elizabeth Brooke
Thomas Wyatt/Wiatt m: Jane Haute
George Wyatt/Wiatt m: Jane Finch
From here we connect with the lineage
to the left. Information from the Wyatt's
of Virginia.
The Wyatt family has a fascinating history.
The Reverend Haute Wyatt was one of the
first ministers at Jamestown. He came to
Virginia in 1621 aboard the George with his
brother Francis the newly appointed Governor
of Virginia. They arrived at Jamestown in the
fall of that year.
Their ancestors were greatly involved in
English history. Henry Wiatt fahter of Thomas
Wiatt who married Elizabeth Brooke is said by
historians to have been the most beloved man
in England. He was very close to Henry Tudor
later Henry VII with whom he attended Eton, a
matter whiich greatly disturbed Richard III
who feared Tudor connection with the wealthy
much loved Wiatt. For this reason Richard III
had Wyatt imprisoned in a tower in Scotland,
where he was required to wear instruments of
torture during the imprisonment. Denied of
clothing, enough to keep warm and food emough
to survive, a cat named Acatar brough him a
pigeon daily which kept him alive.
After the Battle of Bosworthfield and the
death of Richard III. Henry Wiatt was freed
by his friend Henry Tudor and knighted.
Lands and great wealth were his and he became
the guardian of Tudor's son the future Henry
Henry VIII. He became Master of the King's
Jewels and Treasurer of the King's Chamber
Allington Castle is the ancestral home of
the Wyatt family and cats are welcome.
Son, THomas( who married Elizabeth Brooke
was known as the poet. According to the auth-
or of the Wyatt's of Virginia. He was undou-
btedly the leader and acknowldged masters of
the company of courtly makers who during the
reign of Henry VII under Italian influence
transformed the charactor of English poetry.
The favor of Henry VIII continued and Thomas
Wyatt served as Ambassador to the Holy Roman
Emperor Charles V. He Allegedly had an affair
with Anne Boleyn prior to her marriage to Henry
VIII he was imprisoned in the Tower of London
in 1536, but was later released and knighted at
Thomas Wyatt Jr.son of the poet supported Mary
I at first, but her intent to marry Phillip II of
Spain concerned him. He was concerned that the
country would come under Spanish rule.
Considering it his duty to prevent the marriage
led a rebellion against the Queen from Allington
entered London and demanded that the Tower be
surrendered to him.
These demands roused the citizens of London to
come to the Queens defense.. He finally
surrendered was brought to trial and was executed.
His head was hung on the gallows beside Hyde Park.
The Oates line continued
Elizabeth Brooke's lineage
William the Conqueror m: Mati
lda of Flanders
Henry I m; Matilda of Scotland
Henry II m:Eleanor of Aquitaine
John m: Isabella of Angouleme
Edward I m:Eleanor of Castile
Edward II m:Isabella of France
Edward III m: Phillipa of
John of Gaunt m:Katherine de
Ralph Neville 1st Earl of West-
moreland m: Joan Beaufort
Edward Neville m: Katherine
John Brooke m: Margaret Neville
Thomas Brooke m: Dorothy Heydon
Sir Thomas Wyatt m: Elizabeth Brooke
The Oates family according to Minnie Speer Boone is of Danish origin
probably Anglisized from the Danish word Utz. The name appears in the Domesday
book,Ragman Rolls, and the Roll of Hundreds. In Cornwall they owned the great
castles of Perrin Sabolire and St.Agnes.The Oates family appeared first in
Warwick County Virginia in 1652 later becoming one of the first families to
move into what is now Halifax County Virginia.
James Oates married Elizabeth Eivans. He was a member of the General
Assembly and an attorney in Perquimans County North Carolina. Records state
" January Court 1696 was holden at ye house of Thomas Nichols, Perquimans
James Oates was present as the first time as an attorney. Court was held in
his home from 1694 til his death in 1703.
Alabama boasts an Oates as one of its heroes. Colonel William Calvin
Oates son of William Oates son of Stephen Oates and Elizabeth Ann Shipp. He
served as Colonel commanding the Fifteenth Alabama infantry, in the
Confederate Army leading his men at Little Round Top. There is a Family Tree
Maker site called the Descendents of Sir Henry Wiatt Earl of Norfolk. You can
contact the people who manage that site at . The Ramsey's
also have an online magazine Southern Styles www.southern-styles.com They also
can be reached at . My cousin Mary Ligon(Mrs. Julian Walker Epps)
is the author of the article. MagnaCharta Descendency of Wyatt/Oates family
of Alabama. And also the Plantagenet Descendency of Alabama's Wyatt/Oates
family of Alabama is taken from
The Plantagenet Ancestry of Seventeenth Century Colonists, descent from later
Plantagenet Kings of England, Henry III, Edward I, Edward II, and Edward III
of Emigrants from England and Wales to the North American Colonies before 1701
by David Faris. first edition. I am Going to apply for membership in the
Baronial Order of the Magna Charta Suereties, and because my line connects
with Edward Brooke who married Elizabeth Tuchet, who was a direct descendent
of Charlemagne this may also qualify me to join the Order of the Knights of
the Garter. When I get the xeroxed copies of these pages I will be able to
supply dates to these. Jacob L. Bateman III

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