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From: "Elaine Branham" <>
Subject: [WYATT-L] Fw: Where am I?
Date: Sun, 27 Sep 1998 11:41:08 -0400

I sent the following, in early Sept, to Jody Sizemore. Cleaning out my
"delete", I decided that maybe I should share it with you.

"Watching and waiting. Most of the following is somewhere in the
files... but this is my thinking at this point:

1. Moses Wiett and Elijah Witt of the 1830 Rhea Co, TN census were surely
....a. Moses is listed next to his father-in-law Martin Atchley whose
land was less than 3 miles, as the crow flies, from that parcel sold by
Elijah Wyatt to William Miller in 1833.
..b. By abt 1839 Elijah Wyatt was in Texas. This Elijah had a son, Edward
Jaspar/Jasper Wyatt, born in 1831 and reportedly born in Rhea Co, TN.
Elijah had another son, born to a second(?) marriage, in 1849, whom he
named Elijah Moses Wyatt.
...c. My Grt-Grt Grand, Moses Wyatt, died in a hunting accident in October
of either 1834 or 1838. I have a photo of the family Bible record. There
is a strike-over which makes it look like an 8, but I think I see a 4 over
a 3. The last child of my Moses and Martha Atchley Wyatt was born in April,
....d. At the time of his father's death my Grt Grand Martin Wesley Wyatt,
born in Oct, 1821, was 12 or 16. Martin Wesley Wyatt's uncle Miles Vernon
was a soldier on the Trail of Tears and returned home to organize a wagon
back to the Laclede Co, MO, area where Moses Wyatt's descendants
eventually settled sometime between 1839 and abt 1845. Martin Wesley and
Mahala Agee were married in Mo in Mar, 1848. Their oldest child, George
Washington Wyatt was born in Oct, 1849, somewhere in Texas. I have
entertained the possibility that Elijah was his father-figure and he may
have taken his bride and gone to Texas to see him.

2. Because of the Anderson Co, TN, court records I lean heavily toward
Edward Sr as the father of the above older Moses and Elijah.
....a. In 1814-19 it was "ordered by the court that Edward Wyatt (Sr) have
leave to administer on the Estates of Edward Wyatt Junr & James Leath
deceased who died in the service of the United States."
....b. In 1831 "Satisfactory evidence was adduced in court to prove that
Margaret Wyatt Wiett Samuel Wiett Joseph Wiett John Wiett William Wiett
Solamon Wiett Elijah Wiett Moses Wiett and Sarah Wiett are brothers and
sisters heirs at law in fee to Edward Wiett Jr, a late soldier in Capt
Hay's Co, 1st Rifles Reg. This was in pursuit of warranty land awarded in
Independence or Jackson Co, Ark... which area became part of White Co, rk,
created in 1835. In Katherine Christensen's "Arkansas Military Bounty
Grants War of 1812" there in an entry for Samuel Wiell brother and the
other heirs at law of Edward Wiell, Warrant Number 26,422, patent date 1832
and this entry is under White Co, Ark.
.c. Edward Wyatt (Sr), as a Rev War veteran, applied for a pension in 1832
while still living in Anderson Co. According to his application:
......1). He was born in Bucks Co, PA in 1755.
......2). He was living in Shenandoah Co, VA, when drafted in Jan, 1780,
when he began a 3 month tour under Capt Darby Downey.
........a). I did a little research on Darby Downey. Darby Downey, Jr, in
1842, in Shenandoah Co, married Lydia McInturff. In1787, in Shenandoah Co,
William Wyatt, son of Thomas, married Dorothy McInturff. In 1797, in
Carter Co, TN, Samuel Wyatt, son of Edward, married Christina McInturff.
Both brides were daughters of Christopher McInturff, born abt 1754 in PA.
In abt 1810, in Searcy Co., Ark, Deborah Wyatt, daughter of the above Wm
and Dorothy McInturff Wyatt, married David McInturff.
......b). This data was found in GENDEX. I tried to contact the submitter
but received no response.
....d. Edward Wyatt (Sr) was listed with Daniel White in Roane Co, TN, in
1840. He died Jan 1, 1843.

3. I am impressed with the fact that the last 3 children listed, probably
in order of birth, were Elijah, Moses, and Sarah. My Moses named his first
daugghtter Sarah Smith Wyatt. I have been unable to track down the other 7
children. There was a Samuel Wyatt, found later in Independence Co, Ark.
His roots seem to be in KY.

4. I am interested in finding someone in the Rhea/Meigs Co, TN to:
....a. Go through the "loose papers" in Probate. The land mentioned above
was in the area that Meigs Co in 1835. I have nothing official on Moses'
....b. Look for the appointment of guardians for the children.

5. Other than that, I am in touch with 2 descendants of Elijah.

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