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From: don perkins <>
Subject: Re: [WYATT-L] James Wyatt (1670 Va),Sons: James d.1787 John Wyatt b. abt 1732, g-son Jacob (1770-61)
Date: Fri, 12 Feb 1999 22:46:11 -0500

This is an interesting coincidence. My Wyatt line goes:
Samuel Wyatt, Sr. (b. about 1755) Rev.War Vet. N.C. Militia. Think
father's name is John. Sam's ch.: Sam,William,Thomas, Sarah.,Susannah,
Elizabeth, James, John, Frances, Lucy, Lydia, Vincent, Rebecca, Martha,
Mary and possibly Rhoda.
Vincent Wyatt (b. 1794) Tennessee
Samuel B. Wyatt (b.1826)Ky.
Jesse W. Wyatt (b.1852)Ky.
William B. Wyatt (b1875)Ky.
Sophia Gladys Wyatt (b.1908)Ky.
Don Campbell Perkins (b. 1928)Oh.

On Thu, 11 Feb 1999 02:51:38 -0600 (Pat Welch)
>I am positive I belong to this family, just need a little help to make
>correct connection. Have wills, deeds, etc to establish relationship.
> This
>is what I have,
>which may contain errors. Want to compare it with what you have. I
>know I
>can link James Wyatt (b ca 1670 Va) further back to. Please help. I
>this is a large genealogy. You all probably went through this.
>Think my line goes:
>James Wyatt (1670 Va)
>John Wyatt 1732)Lived to age 99 (soldier in patriot army)
>Samuel Wyatt (1773)War of 1812- Bounty land in Dallas Co. Ar abt 1849
>Jesse Wyatt 1818 (John Jesse?)
>Sarah Ann Wyatt (abt 1840)
>Probably Wesley Welch descendent)killed Civil War married Sarah
>Alonzo (Lonnie) Welch (WWI)
>Everett Welch
>Patricia Welch
>JAMES WYATT, B. Ca 1670 Va., removed to Edgecombe N.C. James WYATT to
>Jones, ll/18/1760, 137 acres, ...Jacob WYATT, Absalom PAULS, NATHANIEL
>WHITEHEAD. LWT Dt 2/10/1784, Pvd 2/1785 Halifax Co., N.C. WB326, P.
>bequeathing to son JOHN, use of plantation; bequeathing to g-son,
>JACOB, son
>of JOHN, all personalty between sons JAMES and JOHN.
>Son # 1 JAMES WYATT, d. 5/1787 Halifax Co., N.C., WB 370, p. 129, dtd
>2/16/1787, naming
>wife, SARAH______, and issue: JAMES: ;CHRISTIAN; SARAH; ELIZABETH,
>latter not age 21.
>Son # 2 JOHN WYATT(will in Henry Co., Ga. b. abt 1732, died Heard Co.,
>l. Samuel Wyatt b. abt 1793 Ga. (if mine possibley married Sarah
>in 1808
> in Jasper Co., Ga., m2) Elizbeth Jackson in Georgia m 3)Mary
>Lawrence in
> Co., Tex about 1849.
> Children by lst Marriage:
> John J. Wyatt b. abt 1818 Ga m. Mary_____, Issue: M. (dau, 1847)
>and W.
>(son 1848)
> Joshua b. 1814; Samuel b. 1820 m. Elizabeth ____; William b. 1831,
> And F. M. Wyatt (son b. 1829 Ga).
> There are Wyatts and Jacksons in the Jacson Cemetery, Heard Co.
>Also is Zach
> Wyatt and wife JoAnn Del--see Zach below. Assume these Jackson's
>related to Jackson
> wife of Samuel.
>2. John P. WYATT m. 20 May Matilda (McBee???sp)
> Listed in records: in will of Rachel McBee?sp?? as
> Listed with Lawrenc WYATT as guardian of Wm Wyatts son Jesse J.
>and dumb)
> Listed with Eliz BLEDSOE guardian for Eliz BLEDSOE 1831 (She
> Listed as guardin of Wm's orphaned children
> Wxecutor John Wyatt will.
> (Eliz Bledsoe and husband John H. Wyatt moved with Samuel to
>Dallas Co.
> because of bounty land warrent issued to Samuel Wyatt serving in
>War of
>1812 &
> returned home to Jasper, Monticello by 1812.)Who were the parents
>JOHN H. WYATT b. abt 1810)who married Elizabeth BLEDSOE in Henry
>Ga and moved to Dallas Co by. 1850, a son of Samuel????
>3. Zachariah Wyatt, b. 1815 m `9 Nov `824 JoAnn Delamar b. S.C.,
>Buried in
> Cemetery, Heard Co. Ga
>4. Sarah married Samuel Lindsey
>5. Louisa married John Shadrick 30 Jan 1837, probably had other
>6. Willima Wyatt d. 28 Sep 1830- left orphaned children info in Henry
>Ga., wills etc. Jesse J (deaf and dumb); Samuel A; Sames B;
>Ezekiel and 6) Wesley C.
>7. George Wyatt - in records "convicted of gambling"
>I cant tell who the father of DANIEL WYATT was, but is grandson of
>he was born abt 1700 d. 1776, Married Mary______. His Children were
>Rhoda, and
>Jesse. Jesse's children wereBessie, Sookie, and THOMAS B> WYATT b
>wife Nancy.
>Children were: Susanna BURGESS, Martha MOORE, Theresa MOOre, Joseph,
>Lucy Gay Wyatt and Thomas M. Wyatt.
>THOMAS M. WYATT married Nancy WOOTEN Children were John W. WYATT
>DeGraffenreid Tabitha and WILLIAM H. WYATT (adm. for Wm WYATT d. 23
>1830; William H. Wyatt with Lewis Farguson who married Mary Yatt 11
>Feb 1827
>Henry co.)
>William H. WYATT married Cynthia Wimhrey, widow of John Christian. On
>records withe Wm. H, John P. and Samuel Wyatt, Watson Upchurch re
>children of William, children mentioned above. Wm. H. Wyatt on list
>persons estate of Rachel Maybe (sp?)
>sold to Wm Wyatt and Travey G. BLEDSOE(went to Texas with Jesse and
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