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From: Susan Wyatt <>
Date: Sun, 07 Mar 1999 16:06:17 -0800

The following was obtained from Family Tree Maker, Volume 3, Tree No.


Abraham WYATT, Sr., born in the early to mid-1700s in England. Wife


Abraham WYATT, Jr. (Abraham 1) b. 1762 in South Carolina. Married
Lavina MASENGALE (b. abt 1760, d. abt 1830 in Perry County, TN),
daughter of Abraham MASENGALE and Unity _____.

"Abraham, according to information obtained by H. Willis Goldston of
Odessa, TX, (discovered through LDS search), served in the Continental
Army [Revolutionary War], entering service at the age of 13 in 1775. He
married Lavina Masengale and had 15 children. He is mentioned in the
book 'HISTORY OF TEXAS, Supplemented with Biographical Mention of Many
Families of the State - Central Texas, Volume 1' published by The Lewis
Publishing Company, Chicago, 1896.

"All birth and death dates for children, and their spouses, was (sic)
provided by Willis Goldston.

"There is an Abraham Wyatt listed in the 1820 Tennessee Census, Perry
County, with 2 males under age 10, three ages 16-26; one 45 or over, two
females under 10; one female 10-16' one female 26-45.

"Abraham Wyatt appears in South Carolina -- Spartanburg area -- census,
1800, with children that fit the right ages. Also on that pafe is
Susannah Wyatt, Isham and Zach. Wyatt.

"Abraham's descendants also collaborated by Lecil Brown, second cousin
of Jethro T. Wyatt.

"Notes for Lavina Masengale:
birth and death dates are approximate and were provided by Willis
Goldston, Odessa, TX.

"All Masengale lineage information was also provided by Willis Goldston,
Odessa, TX, from a fellow researcher he discovered, named Lucille Tilton
of St. David, Arizona. Documentation was not provided with the

Children of Abraham and Lavina:
1. Nancy Wyatt, b. 1779-1808, m. Amos COLLIER
2. Lavina Wyatt, b. 1779-1808, m. Moses COLLIER
3. John Wyatt, b. abt 1780, m. Mary J. MURPHY (There is a John Wyatt
in the 1820 Tenn
Census that has five males under age 10; one male age 26-45; one
female age 16-26)
4. Abraham Wyatt, b. 1785, South Carolina, m. Sarah McCORMACK
5. Susan Wyatt, b. 1789, South Carolina, m. George MARTIN
6. Daniel Wyatt, b. 1789, South Carolina, d. 1869, Decatur Co., TN, m.
7. Sarah Wyatt, b. 1793, m. Daniel MURPHY
8. Solomon Wyatt, b. May 23, 1794, Decatur Co., TN, d. Feb. 26, 1860,
Gardner Cem.,
Decatur, TN, m. Mary McCLANAHAN
9. Absalom Wyatt, b. 1796, South Carolina (See 3rd generation)
10. Samuel Wyatt, b. 1798, South Carolina (See 3rd generation)
11. Isham Wyatt, b. June 27, 1799, South Carolina, d. Aug 22, 1827, TN;
m. Mary MURPHY
12. Elizabeth Wyatt, b. 1802, South Carolina, m. Isaac BESHEARS
13. Margaret Martha Wyatt, b. 1803, South Carolina (see 3rd generation)

14. William Wyatt, b. 1807, TN, m. Mary BRASHEARS
15. Reuben Warren Wyatt, b. Aug. 2, 1808, Stewart Co., TN; d. Dec. 26,
1884, Ivanhoe, Fannin
Co., TX; buried in Bettes Cemetery (see 3rd generation)


Abraham WYATT (Abraham 2, Abraham 1) b. 1796 in South Carolina, married
Sarah HENLEY, parents unknown, who, tradition says, may have been

Children of Abraham and Sarah:
1. Robert Matthew Wyatt, b. 1830, Perry Co., TN (see 4th generation)
2. Elizabeth Wyatt, b. 1831, TN
3. James Wyatt, b. 1833, TN
4. Solomon Wyatt, b. 1835, TN
5. William Wyatt, b. 1837, TN
6. Yancy Wyatt, b. 1840, TN

Samuel WYATT 3 (Abraham 2, Abraham 1) b. 1798 in South Carolina.
Married Mary Anne "Polly" JOHNSON, b. 1803 in South Carolina, parents
unknown. There is a Samuel Wyatt listed in the 1820 Tennessee census,
in a household with only a male between the ages of 26-45 and a female
between the ages of 16-26.

Children of Samuel and "Polly" Wyatt:
1. A. Wyatt, b. 1825, TN
2. Joseph Wyatt, b. 1828, d. 1884, Fannin Co., TX (see 4th
3. Nancy Wyatt, b. 1830, TN
4. Rebecca Wyatt, b. 1832, TN
5. Richard Wyatt, b. 1833, TN
6. Mary Wyatt, b. 1836, TN
7. Abraham Wyatt, b. Oct. 21, 1837, Mississippi; d. June 27, 1894,
Mena, Polk Co., Arkansas;
married Martha Evaline WYATT (his first cousin, the daughter of
his Uncle Reuben and Aunt
Mary Ellen Wyatt), Mar. 12, 1858, Coffeyville, Upshur Co., TX
8. E. A. Wyatt, b. 1842

Margaret Martha Wyatt (Abraham 2, Abraham 1) was born 1803 in South
Carolina. Married William Thomas LOYD in 1824 in Perry County, TN.

Children of Margaret Wyatt and William Loyd:
1. Simpson Loyd, b. Jan. 8, 1825, Perry Co., TN. m. Olive JACKSON,
Mar. 24, 1850, Upshur
Co., TX
2. Jemima Loyd, b. 1828, Wayne Co. TN, d. 1895, Lockhart, Caldwell Co.
TX (see 4th gen.)
3. John Loyd, b. 1831, TN
4. Vincent Loyd, b. 1833, TN;, m. Martha _______. In the 1870 census
of Upshur Co., TX,
Vincent was 36, his wife Martha was 27. They had 6 children.
Source: Willis Goldston
5. William Armstrong Loyd, b. Jul. 29, 1836, TN; d. Oct. 14, 1900,
Gilmer, Upshur Co., TX;
m. Elizabeth Catherine CHILDRESS, June 27, 1862, Coffeyville,
Upshur Co., TX
6. Lavina Loyd, b. 1838, Arkansas
7. Martha Loyd, b. 1840, Missouri

Reuben Warren Wyatt (Abraham 2, Abraham 1) was born in Aug. 2, 1808 in
Stewart Co., TN, and died Dec. 26, 1884 in Ivanhoe, Fannin Co., TX. He
is buried there in Bettes Cemetery. He married (1) Mary Ellen
__________ in 1829 in Stewart Co., TN, and married (2) Sarah E. WEAVER
on Feb. 7, 1870 in Fannin Co., TX.

Children of Reuben and Mary Ellen ____ Wyatt:
1. William D. Wyatt, b. 1830, TN
2. James C. Wyatt, b. 1833, TN
3. Serena Jane Wyatt, b. 1834, TN; d. April 10, 1880, Comanche Co.,
TX; buried in Deleon
Cemetery. (see 4th generation)
4. Rachel Wyatt, b. 1847, TN
5. Nancy S. Wyatt, b. 1839, DeSoto City, Mississippi
6. Martha Evaline Wyatt, b. Jan 26, 1842, DeSoto City, MS; d. July 14,
1912, Sterling City,
Sterling County, TX, m. Abraham WYATT (her cousin, the son of her
uncle Samuel and
Aunt Polly Wyatt) March 12, 1858 in Coffeyville, Upshur Co., TX
7. Reuben Henry Wyatt, b. 1845 in DeSoto City, MS
8. Susan Frances Wyatt, b. 1848, DeSoto City, MS
9. Annie E. Wyatt, b. 1850, DeSoto City, MS
10. John W. Wyatt, b. 1852, DeSoto City, MS
11. George W. Wyatt, b. 1854, DeSoto City, MS
12. Texas Adeline Wyatt, b. 1857, Upshur County, Texas; d. 1927,
Jackson County, Oklahoma;
buried in Warren Cemetery

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