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Subject: [WYATT-L] Edward Wyatt - Sarah Smith
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 1999 10:07:31 -0400

Thanks for the input. I'm not sure how it fits in with my Edward. Most
of the data I have on my Edward post-dates your referred to Edwards.
By way of review:
My Edward, now virtually confirmed to be the father of my Moses
Wiett/Wyatt, died in 1843 in Roane Co, TN. He had applied for RW pension in
1832, the application stating that at the time of 2 enlistments in 1780 he
lived in Shenandoah Co, VA, , and served under Darby Downey. The latter
("Darby Dorony" on the following referred-to printed list), Samuel and
William and Joseph Smith, Christopher McInturff (whose descendents
intermarried with Wyatts and Downeys), and Edward and John Wiatt are all on
the 1785 Shenandoah Co list of John Anderson (# 11 of 16 in the
book by Wayland) which shows the heads of families living in his area (west
of Shenandoah River but east of the mountains and now in Shenandoah Co, VA).
In 1831, in the Anderson Co, TN, court minutes, the siblings of Edward
Wiett, Jr are listed (probably in birth order as was the custom then), the
last 3 being Elijah, Moses, and Sarah. In the same county, back in 1815,
Edward is asking permission to serve as administrator of the estates of
Edward Wiett Jr and James Leath. Both had died in the service of their
country - War of 1812. Edward, Jr, had enlisted July 2, 1813, in Knox Co,
TN. and died Nov 19 of that same year
in Newark.
In Rhea Co (later Meigs Co), TN, just down the river from Anderson Co, in
the late 1820's and early 1830's, I find my Moses Wiett... and an Elijah
Wiett less than 3 miles away. This statement is based on a knowledge of the
locations of land owned by Elijah Wiett and land owned, at that time, by
Moses' father-in-law Martin Atchley. I trust that Moses lived on his
father-in-law's land since they are listed one after the other in the 1830
census and there is no record of Moses having any land of his own. Moses
died in 1833 (not 1838 as many references state).
"9 Jan 1807 Power of Attorney by Edward Wyatt and wife Sarah of Anderson
Co, TN, late Sarah Smith, daughter of Samuel Smith, brother to William Smith
of Shenandoah Co, VA to friend William Smith of Bath to handle any
inheritance from William Smith of Shenandoah. Executed in TN." is on record
in Morton's book on Bath County, VA. ("Late" probably meant "former"
here... in the 1830 Anderson Co census Edward is 70-80 with wife 60-70.
"Friend" meant "lawyer"... may or may not have been related). Knowing that
in the Moses Wyatt Family Bible his oldest daughter's name is Sarah Smith
Wyatt and telling myself that she was possibly named for her grandmother
Wyatt, I looked for years for ANYTHING that would say Sarah Smith, wife of
Edward Wyatt... and it arrived through the Wyatt-L, neatly wrapped and tied,
this past Sunday.
At this point I am thinking that the Edward Wyatt who married Ann Gordon
in Shenandoah Co in 1791 may have been a son of John Wiatt. The above John
was probably brother of my Edward. An April 4, 1833, amendment to the RW
pension appl of Edward Wyatt states that he was born Jan 3, 1755, in Bucks
Co, PA.and has record of his age in a book called "Aristotles Masterpiece".
(Wouldn't it be great to find someone else whose birth date was recorded in
the same book?) Edward probably did not have a son old enough to get
married in 1791.
Recent info via E-Mail indicates that John's wife was also a Gordon...
and that they settled later in Franklin Co, VA.
Jody, are these Wyatts linked to Thomas of Loudon... or are we "fishing"?
It really would be nice to get back farther. Any help is deeply

Elaine Wyatt Branham

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