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From: Susan Wyatt <>
Subject: [WYATT-L] the WYATT Family of Mississippi
Date: Thu, 08 Jun 2000 12:37:30 -0700

WYATT family of Mississippi

Surnames: Wyatt, Wiatt, Van Zandt, Vanzandt, Bradley, Finney,
Shores, Burch, Snell, Munro, Campbell, Battalora (Battalona?),
Bush, Jones, Wicht, Mills, Rogers, Windham, Thigpen, Chiswell

The following entries were found in the WYATT Family Bible now in
the possession of David Wyatt of Georgia, son of Robert Wyatt and
Ruth Finney. (The Family Founder, Thomas P. WIATT/WYATT, M.D.,
was born in Virginia and came to Mississippi sometime before
1843. There he is said to have married REBECCA SNELL with whom he
had at least six children. Their son, John E. WIATT/WYATT (he
spelled his name both ways) married Maggie A. BRADLEY (see below)
and had several children, among whom was Walter Alba WYATT.
Walter married Mary "Tiny" VAN ZANDT (see below) and they had
several children. Among them was my husband's father, John
Burnett WYATT and David's father, Robert Winston WYATT. The
entries end with John and Robert's generation. The Bible entries
are made in several hands, one an elegant Victorian style script,
one a larger and cruder hand, and a couple of other more modern
hands which are neat and literate. The name WYATT is spelled both
WYATT and WIATT, with the WIATT spellings being in the older,
Victorian hand and in the large, crude hand. The pages are
difficult to read as they were water-soaked during Hurricane
Chloe a few years back. However, most information has been
confirmed from other sources, including Mississippi birth, death
and marriage records; tombstones; county histories; birth and
death certificates, etc.)

Around the margins of the page is a fancy vine and leaf pattern.
At the top of the page is a drawing of a wedding scene, the
participants of which are dressed in a style like that worn in
the late Civil War era. The artist is "E. Sears." Above the scene
are the words, "What God hath joined together, let not Man put
asunder." Below the picture is very ornate printed lettering
WAS CELEBRATED BETWEEN. . . Below that are the usual lines where
names may be entered, and on the lines are entered the following
bits of information in very nice script:

J.E. Wiatt of Meridian, Miss.
and Maggie A. Bradley of Ellisville, Miss.
on 12th of January 1883
(the handwriting looks more like 1888, but official records say
otherwise, and the writing
is severely faded)
at J. M. Bradley's [this is Col. James Marion Bradley, Jr.]
by Rev. C. (E.?) J. Taylor

Witness: not signed


Elegant script:
J. E. Wiatt was born on Dec. 12th 1849
Maggie Wiatt was born on Feb. 28th, 1857

T. P. Wiatt was born on Oct. 20th, 1876

Mary G. Wiatt was born on Nov. 24th, 1878

Walter A. Wiatt was born on Nov. 18th 1888

[note: The last three of these birth dates appear to be in
error. The three people listed
(T.P., Mary, and Walter) were all children of J.E. and
Maggie Wyatt, and that couple
did not get married until 1883. It does not seem likely that
they would have been
having children together in 1876, since they were active
Baptists. Other sources have
Mary born in 1883 and T. P. born in 1886. Also, Walter's
headstone says that he was
born in 1884, which agrees with a later entry in the Bible.
(see below, page 5:

entries continued:

Ruth Finney Wyatt born Nov. 29, 1910

Miss Tiny Wyatt was born May 25th 1890

Arther Howard Wyatt was born May 10, 1909
Robert Winston Wyatt was born Dec 19 1910
Lou Ethel Wyatt was born Oct 20 1913
John Burnett Wyatt was born June 8 1921
Mary Gorden Campbell Born July 26 1934 [Note: Mary is the
daughter of Lou Ethel


[Crude handwriting, possibly written by an elderly person]

J. E. Wiatt was borned Dec 12th 1849 Departed this life
August 6, 1923

W. A. Wyatt was borned Nov. 18th, departed this life Feb
17th 1933

Author Howard Wyatt was born May 10th 1909 Departed Nov 18th

Mrs Mary Wyatt Burch Jan 1945
[Note: Walter's wife, Mary Van Zandt, married a Mr. Burch
after Walter's death.]


W. A. Wyatt and Miss Tiny Vanzandt
Married July 26th
Robert Wyatt
Ruth Finney
married July 15
Lou Ethel Wyatt
Gorden Campbell
married Sept 4, 1932

Page 5: FAMILY REGISTER (this is a chart which has been
filled out)

Grandfather (father's side)
Walter Alba Wyatt, born Nov. 18 - 1884, died February 17,
1933 (49 y)

Grandmother (Father's side)
Mary Van Zandt, born Oct. 25, 1890, died Jan 5, 1945 (55 y)

Grandfather (mother's side)
David Purcell Finney, born Oct. 21, 1876, died oct 10, 1949
(73 y)

Grandmother (mother's side)
Emma L. Munro, born July 15, 1877, died Aug. 6, 1940 (63 y)

(date) July 15, 1933, married (where) Hattiesburg Miss
Robert Winston Wyatt, born December 19, 1910 at
Williamsburg, Miss.
Ruth Grace Finney, born November 29, 1910 at Jackson, Miss

page added to the printed pages]

Mrs. Maggie Wyatt -- grandmother of Robert Wyatt, Dec. 2,
Mrs. Lydia Munro Battalora [Battalona?] - Aunt of Ruth F.
Wyatt [no date given]
Mrs. C. E. Bush (Lena Shores) Dec. 4, 1950
Mr. Ed VanZandt (Uncle of Bob) Dec. 2 or 4, 1950
Mr. Bruce Van Zandt - (Uncle of Bob) Dec. 10, 1950
Harris C. Jones -------- Jan 18 - 1945 (Husband of Emma

[large gap on page, below which is:]

Wedding Date - David P. Finney & Emma L. Munro
March 11, 1901
Miriam Finney Wicht - Louis Wicht 1926
Emma Finney - Harris Jones 1928
Frances Finney - W. W. Mills Nov. 16, 1933
Ruth Finney - Robert Wyatt July 15 - 1933

There are no further entries in the Bible. We know that J.
E. WIATT/WYATT (who married Maggie BRADLEY) had a brother named
Thomas Chiswell "Chiz" WYATT, who was blinded in battle in the
Civil War and who married Eliza E. ROGERS; a sister named Sarah
A. WYATT who married David ROGERS; a sister named Rebecca
Virginia WYATT who married Jarred C. WINDHAM; a sister named
Melissa Ursula "Lissey"
WYATT who married Charles THIGPEN; and a sister named Lucy J.
WYATT. We have some information about Lissey's descendants, and
we know from the census that Chiz had a daughter named Anne, but
we have no other information about the family. If you can add
anything to our knowledge, we would love to hear from you!
Susan Wyatt

The WIATT / WYATT Family of Virginia
and Mississippi


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