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Subject: [WYATT-L] Fw: Hannah Wyatt/Sir Dudley Wyatt
Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2001 21:25:23 -0700

Subject: Hannah Wyatt/Sir Dudley Wyatt

I am trying to sort out the family affiliation of Hannah Wyatt. Hannah was purportedly born in Kent, England, circa 1625. She married John Clarke, son of Sir John Clarke of Wrotham, Kent, England, and Elizabeth Steed (daughter of Sir William Steed).

In "Adventurers of Purse and Person Virginia 1607-1625", page 374:

"He (Edward Wyatt, son of Haute Wyatt), is mentioned, 23, April 1646, as administrator of the estate of John Clarke of York County and represented his widow Hannah Clarke in 1652."

According to "The Compendium of American Genealogy" Vol. VI, Lineage Records:

Listed under JOHN CLARK: "Eng. to Jamestown, Va; m ca. 1620 Hannah, dau. Sir Dudley Wyatt, Kt. (d.post 1650, his will recorded 25 April 1651 in secretary's office, James City, Va., in which he leaves legacy to dau. Mrs. Hannah Clark)."

"Virginia Vital Records#1, 1600-1800":

"Hannah Clarke, (doubtless ther widow of John Clarke dece'd) as the executrix of Sir Dudley Wyatt, whose will dated 29th March 1650, was recorded at Jamestown 25 September 1651, and devises land near the "Middle Plantation" to her."

There are further records that show a relationship between Hannah Wyatt Clarke and various Wyatts in Virginia. Now, I know that this is a bit beyond the scope of the Medieval time period, but I am hoping to find a link from Hannah back to her English roots. From what I have found, there is a connection with Sir Dudley Wyatt (who had served in the Army of Charles I, according to "Clarendon's History"), Edward Wyatt, and Sir Francis Wyatt.

Any help would be appreciated!!!

Cheers, Barb Barbara Dunn Chandler....a descendant of Warham Horsmanden...Bell Canyon, CA, USA

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