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From: "Gloria Jean Husk" <>
Subject: [WYATT-L] Re: Samuel Wyatt, Sr. b: ca 1755 in Virginia
Date: Sat, 15 Mar 2003 19:22:44 -0500
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THANKS a lot Don,
All info I have was passed on to me years ago and it quite well could be
wrong I just added what I was given
and in an up grade a year or so ago I lost all records I kept in my e-mail.
I now save the more important things to the family file notes.
below is a list of all I had in the file before then. I have just recently
rejoined the Wyatt List to further my search
for corrections & or the truth if it is out there.
>From the Whitley County Kentucky 1818-1993 History & Families:

Samuel Wyatt, Sr. was born ca 1755 in Virginia, came to
Kentucky via North Carolina and Tennessee, and was first registered on Knox
County, KY, tax lists in 1805, along with a Thomas Wyatt. Isham and James
Wyatt show up on the Knox County tax lists as early as 1803, but their
relationship to Samuel is unknown.
Samuel served in the Revolutionary War as evidenced by North
Carolina Specie Certificate #603 of record June 12, 1783. He settled in
Greene County TN for a while before removing to Knox County. Family
tradition holds that Samuel was a descendant of Sir Francis Wyatt, first
governor of Virginia.
Samuel Wyatt built a Grist Mill in Knox County and also drilled
wells for salt extraction. His mill was located on Brush Creek in 1814, in
Knox County. He also operated a still.
He married Rebecca Bennett, daughter of John Bennett who also
served in the Revolutionary War for North Carolina, receiving North Carolina
Specie Certificate #607 of record June 12 1783. John settled in Greene
County, TN.
The following is from The Tracks by Mrs. Elizabeth Masterson. The source is
Suits, box #65, Knox County Circuit Court Clerks Office.

The commonwealth of Ky. to the Sheriff of Knox County Greetings: We command
you to summons Franklin Ballinger, administrator of the estate of Samuel
Wyatt, deceased, and Isaac Wyatt, Betsy Wyatt, Thomas G. Eve;John Wyatt,
Vincent Wyatt; William Wyatt; James Coffet and Sally Coffett, his wife, late
Sally Wyatt; Isaac Stewart and Elizabeth, his wife, late Elizabeth Wyatt,
George Griffith and Rebecca, his wife, late Rebecca Wyatt; William Hicky and
Patsy his wife, late Patsy Wyatt, John Lynch and Lucy, his wife, late Lucy
Wyatt, Susanna Coffet(widow) late Susannah Wyatt, Valentine Gibson and
Polly, his wife, late Polly Wyatt; Thomas Bailey and Frances, his Wife, late
Francis Wyatt; and Samuel Wyatt; and Samuel gibson and Rebecca his wife;
Children and heirs of Samuel Wyatt (????)deceased; and Davis Wyatt, Same
Coffet and Rebecca his wife; Samuel Wyatt, Thomas Wyatt; Catherine Wyatt;
and Polly Wyatt; Fanny Wyatt(an infant) Susannah Wyatt;(an infant; Patsy
Wyatt(an infant)' Benjamin Wyatt(an infant), James Wyatt(an infant);children
theirs of Thomas Wyatt deceased; and Vincent Morris, an infant; Hannah
Morris and infant; Fanny Morris an infant; Lydia Morris, an infant and Julia
Ann Morris an infant, children and heirs of Lydia Morris, deceased at Lydia
Wyatt------heirs and representatives of the said Samuel Wyatt. The above
were to answer a bill in chancery to be exhibited against them by Rebecca
Wyatt; complaint dated October 5, 1835. Rebecca Wyatt stated as follows:
That she is the wife and is now the widow of Samuel Wyatt, deceased, who
departed this life at his residence in the county of Knox in the month of
July last, intestate, and administration upon his estate has been granted by
the Know County Court to Franklin Ballinger, Esq.. She states that her
husbands estate consisted of 290 acres of land on the Cumberland River in
the County of Knox where her husband lived and died. Also 5 slaves, one a
man and the others a woman and 2 children and an old woman of little value;
personal property and money. She states that the many named persons above
are her children and grandchildren. She further states that her husband,
the said Samuel Wyatt, for some time before his death, was not only weak in
body but from old age and other causes, was infeebled in mind and was, in
act, almost entirely deranged, so much so, that he was found a lunatic
before his death by regular inquisition in the Knox Circuit Court by a
Committee was appointed to take charge of his estate and person. The record
of this proceeding, which took place at the last June term, is refereed to
as an exhibit. She stated that for some time before the inquisition a
foresaid, the old mans state of mind was as aforesaid and it was to her , on
many accounts, the most painful period of her life but it was particularly
sad on account of a cross and ill natured feeling the old man seemed to
imbibe for herself. To appease this feeling, she agree with him that they
should live separate and a contract was entered into whereby she was to have
a separate maintenance of $80 a year paid to her during her life for that
purpose and her son James Wyatt, was made a trustee to receive said money
and he consented to the trust.
The said contract reduced to writing and bearing date, ???? of January,
1835, signed by all the parties, is here exhibited. From the date on this
contract until the death of her said husband, she lived part of the time
with him and part of the time with her son James, the trustee. She has no
doubt he was incompetent by reason of imbecility of the mind to make said
contract, and she has no wish to claim any benefit under the same, and she
desires the decree of the curt vacating and annulling said contract as if it
had never been entered into. All she desires from the estate is her dower,
The following suit was also found in old records--box #119, Knox County
Circuit Court Clerks office. Plaintiffs; Elizabeth Wyatt; Fanny Wyatt;
Susan Wyatt; Thomas J Baughman; Robert Hays and W.L. Tolbert, administrators
of the estate of John Hays, deceased and Polly Wyatt. Defendants: James
Wyatt, Samuel Wyatt, Thomas Wyatt; Davis Wyatt, Samuel Coffet, Rebecca
Coffet, his wife, late Rebecca Wyatt, Chaplin Wyatt, Letitia Wyatt, heirs at
law of Catharine Wyatt, and infants. The plaintiffs state that Thomas Wyatt
died at Knox County, making and publishing a will which was never admitted
to record. They believe the terms of the will devised all of his land in
Know County, Ky. lying of Cumberland River and consisting of about 250
acres, to his wife Polly Wyatt; during her life and upon her death be
equally divided amongst all of his children. That the said Polly Wyatt,
widow, and children, lived upon the land several years after her husbands
death and enjoyed it under said will and up to the time of her death.
Sometime during he year 1851; they state that the said Thomas Wyatt, at the
time of his death left the following children and heirs (is);Elizabeth,
Fanny, Susan, Martha Patsy, Benjamin, Catharine, James, Thomas, Samuel,
Davis, Rebecca and Polly. That the said Rebecca since the death of the
testate, intermarried with a certain Samuel Coffet and they are resident of
Missouri. The said Catharine never married, but left Chaplin and Letitia
Wyatt, her heirs, being her illegitimate offspring who are now living; she
having died in Knox County, Ky. intestate that the said Benjamin Wyatt sold
and conveyed his interest in the lands of his father to Thomas J. Baughman
for a valuable consideration. Taht the said Martha intermarried with Hugh
Broughton and Patsy(Martha) having arrive at full age, conveyed her interest
to James Hays. That the said James Hays departed this life intestate, and
the plaintiffs, Robert Hays and W.L. Tolbert were appointed his
administrators. That the will of said Thomas Wyatt is lost and cannot be
found. The plaintiffs state that they own six twelfths of the estate
aforesaid and that all of the heirs of said Thomas Wyatt, deceased, except
???????and the infant heirs of the said Catherine are non-residents of the
Commonwealth of KY.
This William Wyatt and his brother James Wyatt were children of John Wyatt
and Mary Francis Stewart who married 28 Feb 1810 in Knox or Whitley Co Ky.
John was the son of Samuel Wyatt born about 1755 Va and Rebecca Bennett,
daughter of John Bennett and Rachel Arendell of Greene Co Tn. Mary Francis
was the daughter of Alexander Stewart and Catherine Sheets. Samuel died
before 1835 in Knox Co Ky and according to the Rev J J Dickey Diary, it took
15 yrs to settle his estate. While I am not related to this specific family,
I have gathered info on them for yrs trying to tie my gr gr grandfather
Edward Kaymon Wyatt with them. Family history from both sides says they
visited each other in the early days but so far, no connection has been
found. Were the two Gregory girls married to the two brothers sisters?

Thank you & Best Wishes
Gloria Jean (Powers) Husk, 114 Arizona Street, Carrabelle, Fl. 32322
Powers & Husk Families http://www.gloryway.com
My book: "Love Always:Glory's Way" search for Gloria Jean Powers.
Also check out my niece: Kelly Coberly Fanclub of Buckhannon, WVa.
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Sent: Saturday, March 15, 2003 12:08 PM
Subject: Re: [WYATT-L] Roll Call

Gloria: This is Don Perkins. My mother was Gladys Wyatt, d/o Wm. Burgess
Wyatt, s/o Jesse Walker Wyatt, s/o Samuel B. Wyatt, s/o Vincent Wyatt,
s/o Samuel Wyatt, Sr. and Rebecca Bennett, d/o John Bennett. We are of
the same stock! But long ago I tried to connect to Rowe Wyatt and could
not make it work.Here's why:

The Rowe Wyatt (1742/46/49-1804) I know of was the son of Francis Wyatt
(1717-1761) and Lucy Mary Rowe. I did not find a reference John Rowe
Wyatt. I am quoting the Genevieve E. Peters Collection, Vol.2, Indiana-
Kentucky and also HISTORY OF THE WYATT FAMILY, Aaron & Suzie Wyatt
Branch, compiled by Bob Wyatt. This makes Rowe Wyatt above too young to
be married and fathering Samuel Wyatt, Sr.(1755- 1835). Rowe did have a
son Samuel, but I'm afraid this Samuel wasn't ours. For that to be a
possibility, Rowe Wyatt's b-date would have to be back in the 1730's.
Having found nothing to the contrary, most historians have written off
that connection.Have seen all 3 b-dates given above so that and the
information from Jody and my cousin Olivia make it highly unlikely. I
really don't mean to upset you but it's better to face the truth than to
not know, especially if your descendants try to explore more. I'm coming
from the SAR & DAR proof requirements discipline, but in the 1700's
official records are hard to come by.

However, Jody Sizemore has received information on Samuel Wyatt that
makes sense when coupled with other facts that we know about Samuel
Wyatt, Sr.: Part of this comes from her family records in the History of
Henry County, In. and I think she said she had a letter from one of her
ors that tells about the captivity and recovery of Samuel Wyatt.
Jody says that her ancestors hand down the story from Ann Robinson, wife
of Edward Wyatt ( - 1786) of Lewisburg, Greenbrier Co., Va.-now
W.Va.)that a Samuel Wyatt,who was a cousin of said Edward Wyatt, was
recovered from Indians in the Kanawha River area nearby, about 1761, age
This Samuel Wyatt had been captured at age 2, by these Indians who
massacred the rest of the family. She thinks Samuel's father's name was
Edward's family had been trying since the massacred family was found to
find out what happened to Samuel. The slaughter of Samuel's family was
supposed to have happened about 1757, which ties into my family
information that Samuel Wyatt, Sr. was born in Va. about 1755. Samuel was
spotted living with this Indian tribe but retrieval attempts had always
been thwarted. Edward's family were afraid the Indians would kill him
before they could retrieve him. Jody says they finally arranged a
"friendly" trade meeting on a river and managed to snatch him out of the
Indian's canoe and get away! Jody also said that she believes Samuel was
spared because he defied the Indian who captured him with a pillow after
he was found hiding behind the front door of the cabin!

We place his marriage to Rebecca Bennett in Va. about 1775. Cousin Jerry
Coffelt (Koffelt History) says Samuel Wyatt became an Indian Fighter.I
also got the same from Baird Chamblis in a letter.

My Wyatt family records also show that Samuel Wyatt went to Greene Co.,
Tn. District of N.C. in 1783 where he was listed on the tax list. Prior
to that he was proven to have been in the N.C. Continental Line army with
his father in law, John Bennett. This John Bennett was proven by military
land grant to have been awarded 300 acres in Greene Co., Tn. District of
N.C. and is also listed on the 1783 tax list there. A Power of Attorney
from Samuel Wyatt, Sr. to his son William in Greeneville, Greene Co., Tn.
(formerly Tn. Dist. of N.C.) to recover Samuel's wife Rebecca's interest
in her father John Bennett's estate also proves the connection. Tn.
didn't become a state until 1796 and John Bennett died in 1808.

Two other facts tie Samuel Wyatt in the Tennessee Dist. of N.C.to
Greenbrier Co., Va.
He and his wife left Greene Co in 1786 to have their daughter Susannah
born in Greenbrier Co., Va.*
Two of Edward and Ann Robinson's daughters married my cousin Olivia
Perkins Brisbin"s Kincaid brothers in Lewisburg, Greenbrier, Va. and
moved to the Tn. District of N.C.(Martha Wyatt married Thomas Kincaid).
Olivia's Kincaid ancestors are from Tennessee and are traced back in her
Kincaid book.

*Greeneville is the seat of Greene Co., Tn. and when the area separated
from N.C. because N.C. wasn't protecting them from the Indians, it became
the capital of the new State of Franklin (1784-1788). N.C. continued to
try to collect taxes. Fighting occurred between settlers while Indian
attacks continued and it wasn' t a safe place to live, so Samuel took his
family back to Greenbrier for safety.The settlers factions destroyed most
records during that time.
I suspect John Bennett's family removed with the Wyatts because they
disappeared from the Greene Co., Tn. Tax lists too until about 1779,
after N.C. took the area back over and restored order. Samuel Wyatt, Sr.
also reappeared on the Greene Co., Tn. Dist. tax lists about that time.

Hope this clears some of the smoke away. We may be or not be relatives of
Haute Wyatt, but this gives us a path to look farther into the past.

Your cousin, Don Perkins.

On Thu, 13 Mar 2003 17:20:06 -0500 "Gloria Jean Husk"
<> writes:
> The Wyatt is from my grandmother MARTHA JANE (PRIVETTE) POWERS side
> of the
> family.
> There are to many to list:
> My Line To Privett , Morris & Wyatt
> William Wiat/Wyatt b:Abt. 1380
> Jane Bailif
> Geoffrey Wyatt b: 1408
> Anna Wayatt
> Richard Wyatt b: 1435
> Margaret Bailiffe
> Henry Sir Wyatt b: 1460
> Lady Anne Skinner
> Thomas Sir. Wyatt b: 1503 "The Poet"
> Elizabeth Brooke
> Thomas Sir. Wyatt b: 1520
> Lady Jane Haute
> George Sir. Wyatt b: 1550
> Lady Jane Finch
> Haute Rev. Wyatt b: June 04, 1595
> Barbara Elizabeth Mitifor/Mitford
> Edward Wyatt b: 1621
> Jane Conquest
> George Rev. Wyatt b: 1642
> Susana R. Baynham
> John Rowe Wyatt b: no date
> Wife Unknown
> SAMUEL Sr. WYATT b: 1755 d: June 1835
> REBECCA BENNETT b: 1755 d: 1842
> JOHN Sr. II MORRIS b: 1775 d: January 20, 1859 s/o JOHN Sr. I MORRIS
> LIDIA WYATT b: 1803 d: October 13, 1827
> VINCENT WILLIAM MORRIS b: June 30, 1816 d: November 20, 1890
> JENNY (JANE) SANDLIN b: May 06, 1821 d: Aft. 1909
> CYNTHIA EMALINE (EMMA) MORRIS b: April 03, 1864 d: June 20, 1955
> THOMAS BENTON POWERS:2/4/1885--8/2/1953,
> MARTHA JANE PRIVETTE b: 8/6/1887 d: 3/24/1975,
> Roanoke,W.Va.
> BENTON GLENN POWERS b: 3/25/1922, Kerns, W.Va.
> Wife: # 1 FRANCIS JUNE HARRIS b: 8/18/1926,
> Wife: # 2 ONEITA MAE KARICKHOFF b: 7/15/1927,
> Me,
> GLORIA JEAN (POWERS) HUSK b: 10/10/1944
> Husband: DANNY LEE HUSK Sr. b: 4/24/1944
> Gloria Jean (Powers) Husk, 114 Arizona Street, Carrabelle, Fl. 32322
> Powers & Husk Families http://www.gloryway.com
> My book: "Love Always:Glory's Way" search for Gloria Jean Powers.
> Also check out my niece: Kelly Coberly Fanclub of Buckhannon, WVa.
> http://www.geocities.com/kellycoberlyfanclub/index.html
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