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From: Howard Hickman <>
Subject: Pieter Wyckoff and wife biography
Date: Tue, 20 Aug 1996 17:37:57 -0700 (PDT)

Fellow Wyckoff researchers,

A couple of weeks ago I forwarded a transcription of the first few pages of
the Wyckoff book that gives a biography of our ancestors Pieter Clausen
Wyckoff and his wife Grietje.

Jay Watson just informed that in one of the paragraphs, the transcription
missed two line of text from the book. Following is a corrected copy of
that paragraph with the new lines in [brackets].

"Grietje Van Ness, the mother of this great family, should also have
consideration. She contributed much to the family she helped to found. Even
among the dutch of that time there were distinctions of station, and she
ranked high. Many of the plain people carried no family name. With them
there was the coupling of the name of father and child, like Pieter Claesen,
meaning Pieter, son of Claes. Others of apparently higher social or property
advantages carried a family name from one generation to another. Grietje Van
Ness was of this latter class. She was the daughter of Cornelis Hendrick Van
Ness and Maycke Hendrick Adriense van der Burchgraeff.

[Cornelius was the son of Hendrick Gerritse Van Ness of Ameland, Holland.
Maycke was
daughter of Hendrick Adreincse van der Burchgraeff]

and Annetje Janse of Laeckervelt, Holland. These surnames indicate that
these families were of high rank and some wealth. The will of Annetje Jans,
widow of Hendrick Adriens, dwelling at Laeckervelt, divides her estate
between her son and her daughter Maycke, and provides that Maycke shall have
the use of this estate during her lifetime, and that it shall then be
divides among the six children od said Maycke, whom she names as follows:"
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