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From: "Adam Wylie Kin" <>
Subject: Re: [WYLIE] GILDERSLEEVE - PRATT - WYLIE Family Photographs
Date: Tue, 22 Apr 2008 11:02:03 -0400
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Ernest Gray Wylie pamphlet (continued)

In addition to the text body, there are maybe a dozen pages of multiple
photographs, a title page and an index.

Additionally at the unmentioned site you can download the entire work in a
PDF file of 1.5 MEG.

Write if interested. Pass on and share it as you are able.
Other Wylies, just a near random selection of Wylie couples, I have
something or more on, or may be even related, may have an interest or little
interest at all, but for all of whom I will be happy to correspond with

01-Abram Ross Wylie and consort Henrietta Elizabeth T. Key
02-Adam and Jean Wylie
03-Dr. Adam Newton Wylie and consort Elizabeth "Lizzie" Pangburn
04-Dr. Adam Wylie and consort Elizabeth van Eman*
05-Dr. Alexander Pearson Wylie and consort Juliet Agnes Gill
06-Dr. Alexander Wylie and consort Bertha Wilson
07-Anderson McElroy Wylie and consort Margaret Conklin
08-Andrew Wylie and consort Elizabeth Gaston
09-Rev. Andrew Wylie and consort Margaret Ritchie
10-Judge Andrew Wylie and consort Mary Caroline Bryan
11-Baron Lafayette Wylie and consort Wilma Marshall Frasier
12-David Garvin* Wylie, Sr. and consort Martha Miller* Robinson (and then
Nancy Moore)
13-DeKalb W. Wylie and consort Jeanette Ross
14-Edward Alexander Gill* Wylie and consort Emily Nelson Ritchie McLean
15-Francis "Frank" B. Wylie and consort Blanche Winters
16-Francis Wylie and consort Agnes Hamilton
17-Francis Wylie and consort Julia E. Washington
18-George Lawson Wylie and consort Sarah Ann Gore
19-Hance Wylie and consort Elizabeth _____
20-James and Sarah Wylie, immigrated 1767 on the Earl of Donegal to
Charlestown, SC.
21-James Brown Wylie and consort Sarah McDill
22-James Jackson Wylie and consort Mary V. Anderson
23-James Robinson Wylie and consort Catherine Louisa O'Callaghan (and later
Sarah O'Callaghan)
24-James Wylie and consort Mary C. Starnes
25-Dr. James Wylie and consort Nancy Lee
26-Dr. Jefferson Lafayette Wylie and consort Eliza Martin
27-John Brown Wylie and consort Martha Edith Lathan
28-John Calvin Wylie and consort Willie Anne Trout
29-John Elder Wylie and consort Annie B. Gillis
30-John Harper Wylie and consort Catherine Nancy Voss
31-John Harris Wylie and consort Margaret Isabella Whisonant
32-Dr. John Hosea Wylie and consort Elizabeth Leeds
33-John J. Wylie and consort Terzah ____
34-John L. Wylie and consort Sarah "Sallie" Moffatt
35-Judge John* McNeil Wylie and consort Weta ___
36-John Nixon Wylie and consort Jane Nelson (and later Mary Bell Pepper(s))
37-John Wylie and consort Nancy Aiken
38-Jonathan Carson Wylie and consort Margaret Gordon
39-Joseph Wylie and consort Catherine Aiken
40-Joseph Wylie and consort Margaret Ferguson
41-Joseph Wylie and consort Mary Moore
42-Judge Peter Kelso* Wylie and consort Annie Evans
43-Peter Kelso Wylie and consort Elizabeth Morrow
44-Peter Wylie and consort Annie Hawthorne
45-Reddick McKee Wylie and consort Madeline A. Thompson
46-Dr. Richard Evans Wylie and consort Rachel McCullough Wylie (and also
Mrs. Mary Alice Harris Crawford)
47-Richard Evans Wylie and consort Sarah Elliote Key
48-Robert Wylie and consort Jean Thompson
49-Robert Wylie and consort Elizabeth Beall
50-Samuel Avander Wylie and unknown wife, born 2nd half of 18th century,
maybe about 1787.
51-Rev. Samuel Brown Wylie, D.D. and consort Margaret Watson
52-Samuel Kelso Wylie and consort Maria H. McNeill
53-Rev. Samuel Wylie and Margaret Milliken Wylie
54-Samuel Mc. Wylie and consort Jane Moffat
55-Dr. Samuel Moffatt Wylie and consort Mary Elizabeth Miller
56-Samuel Wylie and consort Martha Curry (and Nancy ___)
57-Samuel Wylie and consort Sarah Aiken
58-Samuel Wylie and consort Sarah Martin
59-Rev. Theophilus Adam Wylie and consort Rebeca Dennis
60-Theophilus Andrew Wylie
61-Rev. Theodorus William John Wylie and consort Sophie Jessie G____
62-Dr. Thomas Byers Wylie and consort Sarah Ann Elizabeth Cook
63-Thomas Grier* Wylie and consort Emily Strong
64-Thomas Milton Wylie and consort Geneva Bell Gideon
65-Thomas Sumpter Wylie and consort Dorothy Elizabeth Harriet Bryan
66-Thomas Wylie and consort Edna Maria Baylor
67-Dr. Walker Gill Wylie and consort Henrietta Francis /Damon
68-William Adolphus Wylie and consort Marthan N. ____
69-William Wylie and consort Elizabeth A. Gordon
70-Rev. William Wylie and consort Esther Smith
71-William Wylie and consort Isabella Kelso (and later Mary Patrick)
72-William Wylie and consort Margaret Grier
73-William Wylie and consort Margaret R. Patton
74-William Wylie and consort Mary Clark
75-William Wylie and consort Mary J. Sims
76-William Wylie and consort Mary W. Gist
77-William Wylie and consort Sarah Caroline McFadden
78-William Wylie and consort Sarah Dunn
to cite a goodly number of ones which I have an interest in learning more
and sharing what I have gathered or mainly just accumulated.


On Tue, Apr 22, 2008 at 9:27 AM, Adam Wylie Kin <>

> You can see the Ernest Gray Wylie work, about 30 pages long in the body it
> seems, for yourself in virtual form, or previously but not now also in
> character recognition form, if you want.
> I have found my other source, and perhaps the only place I saw it
> repeatedly, so if anyone would like access to Ernest Gray Wylie's book on
> this Samuel Wylie write me and I can provide you with a link to a site that
> has it in full.
> The link is best left unpublished for I fear it may cause some of its
> virtual library to disappear in full just as Google now has become chary of
> full showing of ancient books at Google Books.
> Just write and ask specifically for the link to the Ernest Gray Wylie text
> (and others) and I will send it. Pass it on to others as you see fit to
> share your magic of acquired knowledge.
> On Mon, Apr 21, 2008 at 4:34 PM, Adam Wylie Kin <
> > wrote:
> > Melba
> >
> > I read with interest your sketch on Samuel Wylie, who I have seen in
> > some write-up or two before. How is it that there is something that
> > suggests kinship to Adam and Jean Wylie who are not known to have a son
> > Samuel among their five children or even among their ten children some
> > generous researchers insist on giving them?
> >
> > I note that there is a Samuel among the ten children but his name is
> > Samuel Brown Wylie and was born in 1773, probably really from a second
> > marriage or a first marriage of the son Adam. However the man is notable by
> > his long record as a reformed Presyterina divine in the Philadelphia area
> > with early anti-slavery crusade or crusades through the South.
> >
> > Your Samuel is born in the right decade but I have nothing to suggest
> > his existence as a son of Adam and Jean Wylie. Currently for the last five
> > years we have the problem to a son James who one research had but now is
> > excluded by an IU-connected work that instead includes a son William. There
> > would be no way to tell who these men became except each researcher
> > identified them with a spouse of children or by specific children.
> > Ironically each man, James and William, is one of the parents of my paternal
> > grandfather's three, out of the allowed four, great grandmothers, but we
> > have been shown no documentation.
> >
> > Thus I am interested in anything that implies, or even suggests, another
> > man is an hitherto unknown son of Adam and Jean Wylie. Can you enlighten
> > me.
> >
> > AWK
> >
> > On Mon, Apr 21, 2008 at 1:15 PM, <> wrote:
> >
> > > Shelley, re: AdamWylieKin...I am a desc. of Samuel Wylie b.abt
> > > 1717-20,
> > > Antrim, Ire. From research I've done I believe he was a son of Adam &
> > > Jean Wylie. He was in Geo. Washington's Army along with son William G
> > > Wylie (age 16). Samuel was accidentally shot and killed at Yorktown
> > > the
> > > day Corwallis surrendered. William became a ship captain in the
> > > coastal
> > > trade. He married Mary Harwood and settled in Rockbridge Co, VA.
> > > Later
> > > he migrated to KY & MO.
> > >
> > > If you have Samuel in your files I would very much like to have the
> > > link
> > > to the archives.
> > >
> > > Thank you
> > >
> > > Melba
> > >
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