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Subject: [WGS] Revision - D'aboville System explained
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2006 17:28:09 -0500
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Dear Cuz Joyce Gail, and others

Understand your meaning, it can be confuzzing. The system that we used
in the "Dr. Thomas Wynne's Legacy" was the D'aboville System so to use that
would be the easiest as you can take your stories you already wrote and the
numbers are already created for you and you would only have to tweak it to
make it what we are needing in the new book.

Explaination of the D'aboville system
- Each blood person gets a number that is thiers alone. [Only changed if a
elder child is found, then the ones that are numbered.]

- Each generation is divided by a period

Example: Dr. Thomas Wynne is generation one so his number is 1

The first letter that follows a number is to distinguish marriages. The
letter shows which marriage the children are in referenced to.

Example a = 1st spouse, b = 2nd spouse c = 3rd spouse, etc.

- Each child is numbered in order, by birth and then by wife. i.e. Dr.
Thomas Wynne had two wives so the children of the first wife would be "a"
children, and children of 2nd wife would be "b" children, numbering the
marriages in alpha order.

Example: Dr. Thomas Wynne's daughter Mary is the eldest child, by his
first wife, so her number would be 1a.1.

- The letters only come into play to identify children of a person with
numerable marriages. The person that married numerious times does not show
a letter, you don't need it to identify them, the children need to have
letters to say which wife/husband they belong to.

Example: Dr. Thomas Wynne is number 1, he has two wives, his number is
not 1a&b. Only his kids need something to tell who is thier mom. So his
number is 1. nothing else

- Mary's children would be divided by a generation period and thier birth
order. So her eldest child would be 1a.1.1 her third child would be 1a.1.3
her eleventh child would be 1a.1.11

So say you get to me

This is my Quick and Dirty chart

Direct Descendants of Thomas Wynne
1 Thomas Wynne/+Martha Elizabeth Buttall [first person/generation, 1]
2 Jonathan Wynne/+Sarah Greaves [sixth child, first wife, 1a,6]
.. 3 Jonathan Wynne/ +Anne Warner [sixth child, 1a.6.6]
..... 4 Isaac [Wind] Wynne/+Mary Rogers [fifth child, 1a.6.6.5]
....... 5 Thomas Wynn/+Jane [ninth child, 1a.]
.......... 6 Thomas Jefferson Wynn/+Violet McFarland Gist [fifth child,
............ 7 John Anderson Wynn/+Grace Myrtle King [ninth child,
............... 8 Harley Murton Wynn/+Naomi Ruth Smith [second child,
................. 9 Richard Lee Wynn/+Shirley Joan Davis [4th child, 2nd
wife, 1a.]
.................... 10 Rebecca Naomi Wynn [3rd child,]

My number would be 1a.

We will be allowing Adopted children in the charts, but not step children.
Step children can be recognised in the book in the biography paragraphs
identifying them with the parent who married the blood line person.

Now to complicate things a bit with Adopted children... Here are some more

Double and Triple letters
aa= Adopted,

Example: 1b.1aa = The blood person [1] and his second spouce [b]
adopted a child. The child [1] was adopted [becomes 1aa] by the second
spouse [1b]. So the blood person was 1, child is being adopted by 2nd
spouce so we get 1b a period for the generaion . and the number of the
child 1 and he/she is adopted so aa, which gives us 1b.1aa....

aaa = Oh yeah lets go there! Adopted child, has more than one marriage and
has a child by the first wife.
IF a adopted child [1aa] only has one marriage this would not come into
play. his/her number would stay 1aa.
But if a adopted child has two marriages, AND has children. The children
would need to be identified by what spouse they come from in the
multimarriage family.
1st marriage, identification becomes [1aaa], 2nd marriage, identificaion
would become 1aab, etc

aab= Adopted child, has more than one marriage and has a child by the
second wife.

1a.1ab= Oh Yeah lets really mess you up!!! A blood child, of a parents
first marriage, gets adopted by the blood parent's second wife

Example: I will give you a story... [this is a myth for
Mary, Dr. Thomas's eldest child gets adopted by Dr. Thomas's 2nd
wife Elizabeth... how would we show it?

1a - Mary is the child of her father's 1st wife Martha.
1a.1 - Mary is the eldest child of that marriage
1a.1ab - Mary is adopted which would be a 1a.1aa, but she is adopted by the
2nd wife so she becomes 1a.1ab

Now lets see the chart in action.....

1 Dr. Thomas Wynne/[1]a Martha Buttall/[2]b Elizabeth [Croyley, Rawden]
1a.1 Mary Wynne/Dr. Edward Jones
1a.1.1 Martha Jones/John Cadwalader
1a.1.1.1 Thomas Cadwalander/Hannah Lambert
1a.1.1.2 Mary Cadwalander/Samuel [Judge] Dickinson
1a.1.1.3 Hannah Cadwalander/Samuel Morris
1a.1.1.4 Rebecca Cadwalander/William Morris
1a.1.1.5 Letitia Cadwalander
NOTICE here the change in the third generation to the second child of that
1a.1.2 Jonathan Jones/Gainor Owen
1a.1.2.1 Mary Jones/Benjamin Hayes
1a.1.2.2 Edward Jones
1a.1.2.3 Rebecca Jones/John Roberts
1a.1.2.4 Owen Jones/Susannah Evans
1a.1.2.5 Jacob Jones/Mary Lawrence
1a.1.2.6 Jonathan Jones/Sarah Jones
1a.1.2.7 Martha Jones
1a.1.2.8 Hannah Jones
1a.1.2.9 Charity Jones
1a.1.2.10 Elizabeth Jones/Jesse George
1a.1.2.11 Ezekiel Jones
NOTICE we are moving to the third child
1a.1.3 Edward Jones/[1]a Hannah Jones/[2]b Mary Palmer
NOTICE these kids are by the second wife
1a.1.3b.1 Aquilla Jones/Rebecca Wells
1a.1.3b.2 Penelope Jones
1a.1.3b.3 Sabrenas Jones
1a.1.3b.4 Beula [Benla] Jones
1a.1.3b.5 Prudence Jones/Thomas Vaughn
1a.1.3b.6 John Jones
1a.1.4 Thomas Jones/Catherine Aret
1a.1.4.1 John Jones/[1]a Rebecca Head/[2]b Rachel
1a.1.4.2 Samuel Jones
1a.1.4.3 Joseph Jones/Mary Bolton
1a.1.4.4 Isaac Jones/Sarah Roberts
1a.1.4.5 Benjamin Jones
1a.1.4.6 Agnes Jones
1a.1.5 Evan Jones/[1]a Mary Stephenson/[2]b Bridget Matthews
1a.1.5a.1 John Jones
1a.1.5a.2 Thomas Jones
1a.1.5a.3 Evan Jones
1a.1.5a.4 James Jones/Bridget Matthews
1a.1.5b.1 John Jones
1a.1.5b.2 Thomas Jones
1a.1.5b.3 Evan Jones
1a.1.5b.4 James Jones
1a.1.5b.5 Edward Jones
1a.1.5b.6 Mary Jones
1a.1.6 John Jones/Mary Doughty
1a.1.6.1 Rebecca Jones/William Brown
1a.1.7 Elizabeth Jones/Rees Thomas
1a.1.7.1 Ann Thomas/Samuel Williams
1a.1.8 Mary Jones/John Roberts
NOTICE that bam the numbers change to the 2nd child!!!
1a.2 Tabitha Wynne/Roger Hughes
1a.3 Rebecca Wynne/[1]a Solomon Thomas/[2]b John Dickinson II
1a.3b.1 John Dickinson III /[1]a Rebecca Powell/[2]b Elizabeth Harrison
1a.3b.1a.1 Daniel Dickinson/Mary Hosier
1a.3b.1a.1.1 Rebecca Dickinson/Daniel Richardson
1a.3b.1a.1.2 Mary Dickinson
1a.3b.1a.1.3 John [IV] Dickinson/Betty Caldwell
1a.3b.1a.1.4 Hannah Dickinson
1a.3b.1a.1.5 Elizabeth Dickinson/William Troth
1a.3b.1a.1.6 Ann Dickinson/Howell Powell
1a.3b.1a.1.7 Sarah Dickinson/Skidmore Wilson
1a.3b.1a.1.8 Rachel Dickinson

Hope that helped!!
Hugs Cuz B

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> Dear Becky,
> I have looked at the numbering systems you have here and some on the
> internet. No matter which one is used I still get confused on down the
> lines. LOL. You know my brain don't work half the time. I will go along
> with
> what everyone else wants. I will just have to keep going over the system
> to
> get it down pat.
> Love Joyce Gail

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