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From: "Skarka, Gary W, CFGRE" <>
Subject: [Wilson-Network-L] Granville/Vance Co., NC Wilsons
Date: Tue, 25 May 1999 17:00:59 -0400

I haven't posted in awhile and am still stuck at my original roadblock.
Below is my wilson line. I cannot get beyond John Wilson (Willson?), b.
bet. 1735-40, Bedford Co., VA, d. abt. 1802, Granville Co., NC, Will
probated 2 Mar 1802, who was married to Lucy ?. I am speculating that her
maiden name was Burton, daughter of Col. Robert Burton, based on the fact
that John was the executor of Col. Robert Burton's will and he named one of
his sons Robert Burton Wilson. In any case, here is my VA/NC Wilson line as
I know it.

1:John Wilson (Willson?), see above
m. Lucy Burton?
c1. Robert Burton Wilson, b. abt. 1778, VA?, d. Jul. 1842,
Granville Co., NC, Estate
settled in superior court Aug. 1842 - died without a will
and had over 1,400 acres
of land and a mansion house on Flat Creek in Granville
m. Rebeckah Hester, b. abt. 1780, NC, d. ?, married 10 Oct
1798, Granville Co.
c2. Henry Wilson, m. Marey Wicker, 16 Dec 1785, Granville Co.
c3. John Wilson Jr., b. ?, d. 20 Nov 1822, m. Mary Weaver, 15 Feb
1793, Granville Co.
c4. Elizabeth Polly Wilson, m. Pleasant Rowland, 16 Dec 1799,
Granville Co.
c5. Rebeckah Lucy Wilson, m. William Weaver, 11 Sep. 1797,
Granville Co.
c6. Sarah Wilson, b. abt. 1765, m. Pleasant Gold, 19 Nov 1800,
Mecklenburg Co., VA.
c7. Mary Wilson
c8. Susannah Wilson, m. James Satterwhite, 24 Dec 1805, Granville
c9. Lewis Wilson, m. Elizabeth Pullon, 20 Jan 1815, Granville Co.
2:Robert Burton Wilson, see 1c1 above
m. Rebeckah Hester
c1. Solomon George Wilson, b. 27 Aug 1814, Granville Co., d. 4 Nov
1881, Vance Co.
m. Priscilla Stark, b. 1820, d. bet. 1850-60, married 28 Sep
c2. Lundy Beulah Wilson, b. 8 Nov 1816, Granville, d. 26 Mar 1884,
Granville, m. David
William Knott, 15 May 1836
c3. Ritter Wilson
c4. Benjamin Wilson, m. Letha Wilson, 25 Feb 1824, Granville co.
c5. Temperence Wilson, m. John Ussery, 13 May 1820
c6. Stephen Wilson (admin. estate of John Ussery, Feb. 1827)
c7. Mildred Wilson, b. abt. 1807, Granville Co., m. John C. LeMay,
30 Dec 1828
c8. Samuel P. Wilson, b. 12 Sep 1809, Granville Co., d. 19 Oct
1887, Vance Co., m. Martha
Barker, 12 Dec 1836.
c9, Jemina P. Wilson, b. abt. 1812, Granville, m. Ambrose Barker,
23 Dec 1830
c10. Susan Wilson, m. Kysar Stark
c11. Julia Wilson, m. Kyras Stark
3:Solomon George Wilson, see 2c1 above
m. Priscilla Stark
c1. Marion McDonald Wilson, b. 9 Oct 1841, Granville Co., NC, d. 16
Dec 1920, Vance Co.
m. Annie Frances Knott, 19 Jul 1863
c2. Virginia H. Wilson, b. 1844, Granville Co., m. Robert M. Ellis
c3. Eliza Jane Wilson, b. 1846, m. Stephen Green Knott
c4. Robert Wilson, b. 1848, Granville Co.
c5. Sarah Wilson, b. 1849, Granville Co.
c6. Christina Wilson, b. 1854, Granville Co.
c7. Stephen Otho Wilson, b. 1855, Granville Co.
4:Marion McDonald Wilson, see 3c1 above
m. Annie Frances Knott, b. 1 May 1843, Gregory Mill, Granville Co.,
d. 3 May 1894, Vance
c1. William Henry Wilson, b. 26 Apr 1867, Granville Co., d. 29 Aug
1931, Vance Co., m1.
Carrie Lee Barker, 20 Oct 1889, m2. Bessie Guerrant
c2. Junius Lee Wilson, b. 9 May 1864, Granville Co., d. 15 Sep
1939, m. Martha Lee Currin
c3. Drucilla Wilson, b. Jan. 1869, m1., R. A. Gill, m2. Buck Wilson

c3. Hugh P. Wilson, b. 31 Oct 1870, Granville, d. 31 Jan 1931 Vance
Co, m. Addie Paschall
c4. Ada Belle Wilson, b. 3 Oct 1873, Granville, d. 8 Sep 1936, m.
Robert Lee Buchanan
c5. Dora H. Wilson, b. Jun 1876, Granville, m. "Dr. Smith"
c6. Lot Otho Wilson, b. 1 May 1881, Granville/Vance, d. 5 Mar 1920,
5:William Henry Wilson, see 4c1 above
m1. Carrie Lee Barker
c1. Roy Turner Wilson, b. 1900....my grandfather

There are more children for William Henry, but I have run out of time!! I
hope someone can make a connection here, especially for ancestors of John
Wilson (Willson?).

Gary Skarka

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