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Wilson Family

Descendents of Thomas Willson/Wilson

Thomas Willson
b. 1564, Sterling, Sterling Co., Scotland
m. 6 Feb 1584/85, Isabella Bryce, Stirling, Stirlingshire, Scotland
No information has been located on the parents of Thomas Willson. His name
has also been spelled Wilson.

Children of Thomas Willson and Isabella Bryce include:

John Wilson
Robert Wilson
Richard Wilson
b. 1630, Stirling, Stirlingshire, Scotland

John Wilson
b. ca. 1650, Cumnock on Nith, Nithdale, Ayr, Scotland
m. ca. 1670, Jennet Brown, Ayr, Scotland
d. 1739
John Wilson was the son of Thomas Willson and Isabella Bryce.

Children of John Wilson and Jenneth Brown include:

James Wilson
Joseph Wilson
David Wilson
Samuel Wilson
b. 1720
d. 1746
Margaret Wilson
b. 1723
d. 1748
John Wilson

Robert Wilson
b. 1629, Stirling, Stirlingshire, Scotland
m. Ann Blount
Robert Wilson was the son of Thomas Willson and Isabella Bryce.
Children of Robert Wilson:

Isaac Wilson

Isaac Wilson
b. 1668, Perquimans, Perquimans Co., NC
m. 1689, Ann Thigpen
m. 31 Mar 1701, Ann Parker
d. 13 Jul 1714, Perquimans, Perquimans Co., NC
Issace Wilson was the son of John Wilson and Jennet Brown.

Ann Thigpen was the daughter of James and Elyn Thigpen.

Children of Isaac Wilson and Ann Thigpen include:

Robert Wilson
Ann Wilson
b. 16 Jul 1692, Perquimans, Perquimans Co., NC
m/ 1710, Thomas Elliott, Perquimans Co., NC
Benjamin Wilson
b. 1 Oct 1694, Perquimans, Perquimans Co., NC
Child of Isaac Wilson and Ann Parker include:

Isaac Wilson
b. 1702
Esther Wilson

Robert Wilson
b. 10 Aug 1690, Perquimans, Perquimans Co., NC
m. 13 Jun 1712, Perquimans, Perquimans Co., NC
d. 3 Nov 1845, Augusta Co., Va
Robert Wilson was the son of Isaac Wilson and Ann Thigpen.

Rachel Pritlowe was the daughter of John and Elizabeth Pritlow.

Children of Robert Wilson and Rachel Pritlowe include:

Jennet Wilson
m. before 1745 John Holmes, Augusta Co., VA
Zaccheus Wilson
b. 1712
d. 1796, Lexington, Oglethorpe Co., Ga
Jacob Wilson
b./d. 1 Jul 1713, Perquimans, Perquimans Co., NC
Robert Wilson
30 Jan 1714-15
m. 2 Feb 1739-40, Martha Gilbert, Perquimans, Perquimans Co., NC
Joseph Wilson
b. 1 Mar 1715-17, Perquimans, Perquimans Co., NC
d. 31 Jul 1789, Perquimans, Perquimans CO., NC
Rachel Wilson
b. 7 Jul 1719
Catherine Wilson
b. ca. 1721, Augusta Co., VA
m. befroe 1745, Thomas Bell
Isaac Wilson
b. 13 Ovt 1722, Perquimans, Perquimans Co., NC
John Wilson
b. 19 Dec 1725, Perquimans, Perquimans Co., NC
d. 1773, Augusta Co., VA
Sylvanus Wilson
b. 11 Jul 1725
m. 7 Aug 1747, Rebecca Pierce, Perquimans, Perquimans Co., NC

Zaccheus Wilson
b. 1713
m. ca. 1730, Martha _____, PA
m. before 1745, Frances Wilson, Chester Co., PA
d. 1796, Lexington, Oglethorpe Co., GA
Zaccheus Wilson was the son of Robert Wilson and Rachel Pritlowe.

Children of Zaccheus and Martha Wilson include:

Robert Wilson
Samuel Wilson
b. ca. 1732, Newville, Cumberland Dist., PA
d. after Apr 1814, Gallatin, Sumner Co., TN
Elizabeth Wilson
b. 26 Nov 1739, Newville, Cumberland Dist., PA
d. 1792, Campbell Co., TN
David Carroll Wilson
b. ca. 1742, Newville, Cumberland Dist., PA
d. 19 Dec 1803, Gallatin, Sumner Co., TN
Zaccheus Wilson
b. ca. 1742, Newville, Cumberland Dist., PA
d. 1809, Gallatin, Sumner Co., TN
Mary Wilson
b. 1752, Mecklenburg Co., NC
Martha Wilson
b. March 30, 1754, Mecklenburg Co., NC
d. 12 Sep 1843
Children of Zaccheus Wilson and Frances Wilson include:

Anney Wilson
Joseph Wilson
Margret Wilson
James Wilson
Isaac Wilson
William Wilson

Robert Wilson
b. 12 Dec 1717, Newville, Cumberland Dist., PA
m. Eleanor Carothers
d. 14 Dec 1793, Steele Creek, Mecklenburg Co., NC
Robert Wilson, known as "Old Robin" was born in Pennslyvania about 1717. He
died in Mecklenburg County, NC about 1801.

Robert is known to have three brothers: Maj. David Wilson (first Speaker of
the Tennesse Legislature), Zaccheus Wilson (signor of the Mecklinburg
Declaration), and Samuel Wilson. He also is known to have three sisters: Mary
who married Robert Harris; Martha who married Steven Alexander, and Elizabeth
who married Luke Lea.

Eleanor Carothers was born about 1724, also in Pennsylvania. She died about
1810 in Mecklinburg County, NC

Children of Robert and Eleanor Wilson:

Samuel Wilson
b. ca. 1732
d. ca 1813
Joseph W. Wilson
b. ca. 1749
Aaron A. Wilson
b. ca. 1751
d. 1833
John Henderson Wilson
b. ca. 1753
d. 1838
James Wilson
b. 1757
d. 1843
Robert Wilson
b. 3 Sep 1760
d. 1819
Thomas Wilson
b. 1763
d. 1854
Zaccheus Wilson
Josiah Wilson
b. Oct 1768
d. ca. 1851
Moses Wilson
b. Jul 1769
d. 1850
Jonah Wilson
b. ca. 1774
Thomas Wilson
b. ca 1781
Eleanor Wilson
Sarah Wilson
[NOTE: A Samuel Wilson from Rutherford County, TN is listed in the Goodspeed
History of that county. It reads "Samuel WILSON, grandfather of Col. JETTON,
is said to have visited the vicinity of Jefferson as early as 1788-89, and
marked out lands. He soon after returned with his family and settled at
Wilson Shoals on Stone River. He has the honor of having planted the first
corn within the forks of Stone River; also of having killed the last elk in
the county, near Murfree Spring. He left a large and respectable family and
died in 1827, and was buried with the honors of war near where the United
States Cemetery now is." He is listed in several areas of the Goodspeed

Zaccheus Wilson
b. 1765, Mecklinburg Co., NC
m. before 1793, Alsie Graham
m. ca. 1793, Rachell Mitchell
m. 1 Sep 1831, Nancy White
d. after 1842
Zaccheus Wilson was born Mecklenburg, North Carolina. In 1842 he moved to
Williams County, Tennessee. In later years, he lived in Bedford County,
Tennesse in the Flat Creek community. The old log house that he built still
stands. In the yard are several graves including those of Zaccheus and sons
David and John T. Wilson. There were also the graves of two Mary Wilson's,
one of which may have been Zaccheus' wife.

The land on which the Flat Creek Primitive Baptist Church was built was
donated by Zaccheus. Family members still live on the original homestead land
in the area.

Children of Zaccheus Wilson and Rachell Mitchell:

Robert Wilson
John T. Wilson
David Wilson
Mary Wilson

Robert Wilson
b. ca. 1796
m. Sarah Russell
d. ca. 1835
Robert Wilson, son of Zaccheus Wilson, was known to live in the Eagleville,
Bedford Country, Tennessee area. It has been said that his wife was full
blood Indian. Supposedly both died during the Trail of Tears.

Children of Robert Wilson and Sarah Russell:

David Russell Wilson
John L. Wilson
David Russell Wilson
b. 9 May 1825, Eagleville, Rutherford Co., Tennessee
m. 31 March 1847, Matilda Ann Teat, Lowndes County, AL
d. 22 May 1910, Old Shiloh Cemetery
David Russell Wilson was described as 5 ft. 9 in. tall with black hair, dark
eyes, and dark complexion. He migrated from Tennessee as a helper to a hog
drover driving hogs to Alabama. He settled in Lowndes County first before
moving to Butler County. There, on March 31, 1847, he married Matilda Ann
Teat. The photo of David and Matilda is provided courtesy of Sara Chance Berry

In 1850, on the Lowndes County census, Wilson was listed as a planter. At
that time his personal estate was valued at $750. In 1860, on the Butler
County census, he was listed as a laborer and his personal estate was valued
at $135.

Wilson enlisted with the C.S.A. in January 17, 1862 in Mobile. He is listed
as having been a private in Company A, Alabama Regiment. As a result of
injuries, he was held at Ross Hospital in Mobile. Records list him as Pvt. D.
R. Wilson with Company G, 9th Alabama Regiment.

He was dicharged on June 6, 1865 after swearing allegiance to the United
States at the 16th Army Headquarters in Montgomery, Alabama. In 1901, David
Russell Wilson applied for a pension based on his service with the C.S.A. He
address at that time was Redoc (Reddoch) Springs.

The property schedule he filed on July 10, 1901 is listed as follows:


40 Acres of land in Butler County................$150.00
(a log house with 2 rooms)
1 Horse or mule................................. 50.00
7 Hogs, sheep or goats.......................... 10.00
1 Bicycle or vehicle............................ 7.00
Household and Kitchen furniture............... 20.00
Mechanical and farming tools and implements... 3.00
TOTAL ASSETS..........$240.00

David Russell Wilson died at the age of 85, at his home known as the old
Buckaloo place. He died just 4 days after his wife's death.

Matilda Ann Teat, born in Jasper County, Georgia, was the daughter of Lemmon
W. Teat and Mary Ann Baldaree. Their obituary which was published in The
Greenville Advocate. From article, it appears that the couple had a double
funeral in which a Dr. Simmons officiated.

Children of David Russell Wilson and Matilda Ann Teat:

Mary Elizabeth Wilson
b. 29 December 1849
m. 5 November 1868, James F. Walker
d. 25 July 1921
Nancy Ellen Wilson
b. 9 November 1850
m. 11 June 1869, Elijah Zackery Kinsey
d. 25 April 1914
John Taylor Wilson
James Robert Wilson
b. 12 Janaury 1853
m. 27 November 1873, Mary E. Burns
m. 26 April 1874, Luana Mahaley Penton
d. 4 November 1923
Sarah Matilda Ann Wilson
b. 26 April 1854
m. 29 October 1874, John William Kinsey
d. 28 December 1923
William David Wilson
Eliza Alice Wilson
b. 25 February 1858
m. 11 February 1875, John Boutwell
Harriett Mildred Wilson
b. 1860
m. 3 August 1877, Samuel A. Jordan
d. 12 September 1885
Frances Jane Wilson
b. 1863
m. 13 July 1882, James Monroe Waller
Sudie Parmelia Wilson
b. 30 December 1865
m. 19 January 1887, Henry A. Clark
d. 3 March 1935

William David Wilson
b. 4 May 1856
m. Eliza Ann Jordan
m. Cannis M. Howell
d. 12 January 1911
William David Wilson was the son of David Russell Wilson and Matilda Ann
Teat. He was a Primitive Baptist minister.

William David and Cannis were found in the 1900 Butler County, AL census
records. They were listed as Willie and Callie. Ten children were shown
living at home.

In the 1910 federal census, they were listed as W. D. and Annie in Escambia
County, FL.

He died eight months after his parents died in Molino, FL. He is buried in
the Morgan Family Cemetery just north of Molino. His tombstone reads Elder W.
D. Wilson, gives the date of birth and death followed by an inscription: Our
loss is their eternal gain.

Eliza Ann Jordan was the daughter of John Memberance Jordan, possible son of
Membrance Jordan and Melinda Lawhorn/Lowhorn.

In the 1920 Escambia County, FL census, Cannis was listed with several
children including: Jesse 20, Harvie 19, Gradie 17, Ransom 16, Ireen 13,
Barnei 10, and Minnie 8. The names were badly misspelled.

Cannis M. Howell was born March 27, 1870. She died October 4,1944 and is
buried in the Morgan Family Cemetery north of Molino, FL. She is buried next
to William David. Her tombstone reads Mother Cannis M. Wilson, gives the
birth and death dates, followed by an inscription: Weep not as those who have
no hope.

Children of William David Wilson and Eliza Ann Jordan:

Ella Lee Wilson
James Robert Wilson
b. 16 Jan 1880
m. 19 Nov 1912, Kate Moore
Matthew Mort Wilson
b. 1 Aug 1888
m. Pearlie Delia Carnation
d. 26 Jul 1942, Brushey Creek Cemetery
Ada Elizabeth Wilson
Mary Malinda Wilson
b. 19 Mar 1885
m. Roscoe Lloyd Shell
d. 8 Dec 1959, Brushey Creek Cemetery
Matilda Ann Wilson
Zackerie Wilson
b. 12 Oct 1889
m. 31 Dec 1912, Birdie Mae Stringfellow
Henry Neal Wilson
Children of William David Wilson and Cannis M. Howell:

William D. Wilson
b. 1 October 1894
m. Nora Hurst (6-3-1909/6-5-1996)
d. 1 May 1981, Beulah Cemetery, Escambia County, FL
Albert Wilson
b. ca. 1896
Jessie Wilson
b. 1899
Harvey R. Wilson
b. 27 May 1900
d. 20 July 1924, Morgan Family Cemetery, Escambia County, FL
Grady Wilson
b. ca. 1903
Ranson Wilson
b. ca. 1904
Irene Wilson
b. ca. 1907
Barney Wilson
b. ca. 1910
Minnie Wilson
b. ca. 1912

Ella Lee Wilson
b. 24 February 1873
m. John Malcolm McLain
m. 8 May 1908, Green William Hitson
d. 31 December 1936, Brushey Creek Cemetery
Ella Lee Wilson was daughter of William David Wilson and Eliza Ann Jordan.
She and her first husband were married at her parents house by the Rev. W. H.

Green William Hitson was the son of John Wesley Hitson and Kittie C. Lucas.
See list of their children in the Hitson family files.

Children of Ella Lee Wilson and John Malcolm McLain:

Marion Francis McLain
Neal Malcom McLain
Jewel Vance McLain
Ludie Mae McLain
Clarence McLain
Dan McLain

John Taylor Wilson
b. 29 November 1851, Manningham, Butler Co., AL
m. 11 January 1877, Mary Louise Dickerson
d. 6 June 1916, Beulah, Escambia County, FL
John Taylor Wilson was the son of Robert Wilson and Sarah Russell. He and his
wife settled in the Pensacola, Escamiba County, FL. area after leaving Butler
County, AL. He and Mary are buried in the Beulah Cemetery just east of
Pensacola, FL. Several of his children are also buried there.

Children of John Taylor Wilson and Maary Louise Dickerson:

Minnesota Wilson
b. 28 Mar 1878, Butler Co., AL
m. John Jefferson Resmondo
d. 8 Jan 1919
William Franklin Wilson
b. 17 Aug 1879, Butler Co., AL
m. Minnie Foster
Nancy Ellen Wilson
b. 12 Mar 1881, Butler Co., AL
m.C. Buck Busbee
John David Wilson
2 July 1882, Baldwin Co., AL
6 May 1890, Baldwin Co., AL
Mary Louise Wilson
Annie Suriffa Wilson
b. 14 Oct 1886, Baldwin Co., AL
m. George Garrett
d. Mobile Co., AL
Fannie Melissa Wilson
b. 14 Oct 1886, Baldwin Co., AL
9 Feb 1906, Charles Brown Netherland
9 Oct 1969, Muscogee Co., AL
Ella Matilda Wilson
b. 10 Apr 1889, Baldwin Co., AL
d. 4 Aug 1890, Baldwin Co., AL
Crockett Wilson
Charlotte Lottie Emeline Wilson
b. 2 May 1894, Baldwin Co., AL
m. Maurice Resmondo
m. Leonard Mitchell
d. 25 Jan 1961, Escambia Co., FL
Joseph Green Wilson
b. 22 Aug 1896, Baldwin Co., AL
m. Lou Nicey Hobbs
Pollie Catherine Wilson
b. 2 Oct 1900, Escambia Co., FL
m. Alex Resmondo

Children of John Taylor Wilson
Left to right: Joseph Green Wilson, Polly Catherine Wilson Resmondo,
Charlotte Lottie Emeline Wilson Mitchell, Mary Louise Wilson Shelby, Fannie
Melissa Wilson Netherland, Annie Suriffa Wilson Garrett, and Crockett T.
Wilson. Photo courtesy of Mary Shelby, Slidell, LA.

Mary Louise Wilson
b. 17 May 1884, Baldwin Co., AL
m. Paul Shelby
Mary Louise Wilson was the daughter of John Taylor Wilson and Mary Louise

Children of Mary Louise Wilson and Paul Shelby include:

a daughter
Kizzie Shelby
Wilma Victorine Shelby
Harold Egbert Shelby
Vernie Estus Shelby
Clifford Taylor Shelby
Paul Addison Shelby
John William Shelby
Hughey Clinton Shelby

Harold Egbert Shelby
b. 12 Jan 1908, Escambia Co., FL
m. Stella Mae Henderson
Harold Egbert Shelby was the son of Paul Shelby and Mary Louise Wilson.

Stella Mae Henderson was born June 20, 1911 in Okaloosa County, FL.

Children of Harold E. Shelby and Stella Henderson include:

Louise Elizabeth Shelby
Harold Egbert Shelby, Jr.

Harold Shelby Sr.
Harold Shelby Jr.
Pictured to the left is Harold E. Shelby and his wife Stella Mae Henderson.
Pictured to the right is Harold E. Shelby, Jr. and his wife Mary Shrader.
Photos courtesy of Mary Shelby, Slidell, LA.

Crockett Wilson
b. 19, Jan 1892, Baldwin Co., AL
m. 27 Feb 1913, Lillie Shelby
d. 11 Jul 1948, Escambia Co., FL
Crockett Wilson was the son of John Taylor Wilson and Mary Louise Dickerson.
For many years he was a conductor on the Pensacola trollie car system.
Crockett also served as a deputy sheriff for Escambia County Sheriff's Dept.
He was shot while on duty after responding to a disturbance call at
Gilmore's, a tavern in Pensacola. Later, he also worked at the Rosin Yard in

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