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From: Dani Brown <>
Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2006 17:59:40 -0700 (PDT)

As the list administrator for over 70 lists, please bear
with me over the next few weeks as I try to learn how to
use RootsWeb's new programming. I just received the
tutorial today and have not yet had a chance to read

The revised schedule for those updates is now as
follows. It is my understanding that the Gateways from the
message boards will not work from the time the first
lists start getting converted until the time that each
list is actually converted.

Thursday, Aug. 17th -- Lists A - C
Monday, Aug. 21st -- Lists D - F
Tuesday, Aug. 22nd -- Lists G - I
Wednesday, Aug. 23rd -- Lists J - L
Thursday, Aug. 24th -- Lists M - O
Monday, Aug. 28th -- Lists P - R
Tuesday, Aug. 29th -- Lists S - U
Wednesday, Aug. 30th -- Lists V - Z
Aug. 31st - Sept. 15th -- Non-Archived Lists,
Newsgroup Gateways, and -I Lists

It is also my understanding that I will now only be
able to provide one tagline, instead of 10 rotating
taglines as had previously been available. I will choose
to keep the following tagline:

"Posting of non-genealogical-current events, political
opinions, prayers, virus warnings, non-approved
solicitations, chain letters, jokes, poems, non-genealogical
stories, missing children notices, and flames are not
allowed on this list and may be grounds for immediate
removal and exclusion from the list. Questions or
comments about this policy may be directed to your list
administrator, Danielle Brown, at the
following address: ."

All e-mail addresses have been removed from the
"reject" list in the present programming to prevent them
from automatically converting to the harsher "ban" list
in the new programming. However, I will not hesitate
to re-add e-mail addresses if I see the need to do so
based on infractions of the above-mentioned rules.

Other current taglines which you may want to make note
of are as follows:

Do you need a list of Rootsweb mailing lists to which
you are subscribed?

The 1930 U.S. Census was released to the public in
2002. For further information, visit the following

Visit the "Genealogy Hall of Shame" site for
information about genealogy-related scams!

The Texas Marriages Search Engine 1966 - 2003 and The
Texas Divorces Search Engine 1968 - 2003 can be
accessed through the following sites:

The Texas Births Database 1926 - 1995 and the Texas Deaths
Database 1964 - 1998 can be accessed through the
following sites:

This list is archived!

This list is also searchable!

Hey -- any questions, gimme a ring at or reply to this message.

Danielle Brown
List Administrator
Wednesday, August 16, 2006

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