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From: "Ken Nordtvedt" <>
Subject: [DNA-HG-I] Dinaric I1b1 and DYS448
Date: Tue, 8 May 2007 14:59:49 -0600

Maybe there is finally a marker to cleave Dinaric I1b1 into two divisions. If you look at the Polish project which has one of the best collections of Dinaric I1b1 haplotypes around you will see that DYS448 is overwhelmingly 20 repeats for this clade. My extraction of Dinaric I1b1 from SMGF gets a similar dominance of DYS448 = 20, although a decent minority population of 448 = 19 And my research database of 67 marker haplotypes shows the decent minority population of DYS448 = 19 in Dinaric I1b1

Now I see this new paper from a North Yugoslavia province which includes DYS448 in its y-haplotype measurements. From what I can see so far, DYS448 = 19 seems to dominate the Dinaric I1b1 population, although it is a bit difficult to isolate Dinaric I1b1 with just the markers used in this new paper.

Perhaps we have a wedge now to help follow the spread of Dinaric I1b1 in Eastern Europe. I hope some others with an interest in Eastern Europe and Dinaric I1b1 will look at this new paper to see if they agree with this tendency toward DYS448 = 19 among the Dinaric I1b1 haplotypes.

Two additional points: DYS448 has a mutation rate of 1/700 which is slow.

The Dinaric I1b1 population that I see looks to be about the youngest clade within haplogroup I. That could be a consequence of relatively weak coverage of the Balkans in our databases, however, with the bulk of the extended haplotypes of this clade that we see presently coming from more northeasterly Europe.


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