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From: "Ken Nordtvedt" <>
Subject: [DNA-HG-I] I1b1 and P41: I'll try again
Date: Sat, 20 Oct 2007 09:50:18 -0600

I wrote perhaps a less-than-clear message last night about P41, I'll try again.

P37.2+ defines haplogroup I1b1 within y-haplogroup I The most well known clade of I1b1 is I1b1-Dinaric, found across much of Eastern Europe. I have several haplotypes of the I1b1-Dinaric clade which have tested negative for P41

But two additional robust clades of I1b1 have been found with modal or founder haplotypes of the 67 marker extension which are very distinct from I1b1-Dinaric.
These clades are I1b1-Western and I1b1-Isles, and they are found in western Europe rather than eastern Europe. I1b1-Isles is found exclusively in the British Isles.
These clades of I1b1 split from their common ancestor very early in the history of haplogroup I in Europe.

I find not one of my haplotypes of I1b1-Western or I1b1-Isles to have tested for P41
But I could be wrong about this --- just lacking knowledge of tests that were made.

Checking old email messages, University of Arizona told me that their only dna sample of P41+ was from the British Isles.

So I would like to really encourage anyone with a I1b1-Isles or I1b1-Western haplotype to test for P41 at Ethnoancestry.

Equally, if anyone of I1b1-Isles or I1b1-Western has taken the P41 test and found negative, that information would be valuable also. Please let me know.

We have a chance to make P41 a useful SNP which would identify an already well-identified clade within y-haplogroup I.


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