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From: "Ken Nordtvedt" <>
Subject: [yDNAhgI] More about M423 Results
Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2008 14:21:52 -0600

I should add some more details about the exciting early results for the M423 SNP which came out today. The initial information about SNP M423 was published in late November as part of the study "New Phylogenetic Relationships for Y-chromosome Haplogroup I: Reappraising its Phylogeography and Prehistory" by Underhill, Myres, Rootsi et al. This study appears as chapter 3 of the McDonald Institute book "Rethinking the Human Revolution ...."

M423 is downstream of P37.2+ I1b1 SNP. Since I have found P37.2+ divided into three major clades from extended STR haplotype studies, three clades whose founding haplotypes are very far from each other in genetic distance (GD), I arranged with the very kind help of SMGF to have GeneTree measure M423 for a small number of selected donors picked from the various clades of P37.2+ They just finished the tests on four selected dna samples and a couple more are pending. One Dinaric P37.2+ was found M423+, two Western P37.2+ were found M423-, and one unusual Isles P37.2+ was found M423- so far. From the Underhill et al paper it was previously found that a good number of geographically dispersed Eastern Europe P37.2+ (probably Dinaric) were all M423+, while two tantalizing P37.2+ from Ireland also found M423+.
And subhaplogroup of P37.2+, M26+, was found by them to be M423-

In the meantime Ethnoancestry has brought M423 to the market for customers. They are presently testing a variety of P37.2+ dna samples for customers from the different clades --- Isles, Dinaric, and Western.


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