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From: "Ken Nordtvedt" <>
Subject: [yDNAhgI] What's In & Not in Scandinavia?
Date: Sun, 31 Aug 2008 14:26:41 -0600

I want to point out an interesting feature about y haplogroup I in Scandinavia. The major clades and haplogroups within ydna "I" are listed below in groups and with age estimates back to their respective MRCAs. One should not bet the ranch on these ages, but the relative size of the ages should be more robust. The top group are the older clades; some of them are good candidates for the original resettlers after the LGM of Europe once you get north of the Mediterranean shores. These older clades are in most cases also found more generally diffused in their presence throughout Europe, lacking clear hotspots. All of this older group of clades are found in decent amount in the British Isles as well as continental Europe. BUT, they are all pretty much completely absent from Scandinavia. Why?

The middle group of clades are also basically absent from Scandinavia. I2b1a-Isles is almost exclusively found in the British Isles. I2a2-Dinaric is almost exclusive to Eastern Europe. I2a-Western is diffusively found across the north German plain of Europe and into British Isles.

Only the relatively young haplogroups in the third group robustly are found in Scandinavia. It should also be pointed out that the geographical distributions of I1 and I2b1-Continental-1&2 south of Scandinavia are very similar --- with their mutual hotspot probably pretty well described by NiederSaxony region.

There is, I believe, some message about the specifics of the resettlement of Scandinavia in all of this. Ken

I2a1-Sardinia (M26+) ---- 7500 years
I2a2-Isles (M423+) ---- 6600 years and younger clades
I2b1-Roots (M223+) --- 5000 years
I2b1c-Continental-3 (P78+) --- 6000 years
I2* (xM223,P30,P37.2) ---- 7200 years and younger clades
I2b* (S23xM223) ---- 4500 years

I2b1a-Isles (M284+) --- 3300 years (and 1600 years in Scotland)
I2a - Western (P37.2+) ----3000 years
I2a2 - Dinaric (M423+) ---- 2600 years

I1 (P30+) ---- 3600 years
I2b1-Continental - 1&2 ---- 4000 years

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