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From: "Ken Nordtvedt" <>
Subject: [yDNAhgI] Kittler for I2b1-Continental and I2a1-Sardinian
Date: Thu, 29 Jan 2009 09:44:40 -0700

A couple more clades which could very much benefit from Kittler tests for DYS385 (really cheap informative tests!)

I2a1-Sardinian M26+
The modality is 12-12 at DYS385. But about 1 in 7 haplotypes is showing a mutation from 12-12. Kittler testing those with deviant unequal copy repeats at DYS385 will indicate multiple sub-populations with different histories.

I2b1*-Continental M223+
Continental(1&2) clades are modal 15-15 at DYS385. But about 1 in 5 haplotypes show a mutation from 15-15. I2b1*-Continental is showing notorious difficulty in further subclade discovery. I think the expansion of the clade was rapid and resulted in a bush-like tree.

Kittler testing of the I2b1*-Continental M223+ haplotypes could show multiple subpopulations there still lurking unseen because of feeble number of Kittler tests.

These are rather cheap tests and Dr Krahn (now at FTDNA) should be complimented on bringing the Kittler test to customer availability some time ago.

Use it if appropriate to your clade situation. I realize that it is not terribly relevant to the R1b..... gorilla or R1a with substantially unequal DYS385 copy repeats, but in many places in the Haplogroup I tree it can be a powerful tool to discover sub-populations with distinct paths through the Y tree.


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