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From: "Ken Nordtvedt" <>
Subject: [yDNAhgI] New I2a2 "Din-Isles" clade and SNP test
Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2009 21:41:12 -0700

In the last couple weeks I added 2000 or so more haplotypes to my research database for haplogroup I. So some divisions have been found on some of the clades of haplogroup I based on the almost 80 STRs recorded.

I found a sharply defined new clade about half way between I2a2-Dinaric and I2a2-Isles It is M423+ by one test.

It is populated almost completely by Isle folks with Scotland and secondarily Ireland in the lead. It is not large in population.

It has characteristics on the 38-67 panel closer to Isles than Dinaric, but certainly in between. Same for the smgf markers

The more common markers can identify the clade from the modalities I show below. I presently call it I2a2-Din-Isles, and it really stands alone --- between and far from I2a2-Dinaric and I2a2-Isles

17,10, 15-15 at DYS19,391,385ab
21 at DYS448
12-14-14-15 at DYS464
and the usual DYS388 = 13 and YCAIIa,b = 21-21 for I2a2

I urge folks who think they might be in this clade to do the S163 test at Ethnoancestry. S163 is a new snp which has turned out "T" for four Dinaric I2a2 haplotypes tested, and it has turned out "G" for two Isles I2a2. Our goal is to find out if I2a2-Din-Isles is "G" or "T" for S163

FTDNA's advanced lab knows about this snp and call it L69. If FTDNA is your company of choice, you will have to contact them to see if it is available; I hope it is because this same snp may tag I1-Bothnian as well as have use in other haplogroups. S163 a.k.a. L69 is a glimpse of the future --- snps which tag multiple places in the tree. They will be bumped into more often as more and more snps are discovered for tagging the Y tree.

Here are some surnames of this clade: Paine, McGuire, Moore, Shevlin, Stinson, Lancaster, McGlashan, Pierce, Conway, Alexander, Brennan.


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