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From: "Ken Nordtvedt" <>
Subject: [yDNAhgI] Variance for New I2a2 "Din-Isles" clade and SNP test
Date: Sat, 21 Feb 2009 09:28:47 -0700
References: <365970.26579.qm@web86606.mail.ird.yahoo.com>

I did a preliminary interclade variance determination of a node location
where the new I2a2-Disles clade may have split off from the I2a2 tree.

The MRCA for I2a2-Dinaric and I2a2-Disles was 6600 years ago. The MRCA for
I2a2-Disles and I2a2-Isles-B was 10,500 years ago. So the name Disles (I
have contracted Din-Isles) seems appropriate; it seems to be splitting from
the branch line going to I2a2-Dinaric well after an earlier branching off of
the line which goes to the I2a2-Isles. But 6600 years ago also is quite a
bit earlier than the MRCA of I2a2-Dinaric, itself, which later began its
strong expansion in Eastern Europe.

My small population of I2a2-Disles haplotypes of course is much younger.
It's coalescence age is about 1500 years.

See warpedfounderstree file at http://knordtvedt.home.bresnan.net

A change of topic for the techies out there. I am glad I put a copy of my
Generations2.xls on my website. My copy on my desktop got corrupted. I had
reserved rows 15 to 315 for inserting a population of haplotypes called A.
Now when I put a population in that space the programmed excel spreadsheet
automatically changes the summation activities to start two rows below the
start of the inserted data. So if I put in haplotypes starting at row 16, I
see the summation programed boxes read for example: =COUNT(C18:C315) If I
move my haplotype data down a bit to start at row 18, the summation
programed box automatically changes to read =COUNT(C20:C315). Very strange.
And the boxes when highlighted have a little warning exclamation point with
the usual undecipherable "explanation" of something unusual happening. If
you immediately see what is happening in my corrupted program, please let me


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