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From: "Ken Nordtvedt" <>
Subject: [yDNAhgI] Dinaric I Variances
Date: Thu, 5 Mar 2009 17:12:33 -0700

Dinaric I2a2 divides into two populations; one is 19 at DYS448 with relatively low DYS449 values, the other is DYS448 = 21 with relatively high DYS449 values. This young Dinaric I2a2 does not separate to my eye on any other markers. THE DYS448 = 19 branch seems to be heavier in the Yugoslav membership. Variances for both populations have been obtained and the interclade variance. Converted into ages using 30 years/generation and Chandler father/son rates

Coalescence Age G*(19) for DYS448 = 19 population is 1670 years
Coalescence Age G*(20) for DYS448 = 20 population is 1850 years
Interclade Age for Dinaric I2a2 is 2400 years

Coalescence Age estimates are by construction younger than clade MRCA ages.

Dinaric I2a2 and Western I2a* are about the youngest major sub-haplogroup clades in haplogroup I, with perhaps I1-L22-ultraNorse-Norwegian being comparably young.

One caveat is that more northerly Eastern Europe has been more heavily sampled for I2a2-Dinaric than southerly Eastern Europe I2a2-Dinaric.


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