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From: "Ken Nordtvedt" <>
Subject: [yDNAhgI] From Spelling to Sequencing
Date: Tue, 17 Mar 2009 16:25:41 -0600
References: <59A7C26427004E9D94FC68C72C2D8585@D8GWS191><957E0A3E4E1C4BC4B43A7BCD4725783E@RonSinclairPC><007501c9a2aa$ed9f7440$6400a8c0@Ken1><49B90115.8010204@genealogie-fritsche.de><65a020c80903121450g330db908nb5c0e05cbda09397@mail.gmail.com><49B99884.1000502@genealogie-fritsche.de><65a020c80903141059q19ffda7el5997c600f9752dd2@mail.gmail.com><49BD5F85.3080205@genealogie-fritsche.de><65a020c80903161220w52f5b008oa9992b149d0d522c@mail.gmail.com><49BEB1C5.9040902@genealogie-fritsche.de><65a020c80903161509t7dd89f22u6f0212dcaf4dcf76@mail.gmail.com><011801c9a685$664c2fe0$6400a8c0@Ken1><49C01830.10001@genealogie-fritsche.de><004101c9a749$f2f95ed0$6400a8c0@Ken1><BLU146-W39E104B0273EA386420612B8980@phx.gbl><004c01c9a74c$7ed80850$6400a8c0@Ken1><BLU146-W426A64F505F553C3A8CE35B8980@phx.gbl>

So enough with German spelling. Let's move on to haplogroup I possibilities
for finding its own new snps.

Yesterday I threw out my initial views about possible haplogroup I
commissioning of searches for new ysnps through FTDNA's upcoming program of
sequencing portions of the y chromosome for a fee.

I threw out my initial thoughts in order to get discussion from others. Due
to cost this would probably have to be a collective project most of the
time. There's been silence since. So perhaps the haplogroup I community
does not have sufficient interest in exploring this concept? Actually, it
would be a sub-haplogroup by sub-haplogroup set of projects. Searching for
a desirable new snp in I1 would be a different search than looking for a new
and desirable snp in I2*, etc.


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