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From: "Ken Nordtvedt" <>
Subject: [yDNAhgI] Half Way There I2/I2a SnP Search
Date: Thu, 19 Mar 2009 15:45:19 -0600

Someone from the relatively new clade I2a2-Disles (positioned between I2a2-Dinaric and I2a2-Isles) in the I Tree has expressed interest in funding his half of a search involving his I2a2-Disles dna versus an I2* dna sample.

Can we find interested syndicate members for the other half of this? As mentioned earlier today there is estimated to be an expected value of 2.7 new snps found in such a comparison, when looking through 100,000 nucleotide sites. I2a2-Disles and I2* have as their MRCA node the guy of 20,000 years ago, hence a search comparing them involves a branch track going that far back in time.

Half the discovery probability involves new snps on the I2* side of the ancient MRCA node. Such snps, if discovered, could immediately be sold to I2* representatives of the various clades of I2* whose origins span all of Europe plus Turkey, Armenia, and Georgia. Maybe all I2* would be found derived, or maybe just some clades found derived. There would be things to learn about this most ancient of the I clades.

Half the discover probability involves new snps on the I2a side of the ancient MRCA. There is a small chance such snps would be redundant with either P37.2 or M423, but that chance is a minority chance. The most likely thing is that snps on this side of the tree would either be upstream of I2a-F, or unique to Disles and Dinaric and separating them from I2a2-Isles, or unique to Disles and separating it from both Dinaric and Isles I2a2.

It helps follow my words on this by looking at warpedfounderstree file at http://knordtvedt.home.bresnan.net

Can we finish putting together the other half of this syndicate? Are enough interested in the very interesting and most ancient I2* haplogroup?

Ken --- pushing on cooked spagghetti

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