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From: Aaron Hill <>
Subject: [yDNAhgI] Dr. Krahn's "Walk Through The Y Project" Presentation
Date: Mon, 13 Apr 2009 00:42:57 +0000

Here is Dr. Krahn's report on the "Walk Through The Y Project" which he presented at the FTDNA conference. He focused on Haplogroup E as an example.


Peter Christy of Haplogroup G reports that results for their initial tests are expected May 18-25.

Here are Dr. Krahn's/FTDNA's stated goals:

Sequencing of 3 plates of 96 Y chromosome PCR segments each.
We're sequencing in the forward- and in the reverse direction.
Average number of total unique bases on the ChrY will exceed 100 kB.
No re-runs (unless sample failed completely or < 50 kB).
Segments can be considered as randomly chosen regions on the Y chromosome which are unlikely to recombine.
All known derived SNPs and all differences to the HUGO reference sequence will be scored.
Participants can opt for public presentation of their results. This decision cannot be reversed.
If a new SNP is found the participant can decide if FTDNA makes it public. This decision cannot be reversed.
Only public markers will be available to order as single SNPs from the advanced orders page.
FTDNA will try to submit new public SNPs to NCBI (for a rs number). We can't give a warranty that they will be accepted.
If a new marker gets published by a customer all involved GRC laboratory personal must be added as co-authors.
Each participant must add all previous Y-STR / and Y-SNP results to his application.
Please indicate the testing company for non-FTDNA results.
Collective submission of similar participants by group is strongly encouraged.
FTDNA reserves the right to limit the number of participants according to our production capacity.
The GRC laboratory director decides if- and when an application will be accepted based on the scientific importance.
Public groups of well selected individuals will be preferred. This decision cannot be disputed.
Cost: US$ 750 per participant.
Turnaround time: 6 weeks after fresh swabs have been received at FTDNA.

-- Aaron

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