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From: "Ken Nordtvedt" <>
Subject: [yDNAhgI] I1 SNPs
Date: Mon, 25 May 2009 08:19:21 -0600

Now that there is a full genome sequence for an I1 fellow, including full y chromosome, perhaps there is a more cost effective way to search for new ysnps for I1. The I1-AS part of I1 is particularly void of robust dividing snps. We need them. The I1 guy and the reference HUGO sequence (HUGO is mostly R but some G haplogroup) show 2640 ysnp differences

Because the I1 MRCA is about 1/10 the age of the HUGO / I1 MRCA who perhaps lived 40 or 45 thousand years ago, 1 in 20 of the snps found between HUGO and I1 should be post-I1 MRCA. That's 2640 / 20 = 130 post I1 MRCA SNPs !

I am asking some commercial labs about the cost to do the following:

Pick randomly 100 of the 2640 found ysnps; just check the directories that they are not already known snps.

Pick 5 I1-AS donors who are diversified as to clade membership.

Test the 5 for the 100 snps. Statistically one in 20 or five of these should be polymorphic to some degree among the five donors.
Some of these polymorphic cases would represent private-like new snps in I1, but some occuring early in the post-I1 MRCA era would more robustly split I1-AS.

This approach may have a cost advantage to I1 walk the Y? I don't know, but am asking the labs.

Somehow we should exploit a fully sequenced I1 y chromosome if we can.


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