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Confluence? Do you mean TMRCA?

Given the margin of error on these things I see no reason to change the
approximate 4000 years ago as the TMRCA for I1 as a whole.

Why this is such a difficult divide to study in I1-AS is because DYS447 and
DYS464d are not among the slow mutators. So there is lots of noise in the
data. I'm looking for other corroborative STR differences --- some are
there --- but they are not strong. I think geography may be a better
marker, but getting the internal locations in England and Germany of the
haplotype origins is a big effort. England and Germany as wholes is not
cutting the geography fine enough.


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> Interesting, my Francis-Rose line falls neatly into the 22-15 group.
> So, I've lost track. If 22-15 is 500 years older than the other group,
> where does that put the confluence age of each group?
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