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From: "Don Munro" <>
Subject: [yDNAhgI] Using DNA to solve a problem
Date: Sat, 31 Oct 2009 21:39:50 +0900
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I hope you don't mind a complete novice asking a non technical question
regarding the possibility of DNA testing solving a question that cannot be
solved in any other way - maybe that is a technical question!

The Clan Munro's homelands are in the North of Scotland, just above
Dingwall. There are a couple of theories about the Munro's origins. The
first is that they have always lived in that area, or close by and are
therefore native to the area. The second is that Munro in Gaelic means man
from Ro & that is taken to be the river Ro in Ireland & the Munros migrated
from there - no point in going into the reason for why they did that. I
could throw in a thought of my own which is that as there is a Ro/Roe in the
Shetlands, Denmark, Norway/Sweden, the Vikings could be the origin of the
clan. After all Dingwall & other names are Norse in origin & the Vikings
were in control of the North of Scotland at the time the Munros came into
existence. However no one seems to think much of that theory, so let's stick
to the first two.

My thoughts are that, as there is an Isles subclade which can be Scottish or
Irish in direction, could this not be used to indicate the origin of the
Munros in the North of Scotland? For instance my haplogroup is I2a2 & I
somehow managed to find the Cullen Predictor which told me that my
Haplogroup probabilities are I-P37.2 =>99% and that my Haplo-I Subclades and
probabilities are I-M423-Isles-A =>100%.

Now I don't know if I am Isles Scottish or Irish or how to find out which I
would be. I have only had 25 markers tested, so that may not be enough to
determine which I might be. Anyhow, I might not even be a good example as I
have no close match with any of the Munros tested - or anyone else for that
matter! Maybe that is not important.

I have rambled on enough and if anyone has managed to wade through the
above, you might be kind enough to let me know what you think of the Munro
origins being determined by the Isles Scottish or Irish subclades & maybe
also tell me how I can find out if I am Isles Scottish or Irish.

Thank you.

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