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From: Bernie Cullen <>
Subject: Re: [yDNAhgI] Another I2* WTY?
Date: Tue, 22 Jun 2010 14:37:22 -0600
References: <000801cb117e$46936f50$48692dae@Ken1><COL103-W17F055DE370A84B13DB6C8CEC30@phx.gbl><001701cb1181$fc628700$48692dae@Ken1><COL103-W14BC2893B060DF8AAC9938CEC30@phx.gbl><002201cb1184$d47984c0$48692dae@Ken1><COL103-W209F4D47475B3A391CA08ACEC30@phx.gbl><COL106-W500155725F67938A475B1A95C30@phx.gbl><AANLkTikPqjb83jHfnCoNTiehXN7Fpy7eQw_jvCV4bW7X@mail.gmail.com><COL106-W1899D097B605732D43C2F595C30@phx.gbl><C8EF2926BB8141A9A56952EAAD06AFCE@HP><EFD285D71000425889851ACAE21BECC5@robert><009201cb11c0$639ce210$48692dae@Ken1><AANLkTilwXCodd_vF4sBrcQWO31EpBNhV4N_Nce6YB0ty@mail.gmail.com><003901cb1247$8c686160$48692dae@Ken1>
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Here is what Bill Morrow, I2a project administrator, wrote recently about
the WTYs at the I2a project:

"There have been five WTY SNP searches by the I2a group costing $3,750 US.
Six new SNPs L158, L159, L160, L161, L178 and L233, were discovered from the
searches by FamilytreeDNA's lab. As of June 1, 2010, there have been 174 SNP
tests of the six new SNPs plus an older SNP I-L69, costing $6,699.00 Grand
total $10,449.00 US spent by this group regarding SNP searches and SNP
testing."--Bill Morrow

So it has cost almost twice as much to test all of the new SNPs in all the
relevant subclades as it did to find the SNPs in the Walk on the Ys. Of
course, not all of those 174 tests were necessary, but many of our members
wanted to test the new SNPs even if their close matches had already tested

When Bill mentions 5 WTYs he is including the I2* WTY which he coordinated
and which was largely paid for by I2a project members. This search found no

3 of the 6 SNPs discovered in the other 4 WTYs were interesting: L160, L161,
and L233.

Three have been boring so far: L158 and L159 have been equivalent to M26,
and L178 is equivalent to M423. Maybe we will test someone new and find out
that L158 or L159 are interesting, but I don't see much hope for L178 ever
being interesting.

Bernie Cullen
I2a project co-admin

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