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From: Bernie Cullen <>
Subject: Re: [yDNAhgI] a la carte SNP testing
Date: Tue, 22 Jun 2010 18:48:02 -0600
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For I2a I think almost all of the major clades can be predicted by 37 marker
haplotypes. The exception is in I2a1 "Sardinian" (M26+). L160 splits this
group into I2a1a (L160+ which is about 2/3rds of Sardinian) and I2a1* (L160-
which is about 1/3rd of Sardinian). Even with 67markers and the SMGF markers
we can't predict many/most? L160 results, so M26+ people need to take L160.

Two more small exceptions in I2a that might require testing are M161, a very
small group in I2a1a (Sardinian which is L160+)--for L160+ people, we have
only one M161+ result and many M161- results; and P41.2, a very small group
in I2a2a "Dinaric"--in fact, we have more than 20 P41.2- results and no

I just learned today that P41.1 (the same test as P41.2) is available as a
stand alone SNP for $29, but M161 is only available in a deep clade test.
Here are all the known clades of I2a and whether they can be predicted or a
SNP test is required:
I2a*-France (no SNP for this group anyway)
I2a*-Alpine (no SNP for this group anyway)
I2a1-Sardinian (no need to test M26, but see above)
I2a1* (subclade of Sardinian) NEEDS L160 TEST
I2a1a (subclade of Sardinian) NEEDS L160 TEST
I2a1a1 (very small subclade of Sardinian) NEEDS M161 TEST if you really want
to be thorough
I2a2 (we can predict Isles and Dinaric, no need to test M423)
I2a2a-Dinaric (no need to test L69.2)
12a2a1 (very small subclade of Dinaric) NEEDS P41.2 TEST if you really want
to be thorough
I2a2b-Isles (no need to test L161).
I2a3-Western (no need to test L233).
and overall, all I2a can be predicted to be in one of the groups above so a
P37.2 test is not needed.

Notes--today SNP tests other than L160 (and M161 and P41.2 if you want to be
thorough) are not needed in I2a but that is only because we have extensively
tested many people.

Ken's existing divisions of Sardinian, Dinaric, Isles, and I2a-Western and
I2a-France were completely supported by the new SNPs found in the WTYs, but
SNP testing revealed a couple new groups beyond these:

the L160+ and L160- groups within Sardinian as discussed above

and the L233- group called I2a*-Alpine which is most similiar in haplotype
to the L233+ group now called I2a3-Western. So SNP testing is important, but
SNP testing on multiple haplotypes close to modals is not,


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