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From: "Ken Nordtvedt" <>
Subject: Re: [yDNAhgI] can DNA testing prove a recent Ireland toBelgiumHANNONmigration?
Date: Sat, 7 Aug 2010 15:23:41 -0600
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From: "Joe Hannon" <>
> So I'm I1-ASgeneric, which suggests that my paternal line is from North
> Sea
> or Baltic coast. But I'm understanding that my particular branch isn't
> well
> mapped out? Should I expect further research in coming years that may
> discover new SNPs that further nail down my origins?
> If some day the I1-AS subhaplogroup does get further SNPs delineated, will
> it be possible to distinguish between Walloon Belgian and Irish ancestry?
> Would a 400 year old migration like that be detectable?
> Thanks again for your help,
> Joe Hannon
> PS It's been pointed out that it's helpful to convey ones data when
> submitting queries. I guess you must have been able to look me up
> already,
> since you evaluated me as an I1-ASgeneric subhaplogroup? But for the
> record:
> Paternal Haplotype: I1*
> FTDNA Kit: 179914 (is actually my son's kit, mine is still pending)
> Ysearch.org: GJN2S (my son's)

I did not know your ysearch code, but you mentioned you were in the Hannon
project. That's how I found your haplotype.

One of these days us I1-ASgeneric folks will strike it rich and some snps
which robustly divide the I1-AS horde will be found. Then the dominoes
might start to fall as there are many clear clades found in I1-AS based
solely on unique founder/modal haplotypes, and they will be assigned to
derived or ancestral status for these new snps.

For now think of I1-ASgeneric this way: we all have a common ancestor in
the I1 founder himself --- 4500 years ago, probably somewhere near present
day Schleswig Province of Germany (formerly Denmark). In between that I1
founder and us there have been no serious gaps or barren spots in the
spreading I1-AS bushy tree which means no intermediate node or clade MRCA
that stands out.

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