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From: Bernie Cullen <>
Subject: [yDNAhgI] Sardinian-American is L160+
Date: Fri, 24 Sep 2010 16:43:25 -0600

I don't think this has been posted on this list yet:

An American with paternal ancestry from Sardinia has tested L160+. His 67
marker results are currently #56 in the I2a project here:

A second Sardinian-American who has already tested at SMGF submitted his
sample to the FTDNA lab this week for a 67 marker test. He will also be
tested for L160.The first person showed 2 or 3 uncommon marker values in the
38-67 marker set, and we will see if the second person has these also. The
person who tested at SMGF did not show any uncommon values in the 9 markers
tested by SMGF that are not part of the FTDNA 67.

L160 is one of the new SNP's discovered in Wil Husted's Walk on the Y last
year. Wil and the two Sardinian-Americans belong to I-M26 which is currently
called I2a1, and is also called "Sardinian" because about 40% of men on the
Italian island of Sardinia belong to this haplogroup. So there has been much
interest in finding I-M26 people who actually come from Sardinia.

L160 splits I-M26 in a very interesting way--about 2/3rds of I-M26 tested so
far is L160+ and 1/3 is L160-. Northern Europeans (France, Germany, Britain
and Ireland) have tested both L160+ and L160-. But 10 of 11 testees with
presumed ancestry from Spain, Portugal and Italy have tested L160+. The one
L160- is from Columbia and belongs to a large L160- cluster called M26-F
because it is most common in France.

So the L160+ result was expected, but there is a remote chance that Sardinia
has a mixture of L160+ and L160- people, so we will try to find more
Sardinian-Americans, Sardinian-Australians etc. to test.


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