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From: Bernie Cullen <>
Subject: [yDNAhgI] new clade within I-M26
Date: Wed, 3 Nov 2010 10:14:43 -0600

There is a newly discovered clade within I-M26, very different from all
other M26 and very different from all other I2a. Two members can be seen at
the top of the FTDNA I2a project results page here:

--there are 5 or 6 members discovered to date: these two at FTDNA, two or
three at SMGF, and one who has tested 60+ markers at Genebase and has also
done the 23andMe test
--all members have 18-21 at YCA IIa,b which is very different from the 11-21
for most I-M26. (one of the testees at FTDNA has only 25 markers showing but
he tested YCA as an individual marker).
--one member has tested 67 markers at FTDNA and shows many values previously
unseen in M26 on the 38-67 set.
--the 5 or 6 members have haplotypes pretty different from each other, they
are not close relatives
--3 of the members are from Mexico, one is from New Mexico (all with
supposed Spanish ancestry), and one is from colonial Pennsylvania with
supposed German ancestry.
--one member has tested P37.2+ M26+ M161-, another has tested L158+ L159+
L160-, and a third has tested L158+. So, this new 18-21 cluster cannot be
distinguished by SNPs from the larger M26+ L160- group, but the STR
differences are so great that it must have branched off thousands of years

We are looking for additional funds for more testing of this cluster,
interested persons can contact me privately or look for the Contribute page
at the I2a project (link above).

Bernie Cullen
co-admin, I2a projects at FTDNA and Ancestry

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