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From: "Kenneth Nordtvedt" <>
Subject: [yDNAhgI] new earliest I tree structure
Date: Sat, 30 Apr 2011 08:22:34 -0600

Finally the key L460 test result was reported out last night from FTDNA. A quite different I2* haplotype (from Georgia in Caucasus) confirmed the ancestral L460- first found in the 23andMe test of dna from St Petersburg Russia. The latter fits into the quite different Jewish clade of I2* The new I2 is defined as the haplogroup ancestral for L460 but derived for the M438=S31=P215 snp which defines all of I2.............

In the meantime 23andMe had accumulated more than a dozen derived L460+ results from folks in the various I2a..... and I2b.... clades (..... means any additional downstream designations) This means the early time structure of haplogroup I tree is changed from what I thought it would be from STR interclade variance or GD considerations. The I2 branch line is even more ancient now. Four branch lines to i1, I2a, I2, I2b separate from each other at about the same time 20,000 years ago. The node where the I2a and I2b branch lines separate being the latest event.

This is the first time in the early I tree when snp evidence contradicted the inference from earlier acquired STR evidence concerning temporal order of tree nodes.

You can see the revised I tree as warpedfounderstree2 at my website http://knordtvedt.home.bresnan.net
The approximately common separation of haplogroup I into four branches 20,000 years ago probably has some implications for our speculations of how haplogroup I spread in Europe (and Anatolia) so long ago.

I include one possible haplogroup renaming required for the old I2a.... and I2b.... haplogroups. Note how massive is this required renaming. People won’t like the new confusion, and no doubt ISOGG and other more official folks will do the renaming differently because they retain private-like snps in their trees which I do not keep in my tree. Probably best to refer to last snp or two to identify haplogroups now. For instance; the old I2a2b-Dinaric can be called simply L69+ L147+

Note that I2 is now also split between the original three divisions, A,B,C, and the demographically small and relatively newly found ADR clade. Three snps L415, L416, L417 found in a WTY test define the ADR clade which becomes I2b in the new nomenclature.


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