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Subject: Re: [YAGER] William L. Yager, he was born in 1855, in Virginia
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Hi, sorry, my William Yager is from germany originally and moved to Nebraska
- then to Canada - good luck,

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Subject: [YAGER] William L. Yager, he was born in 1855, in Virginia

Hi - I'm trying to help Ray - he's been helping me with my Groves - Is
anyone familiar with his gggrandfather's family?? this is from 2 different
emails between, us, but I think it kind of flows... Hopefully you do too!
Thanks for all of your help!!

His name was, William L. Yager, he was born in 1855, in Virginia. But I do
not know were, in Virginia! I have the 1880, and 1900 census, and that has
him and is family, in the Stonewall district, of Rockingham County. They
also show my great grandmothers name, as being Columbia Yager. I belive her
full name is, was Sarah Columbia Price Yager. But I have, no other
information! Other then there children birth records, and one of them, was
my grandmother, Barbara Elizabeth Yager Grove. Is there any way, that you,
can help me, in my search for. The parents of, William L. Yager, as well as,
the Yager line, that is his family.

I believe that the, William Yager, in Rochingham County, in the 1860
census,is my grate grandfather. But there are two things missing!

First, there is no father name, on the census records, is he death, or
someplace else, at the time of the census.

Second, there was no middle name, or initial, on the census. The two
census, that I have, are the 1880, and the 1900. The 1880 has William L.
Yager, his wife, Columbia Yager, and there oldest son Charles Yager. The
1900 census, has his wife, Columbia Yager, as widow, and mother of four
My grandmother being, Barbara Elizabeth Yager, being the oldest girl.
Rockingham County Virginia, has a cemetery genealogy site, and I was able,
to find their graves, at Elk Run Cemetery. And they show there names as,
William L. Yager, and Sarah C. Yager. On there youngist daughter's
headstone, has her parents as, Wm. Yager, and Sarah Price Yager. Both the
Yager's, and the Price familes, as well the Strickler familes, are important
in Virginia history. Who was William "L" Yager, and was his father, and his
grandfather. I know from my research, that in Virginia, the middle name, was
usual, a family name. I have found three Yager's, with names beginning with,
"L", but could not, match them to my geart grandfather. Those name were
Lorenza, Laban, and Latathiel Yager. There may be more, I am still
searching, for them. Also, Columbia Yager, or Sarah Price Yager, You would
think, that information, would jump out at you. But not for me Julie! I am
as far from, all the answers, as I was, was four years ago. Once more, thank
you, for your help,
Yours truly,
Ray Groves

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