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From: "Yancey, Dennis J" <>
Subject: [YANCEY-L] James Yancey of Clark Co., AR
Date: Wed, 9 Aug 2000 07:58:14 -0400

In ref. to one James Yancey of Clark Co., AR - who married Mrs. Mary E
(Walker) Sheets in that county 13 Feb 1868 and was the father of one Walter
Monroe Yancey with various descendants in Arkansas area. This James Yancey
is to have abandoned his wife and child about the year 1870 and "just
disappeared off the face of the earth". -
descendant is one: Wanda Varaday:

There is a lot of confusing and conflicting information out there about this
James Yancey and his parentage.

As some have brought up - one Katherine Kerr Kendell - who did extensive
research & publishing concerning Yanceys of Caswell Couunty, NC recorded him
as a son of James & Zilpah Kerr Yancey.

Bible Records do document the fact that they had a son named James Monroe

BUT whatever became of this James Monroe Yancey - is a mystery - their is no
later record of him.
He is not even mentioned in the will of his mother

I have just never found any evidance to support the claim of Katherine K
Kendell - I think it was based on some descendants claim based on what
he/she had deduced - but not proven.

Note that this James does not appear to be on the 1870, 1860, nor 1850
census - quite strange
Also note that no records of Clark Co., AR appear to record him as James
MONROE Yancey.

In doing some looking for some documentation for the parentage of James
Yancey of Clark Co., AR - I note some interesting possibilities with the
following James Yancey:
James Harrison Yancey - son of Bartlett & Florilla Yancey

Note his parents were in Arkansas in 1850 & 1860. Note that they came from
Caswell Co., NC.
Note this James Yancey went to Texas about 1870 - Marriage date is given as
1870 - but seems to be an approximation and should be probably about
1871-1872. Note he was married about age 35 (old enough to have had a
previous marriage)
Note birth date of about 1835 - based on 1850 census of parents household.
(birth place of Tishomingo Co., MS is in error - I need to update to
Tennessee - as stated in census records).

I REALLY have to wonder if these two Yanceys are not one and the same - the
James Yancey of Clark Co., AR who married about 1868 and disappeared soon
after - and the James Yancey who went to Texas about the same time and had a
family there.

Also see:
http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Acres/7647/texas.htm (bottom half of

(as always - please be aware that some of the web addresses may have been
"broken" across two lines and may need to be "rejoined")

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