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From: Pam Wood Waugh <>
Subject: YARNS in Fairfield Co, CT
Date: Thu, 3 May 2001 13:56:52 -0600

Posted on: YARNES Queries
Reply Here: http://genconnect.rootsweb.com/gc/surnames/y/a/YARNES/queries/10005


Checked out Fairfield Co, CT Land records and:

Ebenezer YARNS, Grantor ---- Vol 5, #216
William YARNS, Grantee ---- Vol 5, #252

The index did not have years listed, so I'm not sure when these were recorded,
but even more reason to always check ALL spellings everywhere. It may point
to the idea that all the HARNES-YARNES folks we are chasing all came from
this Fairfield family.

If anyone has access to Fairfield records, could you please check the dates
on these? Maybe someone already has info on these records? So far, we now
have 4 known YARNS in Fairfield: Nathan, Reuben, Ebenezer and William.

Please visit the HARNES message board, as well.

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