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Subject: Massacre of 1763
Date: Sun, 01 Feb 98 04:05:17 GMT

The following pertains to the Indian massacre in GREENBRIER County in 1763:

Augusta County Court Records:

Jane DAVIS vs. ROGERS et als, - O.S.56;N.S.19.
Jane is daughter of Archibald CLENDENNIN who was killed by Indians in
GREENBRIER in 1763 with all his chidlren except oratrix (Jane DAVIS). Before
his death he purchased the settlement right of George SEA. Archibald's widow,
Ann, married John ROGERS. Jane is widow of ____ DAVIS. They were married
before 25th March, 1775. John ROGERS had sons Archibald and James RODGERS.
DAVIS died in 1800. Bill filed July, 1803. John ROGERS says he married widow
of Archibald CLENDENNIN in 1767. In 1772 he moved to GREENBRIER. Davis and
Jane married in 1774. Jas. HUSTON deposes he was brother-in-law to George
WILSON, who claimed the tract before CLENDENNIN. DONELLY was also
brother-in-law to Geo. WILSON. George SEE deposes, 1803, in HARDY County that
in 1762 he held a settlement right to the land sold to George WILSON. Andrew
DONNELLY, Sr., deposes in Kenawha 1805. James BURNSIDES, Sr., deposes in
MONROE County 1804. CLENDENNIN was killed in 15th July, 1763. John EWING of
Gallia County, Ohio, deposes. Jane was married after Archibald's mother. She
was born January or February, 1758. On 15th July, 1763, Jane and deponent (John
EWING) were taken prisoner by Indians and carried away. They were kept in the
same nation, but not together, except on their journey to Pittsburgh, where
they were liberated 14th May, 1765. John EWING was 16 years old when he was
taken prisoner.

Steve Smith
Jan 31, 1998

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