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Subject: Re: Re: [YODER] YNL Co-Editor Rachel Kreider Featured in Goshen News
Date: Sun, 9 May 2004 19:14:59 -0500

Thanks to the Goshen News, Here is the article:

Genealogy book has lasting impact
Goshen News Staff Writer
Listening to her grandmother tell stories of the past started a lifetime
love of genealogy for Greencroft resident Rachel Kreider.
Kreider, 94, co-authored a book, ³Amish and Amish Mennonite Genealogies²
that was published in 1983. She and Hugh Gingerich started the book long
before it was published, using information they had both accumulated over
the years.
It¹s been 21 years since the book was published, but Kreider said people
still contact her to help them find information about their ancestors.
³People who have read the book have written letters to me from all over the
country,² Kreider said.
About a year ago, a tour bus even stopped by her home, she said, explaining
that some of the passengers had heard about her work and talked the driver
into stopping.
³They wanted my autograph. Who would have thought that?² she said.
Kreider said she feels the world of genealogy is quite different than it was
when she started studying it.
³Sources are available now that we weren¹t able to get,² she said. ³I am
astonished by what people can do with computers.²
On the other hand, she said, not everything is better today when it comes to
doing genealogical research.
³When I first started, I could go up to the attics of old courthouses to
browse to find things. Today you can¹t do that. Often, I found stuff that I
wasn¹t looking for, but that was quite helpful.²
Kreider said she was interested in studying the Amish because she has Amish
roots. The Amish were also known to travel in groups, which meant they could
be traced a little easier than other individuals, she said.
The Amish lives could be traced through the family Bibles that were passed
down from generations, and from cemeteries.
³I think when I started with genealogy it was connected to an interest about
my family,² Kreider said. ³As I got older, it became more like solving a
When attempting to help someone learn about his or her ancestors, Kreider
said it is important to use any small bits of information the person has.
³I like to find out how far back they can go with their information. If they
know the names of the people they are looking for, and their spouses, we can
go from there,² she said.
Besides names, location is very important, Kreider said. It is much easier
to learn about a person if you have an idea where the person lived.
³I like to make a chart as I go along. That way, I can see where the gaps
are. Then we see where we go to fill in the gaps,² she said.
Kreider said that now when people ask for her help she will often direct
them to historical libraries.
³I feel I am past knowing where the best sources are,² she said.
A couple years ago, Kreider¹s husband, Leonard, died from a stroke. The
couple had been married for nearly 68 years.
Without her husband, Kreider said she spends a lot of time reading and
writing. She gets the home services program from the library, and said she
enjoys reading novels, and books about history.
Lately, she said, she has had an interest in reading books that she read
when she was younger to see her reaction to them as a more mature person.
Like reading and writing, Kreider said that genealogy has always been just a
hobby for her. She never accepted money for the research she did.
³I just did it for fun,² she said.
Though it may have been just for fun for Kreider, her work has been taken
seriously by many, including researchers at John Hopkins University.
The university has used Kreider and Gingerich¹s work in genealogy to study
diseases and genetics.
Her work is also used for research and historical purposes by the Goshen
Historical Society and Goshen College.
Contact: (574) 533-2151, ext. 313

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> I second this, I would also like to read this article.....
> Kaye Strause
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> > I'll add my own hearty congratulations to Rachel! I refer to her book
> every
> > few days.
> >
> > I tried to find the article at the Goshen News site but couldn't. If it's
> > online, could somebody post the URL? If not, could you get Goshen News'
> > permission to transcribe it and post it on the Yoder Family site?
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> > Chuck Carey
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