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From: "Rebecca York" <>
Subject: [YORK] Dwight "Malachi" YORK [FYI]
Date: Fri, 31 May 2002 09:51:17 -0700

[looks like there's a YORK out there claiming all sorts of things - inc. NA
and Egyptian heritage, among other bogus stuff]

Malachi York
Malachi York, leader of the Nuwaubian Nation of Muurs (aka the Yammassee
Native Americans.) York is a threat to all black/Indian mixes. York's
beliefs include that 1) African-Americans are really aboriginal Americans
who came here from ancient Egypt before the continental drift, 2) American
Indians are later invaders, and 3) slavery never happened, but instead,
religion keeps us in mental slavery. Sort of a blacks-only Raƫlians, York's
claims often contradict each other. He even claims to be a descendant of Ben
York; too bad Indians are matrilineal.

The members call themselves the Yamassee Native American Nuwaubians and
claim to have created a utopian society on their 476-acre compound of
Egyptian-style architecture.
(...) The group's founder, Dwight York, who calls himself Malachi Z. York,
served time in New York in the 1960s for assault, resisting arrest and
possession of a dangerous weapon.

Another site

And another:
FBI, Sheriff's Office Make Arrests at Nuwaubian Compound
5/8/2002 7:03:12 PM
Breaking news out of Putnam County....
Late Wednesday afternoon, the FBI and the Putnam County Sheriff's Deputies
raided and made arrests the Nuwaubian Nation of Moors compound off Shadey
Dale Road.
This comes after a federal grand jury in Macon handed down a four count
indictment. In it, the grand jury charges the group's leader with
transporting teens for illegal sex.
The first count says Dwight "Malachi" York and Kathy Johnson took children
from New York to Putnam County with the intent to have the teens engage in
illegal sex.
York faces 3 additional charges, two of which say teens were taken from
Putnam County to Orlando, Florida.
The indictment covers a time period starting in April 1993 and continuing
through Spring of 1996.

And yet another:
http://www.freemasonry.org/phylaxis/bogus.htm [bogus freemasonry]
The first presentation is a dialogue between Bro. Juan (Bey) Rentas and a
gentleman by the name of Dr. Malachi York. Bro. Rentas is known in the
Masonic Circles as Ezekiel Bey . Bro. Rentas is the Founder and Moderator
for the Blue-Lite research Forum(PHA). Bro. Rentas is the Senior warden of
Cornerstone lodge No. 37 of the Most Worshipful Prince hall grand Lodge of
New York.
Those who live on the Northeast coast of the United States will remember the
Ansaar Islamic Community. This sect of Muslims made a mint selling incense,
and oils.
This organization sold many books on the subject of Islam and the downing of
Well Dr. York has decided to start his own Grand Lodge and also a Shrine
Temple. This is part one of the dialogue between our esteemed Bro. Juan
Rentas and Mr. York, unedited so that the public can see exactly where Dr.
York is coming from.
His compound is located in Augusta, Georgia with an armed guard.. An Armed
guard!! Since when does Freemasonry guards her portals with guns? Enjoy!
Bro. Rentas and I will welcome any comments!


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